Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

I'll be back posting news and commentary on Monday, January 6. Stay warm and safe until then. Write me at district299 at gmail dot com or @district299 if there's something going on that everyone should know about.


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  • Here's some interesting vacation break reading for you:


  • cpsobsessed.com is full of knowledgeable parents whose children attend the top schools-more power to them-I really wish all parents were concerned about their children's education and I wish all children who need special education had an advocate…...

  • In reply to district299reader:


  • In reply to district299reader:

    There are plenty of concerned parents in CPS, but the parents of students in SE schools are generally wealthier, whiter, more advantaged, and more powerful. When these parents make noise, the powers that be listen. Often times these parent are TPTB.

    Most parents are concerned about their children's education, however the voices of poor and working class parents at neighborhood schools are often drowned out or ignored altogether.

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    The parents of children who are working class or poor usually assume that their child is getting a good education. They are very complacent/fearful of the school staff. If their child is being placed into special education they do not question, a year later as to why, at the annual review, there is no growth. They also don't question as to why their child with disabilities who speaks a non-English language doesn't have either a teacher or a para who speaks the language.
    Some parents cannot advocate for their children with disabilities and when the teacher advocates she/he then becomes a persona non grata at that school.

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    Sounds like you're calling for more supports for low income schools. Great idea!

  • the annual OIG report is apparently out -- let us know if you see anything particularly interesting or objectionable


  • AR-link does not work. The OIG site on CPS.edu only goes through 2012. Do sources at the Trib have a link that works? Wonder why the OIG got it to the press already, but no public access on their CPS site--or do they have to wait for CPS itself to load it?

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    huh -- the link i'm looking at works and says it goes through july 1 2013 -- http://www.cps.edu/About_CPS/Departments/Documents/OIG_FY_2013_AnnualReport.pdf

  • Thanks! I am reading it now.
    Since OIG investigates residency; residency is the majority complaint, do you have any thoughts on how they can enforce residency when a central office employee gets an annual pass from it?

  • Does not CPS causes a number of these issues? OIG will only have more complaints that they cannot investigate. Ex.:CPS only allows 1 clerk and there are schools with over 1000 students. With per-pupil budgeting and ridiculous school scoring system, this 'motivates' employees to 'cheat/fudge' numbers/grades. Not having enough clerks in large schools allows for less check/balance.
    Even the mighty AUSL had a grade fudge problem. The Board allowing punishing per-pupil, dominance and more funding of charters (imagine the issues there!), etc., encourages one to cheat.

  • Isn't BBB still a resident of Ohio?
    After reading the OIG report there seems to be a much bigger problem involving huge sums of unaccounted money and lavish trips than residency which does not cost CPS one dime.

  • Lack of residency does cost CPS $. It costs to investigate and when the non-resident does not pay city house tax, car tax, sticker fees, etc.

  • So a renter without a car…..a teacher whether they live in the city or out gets paid the same…..who cares ,,,,,hire the best from the widest pool…..I have had neighbors who teach in the burbs and do all of their shopping in the burbs…they live in the city because the property taxes are cheaper…..

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