Life After ISAT (Sorta)

Life After ISAT (Sorta)

Looking at all the comments, the big issue of the last few days is parents and teachers looking ahead to life post-ISAT (in terms of selective enrollment admissions).  Will it change things all that much, really, in terms of selective enrollment results?  Will anyone actually miss the use of the ISAT, compared to MAP? Other news: pension battles, charter pro/con, and school level stories from DNA Info (how do they do it?).

Life without ISAT cpsobsessed: I’m headed out of town for the weekend and don’t have time to write anything, but here is the long awaited news from OAE about the shift in testing as part of the 900 point rubric. Will we see a big shift in in the % of private school kids who get in? Will there be more MAP test prep in schools? Will the test prep companies be ready to help kids get ready? [139 comments]

Teachers union president vows to fight cuts to pensions WBEZ: The head of the Chicago Teachers Union on Friday said she will not accept cuts to retired teachers’ benefits as a way to ease the district’s pension crisis; though she did detail some ideas for easing a funding shortfall of at least $8 billion.

1 dead, 9 wounded in weekend shootings Sun Times: One man was killed and at least nine other people have been wounded in shootings across Chicago since Friday night.

Charter schools do not redeem system  Columbia College (opinion): Charter schools are publicly funded, but they are exempt from some of the regulations that apply to public schools because they are run by nonprofits or charitable organizations that sign contracts with the Chicago Public Schools system.

Uptown Teacher Excels in Her 'Most Challenging Year' at Brennemann School DNA Info: Lydia Diaz has "unwavering commitment and dedication" to her students, the school's principal said.

Oriole Park Elementary Classrooms Left Without Water Due to Deep Freeze DNA Info: Water service was restored Friday to the Norwood Park school's modular building.

Elementary Students Suspended, Allegedly Drank Liquor at Charter School DNA Info: State Rep. Monique Davis said a five-day suspension is too harsh for young kids, who should be in school.

Schools Consider Facebook Restrictions for Student Athletes NBC Chicago: Two Northwest Indiana school districts are reportedly planning to enact restrictions on the use of Facebook and other social media sites by student athletes.

More Winter, Less School CNC: Snow days: celebrated and rued by kids and parents everywhere, in that order.

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