New Faces At Mid-Year?

New Faces At Mid-Year?

You may see some new faces in the office and classrooms when you go back (tomorrow!) or in the next few days -- because of CPS removals, mid-year retirements, and teacher trainees.  Just how many mid-year changes are there? Read below for some preliminary indications.

According to DNA Info, CPS removed the principal at Earle STEM Elementary in Englewood and put in an interim -- without informing or even apparently consulting the LSC (which hasn't had full hiring and firing over principals since 2005, according to the story.  I'll try and find out how many mid-year replacements there are among principals.  In the meantime, check the story out: CPS Abruptly Removes Earle STEM Elementary Principal.

There are also some new faces in CPS classrooms right around now, some of them due to parent complaints.  Check out CPS Obsessed for a discussion over what happened to one 5th grade teacher who was entangled with parents over 504 plans. The original post was taken down (though I have a copy) because it got too specific and inflammatory.  The current post and comments show that parents are asking a lot more of teachers around meeting kids' specific needs than they used to (or that they do in other parts of the city). Read all about it here: Parent Requests and accomodating IEP/504 plans.

I'll let you know when CPS, CTU, or the Principals' Association fills me in on citywide numbers, or let me know if there are changes at your school or places you know.


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  • FYI the principal at Von Steuben High School announced his retirement as of the end of the week of January 24th.

  • Von Steuben is losing both Principal Alonso and it's AP, Brian Tennison. That's going to gut the school's administration team. Of course, a magnet school with a level 2 rating might need a bit of a shake up.

  • thanks for that -- i heard about another AP who didn't show today and might get replaced -- might have been von steuban or another school.

    meanwhile, neither CPS, CTU, nor CPAA has gotten back to me about how many mid-year transfers are taking place.

  • Terrance McGuffage, wunderkind in CPS Operations is supposedly gone. (rumors TC going since bbb has rahm-power and residence thingy due.)

  • In reply to district299reader:

    Terry McGuffage needs to go. He never had a clue about running operational maintenance, stadiums and new construction. I remember the former sports guy used to help him keep things in order with athletic stadiums. There's a guy working in operations named Lamont Atkins who needs to go too. he doesn't do a thing and is worthless.

  • Nobel street charter Michael Milkie's wife Tonya Milkie is on the payroll as Dean of Students under his supervision as network CEO.
    Does not the OIG or CPS ethics dept have standing here--since the charter is a vendor or contractor with CPS?

  • here's another one -- unconfirmed -- A few colleagues say Taft's AD Nick Nishibayashi was replaced at Taft for nepotism.

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