Charters: 11 Rejected, 7 Approved

Charters: 11 Rejected, 7 Approved

LOTS of coverage of yesterday's Board meeting . However, it's interesting to note that most of the story headlines focus on the number of charter approvals rather than the mix of approvals and rejections that took place; DNA Info is the only exception I've seen.  DNA Info also has a principal-LSC contract dispute, and there's a second Hechinger Report feature on the longer day and how hard it is on teachers (boo, hoo!).  Elsewhere, attendance was just 47 percent in New York City where the schools were kept open despite the cold.


Board of Ed. approves 7 new Chicago charter schools Sun Times: The Chicago Board of Education Wednesday approved proposals for seven new charter schools and denied 10 others. The vote followed the recommendations made by Chicago Public Schools staff earlier in the meeting.

Chicago Public Schools approves seven new charter schools WBEZ: Jack Elsey, CPS chief of  innovation and incubation, said before the vote that the district wants “conditional approval” for five of the seven campuses. The school board is considering 17 proposals for new charter school campuses today. Five of those would exclusively serve dropouts. The total number of proposals has shifted in recent weeks as several were withdrawn.

7 charters get OK, daily PE approved Catalyst: The threat that the state commission—created in 2011—could overrule a CPS denial was mentioned several times in the board meeting. For the first time last year, the commission approved a proposal that CPS had turned down: two Concept Charter Schools, which are now operating in the city.

Chicago Board Of Ed OK's New Charters; Might Join Forces With CTU Against IL Charter Commission Progress IL: The board rejected applications for 11 other campuses that were also under consideration, including five from Connected Futures, four from Curtis-Sharif STEM Academy, one from Be the Change and one from Asian Human Services Passages.

CPS Recommends Board OK Seven New Charter Schools, Deny 11 Others DNA Info: CPS officials proposed accepting five of the proposals, but with conditions. Also:  CPS Board Denies Bid from Be the Change Charter School

Charter critics still not pleased Tribune: The Chicago Board of Education's decision Wednesday to scale back the number of new charter school approvals may have tempered the tone of some of Mayor Rahm Emanuel's school policy critics, but the political dynamic of the issue remains the same.

Chicago School Board to Vote on Charter Expansion Chicago Tonight: The Chicago School Board is poised for another contentious vote on Wednesday as it considers adding 17 new charter schools in the city. Many parents, as well as the Chicago Teachers Union, have said they will protest any expansion following the closing last year of 50 neighborhood schools. We have the latest on the vote and reaction to it.

Amid protests, CPS considers up to 17 new charter schools Tribune: The debate over the growth of privately run charter schools in Chicago comes before the board of education today when a vote is expected on up to 17 new charter campuses. Charter opponents have rallied for weeks against the new charter proposals.

Updates from CPS board meeting, press conference on charters Sun Times: Our Becky Schlikerman is covering the Chicago Board of Education meeting at 10:30 a.m. today. Here’s the agenda for the meeting, which includes consideration for several charter school proposals. First up is a press conference held by opponents to those proposals.


More time in school, with a drain on Chicago’s teachers Hechinger Report: Two years ago, Mayor Rahm Emanuel and public school officials faced a difficult predicament. They wanted to rectify the fact that Chicago had one of the shortest school days in the nation. But they didn’t have the money to pay the city’s 20,000 teachers to work more.

Sutherland Elementary School Principal Vows To Fight For Contract Renewal DNA Info: Catherine Gannon said she'll fight her local school council's decision not to renew her contract.


Philadelphia Principals Fired Over Cheating NYT: Three principals were fired last week after an investigation into test cheating that has implicated about 140 teachers and administrators, a spokesman for the Philadelphia school district said.

Cheating Probe Roils Philadelphia School System WSJ: Nearly 140 teachers and administrators in Philadelphia public schools have been implicated in one of the nation's largest cheating scandals.

School Was Open, But No One Went WNYC: The city's daily attendance data show that only 47 percent of students attended school Wednesday, the lowest attendance rate by far this school year. The year's previous low was 73 percent on Jan. 7. Typically, citywide attendance in January hovers around 90 percent.

Some Parents Bemoan Icy Treks as de Blasio Stands by Choice to Keep Schools Open NYT: Across New York City on Wednesday, schools grappled with anemic attendance and complaints that Mayor Bill de Blasio had erred by holding class on a day of subzero winds and frozen streets.

Inside Colocation WNYC: Each school operates on a different floor and draws upon students from many different neighborhoods. Sometimes there's tension between students from different schools once the final bell rings. Microphones in hand, Leslie and Kiala took to the hallways to find out more.

Gay Marriages Confront Catholic School Rules NYT: Gay men and lesbians have been fired or forced to resign recently from Roman Catholic institutions around the country, in most cases because they decided to get married.

Pledging “real debate,” de Blasio appoints five PEP members Chalkbeat NY: Among the appointees are three public school parents, including a longtime special education advocate, and the former board chair of a Success Academy school who has called charter schools “the civil rights struggle of my generation.”

It’s official: Fletcher has 9 challengers for union presidency LA School Report: The filing deadline for candidates seeking office in the LA teachers union has closed, and it now appears that the number of challengers to the incumbent president, Warren Fletcher, has increased by one, to nine, all of them men.


Obama's State of the Union Speeches and Education: A Scorecard PK12: President Barack Obama will give his State of the Union speech next week, on Jan. 28. So that means a week from now, we'll all be mulling over the education portion. Is Obama usually able to get what he wants from Congress? Short answer: Not so much. For the longer answer, check out these past State of the Union speeches.

Certification test focuses on readying students for work, not college PBS NewsHour: While most high schools focus on preparing students for college, businesses in one community outside Chicago are rallying around a different approach, preparing students for work.

Respect at school in decline, survey shows USA Today: Compared with when they were students, Americans today believe there's a lot less respect in the hallways of the nation's schools.



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    Do you read the articles before you make your snarky comments? The Hechinger story says of teachers "Dozens report that the revised schedule has made two hallmarks of any successful school –– teacher collaboration and training –– more difficult." So we are not complaining that our jobs are harder, but that it has become significantly more difficult to get training and collaborative time. So I guess you are happy, since that makes teachers' jobs more difficult and you can make your little boo hoo comments.

  • here's a sun times editorial praising CPS for showing restraint on the charter approvals

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