7 Charters Are All That Matter

7 Charters Are All That Matter

Happy Friday! Today brings more commentary about the Board's charter approvals on Wednesday. The Sun-Times, Chicago Mag, CPS Obsessed all weigh in about particular aspects of the process and results.

There's also been some interesting back and forth in comments about ILRYH's claims about charter under-enrollment in comments (see previous post) -- still waiting for more details from INCS and CPS.

My comments on the protest-coverage that education has been receiving in Chicago lately have gotten some responses as well, both in comments and via email.  Keep 'em coming!

Eric Zorn and his readers debate why Rauner chose Payton over New Trier. Ames parents make a last-ditch effort to get the City Council to get CPS to change its mind.

Elsewhere, California's tenure and dismissal rules are being challenged by low-income parents, and Cuomo and de Blasio both want to fund universal preschool for NYC but differ on how to do it.


CPS right to keep lid on charter-school expansion Sun Times (editorial): This year’s charter process was supposed to focus on placing schools in areas with overcrowded schools. We see very limited results there. In all, just three of seven approved charters are slated to go in areas CPS deems overcrowded.

Why Everyone Is So Mad About Today’s Charter School Vote Chicago Magazine: It’s hard to fault the unions and the anti-charter parents for getting so mad: They’re being kept in the dark about the particular details of the individual proposals, and as the Chicago magazine and Better Government Association co-investigation on the UNO collapse revealed, those details are precisely where trouble can start to brew.

7 More Charters on the Way CPS Obsessed:  How long can the Mayor and Board pretend that opening these schools won’t have an impact on neighborhood schools?   I would be much more open to embracing new charters if some kind of strategic plan was laid out and  sense of forthrightness was shown in managing the shift from neighborhood to charter. [see also comments]

New Charter Schools vs. Old Neighborhood Schools Chicago Tonight: The Chicago School Board approved seven new charter schools for the city. Where are they located in comparison with the neighborhood schools that were closed down? View a map of charter vs. neighborhood schools.


Why Payton? Tribune (Zorn): A reader writes with his best guess as to why Bruce Rauner's daughter wanted to go to Chicago's Walter Payton College Prep instead of New Trier High School in Winnetka, since both are top-notch schools...Also possible that the Rauners liked the diversity in Payton's student population, the additional extra-curricular opportunities afforded students at smaller schools (sports, drama, music and so on).

Ames Middle School Parents to Rally Opposition to Military Academy Plan DNA Info:School supporters said they will canvass the neighborhood to promote a ballot referendum on the plan.

Chicagoans To Make Final Push To Save Ames Middle School Progress IL: Segura said she hopes that a vote on the non-binding referendum would change the minds of Chicago Public Schools (CPS) officials regarding the future of the Logan Square school.


Lawsuit challenging teacher tenure, seniority protections goes to court next week EdSource Today: The trinity of teachers’ rights in California – tenure, seniority and due process in dismissals – will be under attack next week in a trial in Los Angeles with statewide impact and national interest.

Erased Answers on Tests in Philadelphia Lead to a Three-Year Cheating Scandal NYT: Answer keys were passed to students. Principals doctored answer sheets. At some schools, teachers and administrators gathered to change test answers. The episode in Pennsylvania has again raised questions about standardized testing.


Surprising Test Results For Some Of The World's Richest Students HuffPost:  "At the top of the distribution, our performance is surprisingly bad given our top decile is among the wealthiest in the world," said Morgan Polikoff, a professor at the University of Southern California's School of Education who reviewed the data. See also.

NEA's $60 Million 'Great Public Schools' Fund Rolls Out TeacherBeat: NEA announces the first winners of its new fund for supporting local education projects.

Are E-Books Killing Reading For Fun? NPR: Americans are reading differently than they used to: more e-books, more audio books and young people choosing not to read at all. Guest host Celeste Headlee looks at this country's changing reading habits with Pew Research Center's Kathryn Zickuhr and librarian Elissa Malespina.

Cuomo Sweetens Pre-K Deal: ‘Whatever’ Mayor Needs NYT: After Mayor Bill de Blasio rebuffed his proposal of $1.5 billion for prekindergarten education, Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo offered New York communities a blank check.

 Columbine High Takes Precautions After Threats NYT: Columbine High School, where 13 people were killed in a shooting in 1999, was sealed off for several hours on Thursday after receiving three phone threats, school and law enforcement officials said.

Days after the snow, school delays continue Washington Post: Several suburban public school systems will open two hours late on Friday because of icy roads and frigid weather. “Since the temperatures will be about the same as [Thursday] morning, we wanted to err on the side of caution,” said Max Pugh, a spokesman for Prince George’s County schools.


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