Harvard Profs Tout UChicago Charters

Two Harvard professors have written a new book focused on efforts to reduce inequality in American society and in this Atlantic Education page essay they include the UChicago charter network among three programs doing a notably good job educating low-income students (How Public Schools Can Fight Back Against Inequality).

According to the piece:

"These durable programs [the others are NYC's small schools and Boston's pre-K program] demonstrate that it is indeed possible to improve the education of low-income children by focusing resources consistently on improving the teaching of critical skills.. They highlight what it will take to improve the education of low-income children on a wider scale."

Be sure not to read the article, since you already know what you think and probably don't care to have any of your ideas challenged.

Charter-haters (and -skeptics) will note that the UChicago schools are, well, charters.  UNO! Noble Street! Etc. (Or simply hate them because UChicago.)

Charter supporters and enthusiasts will note that for all their problems, at least charters don't exclude children on the basis of where they live, perpetuating segregation and inequality.

Link to the video, in case it doesn't work above, is here.

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