Funding Overhaul, Gun Ban Sticker

Funding Overhaul, Gun Ban Sticker

Today's big news (besides the weather and the snow day scheduling announced yesterday) is that the state may revamp school funding to resemble more progressive states like California.  What do you think?  Also, schools are being told to post "no guns" stickers that some schools find objectionable. Elsewhere, Portland teachers are on strike, doubts are growing about the NYC preschool plan.


State to cut reimbursements for residential special ed Catalyst: The number of students placed in residential special education programs rose 23 percent in just the last two years, to 503 in the 2012-13 school year from 410 in 2010-11. Room and board costs have also increased. And this year, federal dollars for special education were cut 5.5 percent as a result of the budget sequester.

Calls Grow for School Funding Overhaul NBC Chicago: For a state that ranks last or near-to-last in state funding in education, there has been surprisingly little public discussion on the formula used to determine how state education dollars are distributed. All that could be changing, however,

Illinois' K-12 Funding System Might be Changed to Resemble California's State EdWatch: The new formula recommended by an Illinois Senate committee report would focus more resources on low-income students and reduce state bureaucracy.


Make-up days will extend CPS school year to June 13 Tribune: CPS spokesman Keiana Barrett say schools will be open June 12 and June 13 to make up instructional time lost to snow days on Jan. 27 and Jan. 28.

Just how bad is this Chicago winter? WBEZ: Along the way we found out what effect a brutal Chicago winter has on the people who live here and how some of them cope.


School officials are no fans of gun ban signs Southtown Star: While schools didn’t allow guns even before the concealed-carry law was passed, they still are required to display the reminder. Some officials are questioning the mandate, and some find the sticker image disturbing.

Chicago Public Schools students react to sex ed changes Whatchoo Got To Say?: Mr. David Toro, the Hancock health teacher, is in favor of students having a Sex Ed class at a young age because he believes it’s important to provide information that’s clear and accurate for students. Students will only benefit   from being taught the truth.  He says that the disservice occurs when students are left to figure out things on their own.

To parents keeping score, CPS tests the limit of their patience for standardized ... Medill Reports: As Chicago Public Schools' testing season nears, many parents and students plan to opt out of standardized assessments, despite CPS CEO Barbara Byrd-Bennett strongly advising against it.

New charter school for Austin Austin Weekly News: Education freeze: A man braves the cold Jan. 21, to show his opposition against charter schoolexpansions. He and other opponents protested outside the Chicago Board of Education headquarters, one day before the board voted on opening new charter

826CHI Shows Off Students' Creative Writing with Free Video Release DNA Info: Four videos that show students performing original work premiere in Wicker Park next week.

Jacob Szymanski, Gay Illinois Teen, Will Attend Prom As Drag Persona 'Harlet Wench' HuffPost: Jacob's flair for the arts of cosmetics and fashion started when he was 12, watching as Jodette applied makeup and shopped for clothes. What began as the couple's pre-teen son traipsing around the neighborhood playfully, dressed in women's clothes on Halloween, has transformed into an open expression of his creativity and individuality.

CTU President among those protesting firing of Whole Foods employee Sun Times: Chicago Teachers Union President Karen Lewis was among those supporting Broschat, 25, who lives in the Logan Square neighborhood. “We have companies that claim to have family values,” Lewis said.


In Massachusetts, top-performing schools phase in Common Core with reservations Hechinger Report: Back in Concord, Math teacher Sue Ravalese dismisses the notion that the new standards will hold Massachusetts students back. In fact, she thinks Common Core will actually require her students to develop better critical thinking skills.

Universal Pre-K Doomed to Fail in NYC WNYC: A Bank Street pre-school director is decidedly pessimistic about New York's plan to expand universal pre-k. She has her reasons. See also: NYC's Looming Contracts, and Retroactive Pay (WNYC).

Op-Ed Contributor: A Solution for Bad Teaching NYT: Tweaking tenure could help students and researchers.

Hostility over, parent-trigger school strives to improve Hechinger Report: So far, the transition has been much less dramatic than the process to make it happen. Halfway through its first school year under charter management, the newly named Desert Trails Preparatory Academy has retained a majority of the neighborhood students. The healing process has begun for the community.

Utah District Hears Why School Lunches Were Taken AP: Under board member questioning, Orton said his department didn't properly tell parents about a new electronic payment system and promised efforts so meals aren't tossed again. He said the investigation was ongoing and his report wasn't definitive.

Video: Teacher Volunteers to Live in Dumpster For Science NBC News: Austin, Texas' 'Professor Dumpster,' along with students from elementary school through college, are working to turn 6x6 dumpster into a sustainable living space. KXAN's Kate Weidaw reports.


Walton group funds more charter schools in L.A. than elsewhere LA Times: Across the country last year, the foundation awarded $25 million to help start 112 charters. The full investment since 1997 has been $335 million.

Michelle Obama Urges Students to Apply for College Aid NYT: The first lady told a group of high school students and parents on Wednesday not to let financial concerns stand in the way of a college education.

House Lawmakers Weigh Federal Role in Early-Childhood Education PK12: In what may be a sort of consolation prize to early-childhood advocates, the long-stalled reauthorization of another program for the youngest children—the Child Care and Development Block Grant program—may see fresh momentum. See also EdSource.

Ravitch unloads on school ‘deform’ Washington Post: Ravitch was being feted at the American Federation of Teachers headquarters by the union’s president, Randi Weingarten. The two spent some time on Capitol Hill Tuesday, meeting with lawmakers,including Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.).


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  • I have absolutely zero understanding of why school administrators are opposed to posting the gun ban signs on schools. Part of the problem is that these administrators are not grasping how many citizens will actually be carrying a gun on them legally in the future. Based on available data, Florida has the most number of concealed carry permits issued with 692,621 as of January 2010, followed by Pennsylvania with 627,068 as of 2008 and Texas with 314,574 as of 2008.

    I suspect Illinois will have at least 200,000 concealed carry permits issued eventually. Once an individual gets used to carrying on a daily basis a gun it becomes second nature and having those stickers reminds people to put it back in the car and not to take it into a school. Access Living where I work now have concealed carry ban signs posted.

    Also it should be noted that any teacher who has a concealed carry permit cannot leave their weapon in their car in any parking area under the control of a public or private elementary or secondary school. Legally however, if a teacher with a permit wants to keep their weapon in their car it would have to be parked off school property and because of an city ordinance, which may or may not be legal, a teacher with a concealed carry permit and a gun in their car would have to actually park 1,000 feet from the school.

    I do suspect that there will be CPS and charter school teachers who will get concealed carry permits because of concerns relating to crime in the communities they work in or communities they live in. It is legal for the holder of a permit to have a loaded gun hidden from view in their car as long as the parking rules are followed.

    Rod Estvan

  • I think you're correct...

    Sheriff Flags 240 Conceal-Carry Applications

    Applicants flagged for histories of gun crimes, gang ties, orders of protection and more.

    Posted by Lorraine Swanson (Editor) , February 06, 2014 at 03:31 AM

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