Run, Karen, Run?

Run, Karen, Run?

Today's education news: Zorn thinks Lewis should run - he's had a change of heart, he says (have you?).  High school letters are out today (and private school notifications may already be arriving in mailboxes). Early indicators are key to helping kids graduate, according to a panel last night (and the White Rhino). JB Pritzker is Chicago's "other" mayor. Plus lots of national news and updates from other cities.


High School Letter Post 2014 CPS Obsessed: High school letters will be mailed out on Friday, February 21.  Students will have until March 7th to choose their 1 school.  Cutoff scores will be posted next week (week of 2/24.) Here are OAE’s FAQs on the letters with info on the process and Principal Discretion. I hear the private school letters have gone out already.  Any news on those? [[33 comments]


Karen Lewis should run for mayor Tribune (Zorn):  I find it hard to argue with her subsequent success in leading her membership through the 2012 strike. That action benefited from her attitude and perhaps even her adjectives. She kept teachers united and enjoyed enough popular support to come out ahead at the bargaining table.

$300M development OK’d for former site of Children’s Hospital Sun Times: The outcome was never in doubt for a project that will change the face of Lincoln Park — with a pair of 21-story, 270-unit residential towers, 60 condominiums, 156 assisted living units, a five-story health club and 100,000 sqaure feet of retail space.

Debts to Chicago by its workers balloon Chicago Tribune: The worst offenders are Chicago Public Schools and Chicago Transit Authority employees. They make up nearly 6 of every 10 city workers but account for almost 80 percent of the debt.

Rauner can't shake questions about child's Chicago school Dekalb Daily Chronicle: As he campaigns to be Illinois' next governor, billionaire businessman Bruce Rauner of Winnetka cannot shake questions about his daughter's admission to an elite Chicago publicschool where he later made a hefty donation

J.B. Pritzker: The Other Mayor of Chicago Chicago Mag: This billionaire power broker doubles as a down-to-earth guy—and he just may turn Chicago into a tech hub after all.


WATCH: Forum On Student Evaluation System For High School Graduation Progress IL: Education policy experts discuss the "freshman on-track: indicator", which is a program developed by the Consortium on Chicago School Research that looks to identify students who are not on track to graduate from high school early on as a means to rectify the situation.

Indicators that influence student success The White Rhino: In order for these changes to happen, teachers, school and district leaders need to do what Cicchetti said—“Make it safe for a teacher to say, ‘I’m struggling.’” And this is policy that’s easier to carry out than we might think.


Chicago Math and Science Academy Expansion Backed by Students, Teachers DNA Info: A public hearing on the charter school's plans to add 100 seats saw near-unanimous support.

STEM Academy’s Reach Spans Illinois Education Week: The prestigious Illinois Mathematics and Science Academy, a residential public high school here, serves a small slice of the state’s students — 650 carefully selected 10th through 12th graders who have demonstrated talent in math and science. However, the school’s impact goes well beyond its contained, suburban campus.


Teacher support for Common Core at ‘critical juncture’ Politico: Supporters of Common Core said they’re eager to work with teachers and are confident most educators are still on board. Proponents of Common Core also dismiss public anger — including moves to scrap the standards in Wisconsin, Indiana, Michigan and elsewhere — as insignificant and blown out of proportion.

Will Louisiana’s students be ready for online testing? Hechinger Report: The state recommends schools have a ratio of seven students to every one computer (including desktops, laptops, and tablets) and meet specified bandwidth requirements. A few school districts, such as St. James Parish, have a 1:1 ratio, while several others remain far from the 7:1 target.

USDA Tells Schools: Don't Refuse Food To Students Who Owe NPR: The agency responds to a January incident in which a Utah elementary school served students food – and threw it away when their accounts were found to have a negative balance.

Wisconsin lawmakers push for control over K-12 standards WP: As in several other states, lawmakers in Wisconsin are considering legislation that would pause, change or eliminate the new Common Core academic standards in math and reading now being implemented in public school classrooms across the country.

To curb conflict, a Colorado high school replaces punishment with conversation PBS NewsHour: In Aurora, Colorado, principal Matthew Willis welcomes the recent changes at Hinkley High School, where 75 percent of the 2,000-plus students qualify for free and reduced meals. Willis says student fights are down and respect among classmates is up.


In New York City, a new charter school coalition angles for acceptance Chalkbeat: Education leaders representing 27 charter schools serving 13,000 students announced this week that they’ve united in hopes of playing nice with Fariña and Mayor Bill de Blasio at a delicate moment for the charter sector. The group includes organizations tied to the de Blasio administration, such as the Children’s Aid Society, as well as an independent charter school whose principal counts Fariña as a mentor.

Settlement in 7-Year Suit Over NJ Students with Disabilities WNYC: Several advocacy groups filed thelawsuit nearly seven years ago, saying too many of New Jersey's students with special needs were sent to separate schools outside their home districts rather than receiving appropriate services. Federal law requires that students with disabilities receive an appropriate education in the "least restrictive environment."

Scrutiny in California for Software in Schools NYT: Proposed legislation would prohibit websites, online services and mobile apps for kindergartners through 12th graders from compiling, using or sharing the personal information of students.

‘Repairs Not iPads’ Facebook group moves into the open LA School Report: Matthew Kogan, who anonymously launched the Facebook effort in December, told LA School Report that the event was intended to introduce some of the teachers who have been uploading the photos to the Facebook page. About a dozen parents, teachers and students attended.

Data Breach At University Of Maryland Exposes 309,000 Records NPR: The records from staff, faculty and students date back to 1998 and include social security numbers, names and dates of birth.

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