All Year, All Substitutes!?

All Year, All Substitutes!?

A West Side school with lots of substitutes.  A state proposal to look into an elected school board for Chicago. CTU says it's not endorsing anyone in the Gubernatorial. In NYC, they might require charter schools to "backfill" (enroll midyear transfers, which we've talked about before). More below -- and throughout the day at @district299.

At West Side Chicago school, kids go without teachers WBEZ: Take the Austin Business and Entrepreneurship Academy on the city’s West Side, where students have spent much of this year without key teachers. Their core courses in English and science have been taught mostly by substitutes this year—sometimes a different substitute every day—meaning no homework, and often no classwork.  One student said students are passed automatically since there are no teachers.

Task force for an elected school board sought Austin Weekly News: Illinois lawmakers are considering legislation that would create a task force to evaluate whether the Chicago Public Schools should have an elected

Public Union Urges Crossover Vote for Dillard Chicago Tonight: The Chicago Teachers Union says it will not be making endorsements in either Gubernatorial Primary, instead focusing its resources on unseating incumbent state legislators Toni Berrios and Christian Mitchell in their respective primaries.

Labor unions halt TV ad blitz against Rauner The Capitol Fax Blog: Both would like to de-fang Karen Lewis and CTU, and Madigan, Rahm and Rauner working together towards that goal could be pretty effective.

Comings & Goings: Haugh, new principal Catalyst:  Patrick Haugh, formerly the vice president of program investments at the Chicago Public Education Fund, is now the president of Teaching Trust.  Joshua Vander Jagt, an assistant principal at Kenwood High School, is now the contract principal at Ogden Elementary.

Booth moves ahead of Kellogg in US News business school ranking Chicago Tribune:  The University of Chicago Booth School of Business has pulled ahead of chief rival Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University in the latest U.S. News & World Report ranking of the top U.S. business schools.


The Curious Rejection of One S.C. District's Testing-Waiver Request PoliticsK12: In a March 10 rejection letter, however, Deborah Delisle, assistant secretary for K-12, explained that the No Child Left Behind Act requires that all students within a state be held to the same standards and tested on the same tests. She said this is essential given the move to new college- and career-ready standards.

Video: 'No Kid Goes Hungry' Plan Goes Viral NBC News: More than 700 people, from as far way as Taiwan, have donated almost $20,000 to a Michigan 3rd grader's plan to pay off delinquent lunch accounts. WILX's Amanda Malkowski reports.

Video: Parents Rally Behind Extreme Bullying Victim NBC News: A group of Ohio parents rally behind a 14-year-old developmentally challenged student after a gym teacher and some students are charged with bullying him. WKYC's Lynna Lai reports.

Obesity Linked To Lower Grades Among Teen Girls NPR: The reason for the link isn't clear, but researchers say obesity's effect on self-image and self-esteem might be partly to blame.


What you need to know about ‘backfill’ Chalkbeat: Backfilling seats that open up can pose steep challenges for schools. Students who enter the school midyear or at one of a school’s higher grade levels can have trouble adjusting to a new school and be academically behind. Midyear entries especially are more likely to have unstable home lives, leading to them leaving the school—meaning that one “backfilled” seat might actually be filled by two or three students over the course of a year.

D.C. Moves To Extend School Day At Low-Performing Schools WAMU: Mayor Vincent Gray and D.C. Schools Chancellor Kaya Henderson want students and 40 of the city's lowest-performing schools to stay in school a little longer every day.

Status Quo at Elite New York Schools: Few Blacks and Hispanics NYT: The stagnant racial demographics at the city’s nine specialized high schools led Mayor Bill de Blasio to call again for increasing their diversity.

Flobots classroom project takes off in Denver AP: The Flobots, a Denver hip-hop band that gained fame with the hit single "Handlebars," are known for social activism and supporting the Occupy Wall Street movement. Drew Elder, a senior vice president of the investment firm Janus, is more familiar with the cello than with Chuck D....

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  • Austin Business Academy has only 168 students with a principal and an assistant principal. Both of these administrators could have each taught a subject 5x a day…..

    Where is the coverage of the 238 special education classrooms which have had subs all year?

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