UNO, Byrd-Bennett, Unions!

UNO, Byrd-Bennett, Unions!

Welcome back! Lots of news today and from over the weekend, including a followup on the resignation of UNO's Juan Rangel and the latest big piece from the Tribune about CPS and Chicago spending on bonds. Some folks in NYC think that Byrd-Bennett might get tapped by incoming mayor Bill de Blasio - what do you think? There's also lots of national news about the big AFT/NEA campaign being launched today (and the economic, political, and generational challenges the unions face).


Chicago Bond Debt Tribune: In 2011, more than a quarter of all unrestricted general state aid went toward debt payments instead of new opportunities for students. Roughly three-quarters of the bonds issued for the district’s building campaign — more than $8 billion — came between 2002 and 2012 as enrollment fell. Since 1996, officials have invested more than $1 billion in schools that now are less than 60 percent full; they spent tens of millions more on schools that closed this year.

Tribune Looks At The Mismanagement That Led To CPS' Historic ...Chicagoist: Mayor Rahm Emanuel and Chicago Public Schools officials repeatedly said the decision to close 54 schools at the end of the 2012-13 school year was ...

Next for pension reform: Chicago Chicago Tribune For Chicago lawmakers who thought Tuesday's pension vote was politically dangerous, just wait until next year. Then on the docket in Springfield: gravely needed reforms for the retirement systems that benefit Chicago teachers, city workers, laborers,...

Chicago officials try to tackle K-8 grade truancy crisis Tribune: Top Chicago school authorities are working on new strategies to address the city's crushing pattern of elementary grade absenteeism and truancy. Schools CEO Barbara Byrd-Bennett is hoping to build on initiatives that have shown success in Baltimore, New...

UNO's Juan Rangel: a tale of clout won, then lost Chicago Sun-Times In the year ending in June 2012, the UNO schools got more than $48.5 million in local, state and federal taxpayer funding, most of it from Chicago Public Schools.


Who de Blasio really wanted as NYC schools chancellorWashington Post (blog): Other names have popped up too, along the way, including Chicago PublicSchools Chief Executive Officer Barbara Byrd-Bennett, and Andrés Alonso, the ...

Lessons for locals on power of parents in schools The Seattle Times: After the training ends — and once background checks required by Chicago Public Schools are completed — parents are matched with teachers who request...

Illinois ponders what to do with empty public buildings Rockford Register Star: But almost any option would take money that is hard to come by as the city faces a $338.7 million hole in the 2014 budget and the Chicago Public Schools

The Debate Must Move On; Charter Schools Are Here to Stay WBEZ (oped): The public embrace of charter schools offers a tremendous opportunity to improve our education system. But first, let’s examine charter schools systematically. Instead of simply asking, “Are charters good or bad?” we should seek a more nuanced understanding of how charters really work, what impact they are having – good and bad – and why. Because, like it or not, charters are here to stay.

Discussing Nelson Mandela in room 215 at Whitney Young WBEZ: Last night, when she heard Nelson Mandela had died, she tossed out her lesson plans to discuss the former South African president, who brought an end to the country’s institutional racism known as apartheid.

Chicago schools transition _ smooth or rocky? AP:  Devion Allen peers wistfully through a door window at the school he used to attend. Those who live outside his gritty, violence-plagued neighborhood might dismiss this towering brick building as just another failing urban school. But to the eighth grader, the school across the street from his mom's subsidized apartment was a haven - "like a family," he says....


Teachers unions face moment of truth Politico: Support for labor unions in general has fallen steadily, dipping below 50 percent for the first time in 2012 before rebounding slightly this year, Gallup polls find.

AFT Makes $1 Million Ad Buy Against Testing, 'Privatization' Politics K12: The National Education Association is also involved but its spending is smaller, Politico reports. That might be because membership losses at the NEA have cut back the amount it can spend on messaging and communications, as I've reported.

AFT, Partners Push National Day of Action to Oppose 'Privatization' of Schooling TeacherBeat: The national union has reportedly spent more than $1 million on advertising buys to promote the campaign.

Fletcher Facing 8 in Bid for LA Teacher Union Presidency LA School Report: The size of the field, which includes one current UTLA officer, Secondary Vice President Greg Solkovits, and one who also ran for president in 2011, Leonard Segal, suggests an undercurrent of dissatisfaction with Fletcher’s policies, leadership style or both.


Obama, Celebrities, Politicians Come Together To Launch Coding Education Push TechCrunch: President Barack Obama and House Majority Leader Eric Cantor both separately issued video statements today asking every student in the U.S. to learn to code.

New report: Majority of Conn. schools meet targets San Francisco Chronicle: It resulted from a waiver Connecticut received last year from the federal No Child Left Behind law. The waiver was tied to Connecticut legislation overhauling the state's education system; it gave the state more flexibility to spend federal money and ...

Tensions Rise as Indiana Schools Chief and Governor Clash Over New Agency NYT: A a public political fight, the top education official, an elected Democrat, has accused the Republican governor of undermining her office.

Focus turns to school leader search in de Blasio transition Chalkbeat NY:As the dust settles from Mayor-elect Bill de Blasio’s two-day spree of administrative appointments, all eyes have now turned to his next big decision: who he’ll pick for New York City schools chancellor.


Editorial : Who Says Math Has to Be Boring? NYT (editorial page): It’s time to overhaul the way math and science are taught.

How one school turned homework on its head PBS:  In 2010, with more than half of the school's ninth graders failing math, science and English, principal Greg Green decided to adopt the flipped approach, a blended learning model that also relies heavily on outside videos like the popular Khan Academy and Ted Talks.

Video: A second grader’s cure for playground loneliness Today: Christian Bucks felt bad for his lonely classmates on the playground, so he came up with the idea of a “buddy bench.” It’s a place where kids can feel welcome. TODAY’s Erica Hill interviews Bucks, his mother and his principal.

8 Teachers You'll Wish You Had When You Were in School NBC: These eight extraordinary public school teachers will make you want to be a student again.

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