Relocations, Pensions, Lunch

Relocations, Pensions, Lunch

Welcome back! CPS is going to relocate two schools (Urban Prep and Frazier Prep), pension reform of some kind is happening -- maybe, and WBEZ and NYT stories about new lunches and greening of schools. Meanwhile, 15 states have applied to do less testing this spring, NYC charters might have to pay rent for co-locations, and the Common Core debate continues to flare up all over the place.


CPS plans to relocate two schools but no closures planned Sun Times: Chicago Public Schools is going easy on the school overhauls it’s proposing. Last time CPS announced its proposals, dozens of schools were on the chopping block. This year, CPS is suggesting relocating two schools that currently share buildings to other campuses. That would give the two schools that had previously shared their buildings room to expand, CPS said.

Charter Schools Presentation Panned as 'Dog and Pony Show' DNAI: Northwest Side residents say the two proposed schools will be built whether the community agrees or not.

CPS plans to shuffle schools to different buildings WBEZ: But school officials today announced plans to essentially play musical chairs with a few schools and buildings next year.  [Urban Prep-Bronzeville,  Frazier Prep Academy]


Schools tout benefits of providing special ed services in district Tribune: Inside South Park Elementary School in Deerfield on a recent afternoon, a small group of 4- and 5-year-olds clutched masks made of construction paper and popsicle sticks depicting emotions in a storybook.

Building a bridge from CPS high schools to college Tribune: As the Tribune acknowledged in its initial call for a new Plan of Chicago, it may not have to look far for good ideas to tackle the city's economic and social challenges. Many creative, workable ideas are out there already. Some have gained a foothold and...

How is the new chow in CPS schools? WBEZ: The new caterer promised to boost sales, make tastier food and even serve up organic salad every day. It’s been three months since Aramark launched its menus in the district and we thought it was time to see how it’s going.

Urban Schools Aim for Environmental Revolution NYT: “We pay about 4 cents for a foam tray, and compostable trays are about 15 cents — but volume is always the game changer,” said Leslie Fowler, the director of nutrition support services for the Chicago school system.

CPS will use state-run data program, not controversial inBloom storehouse Sun Times:Chicago Public Schools has decided against using inBloom, a controversial data storehouse run by a nonprofit, and will work directly with a state-run data program, a spokeswoman said. In Illinois, an online platform called the Illinois Shared Learning Environment, or ISLE, is in development to collect student data in one place.

Mayor Emanuel fetes a special group of CEOs Crain's Chicago Business: “It was good conversation and nice food." Other attendees included Barbara Byrd-Bennett, CEO of Chicago Public Schools and Andrea Zopp, president and CEO of the Chicago Urban League and a member of the Chicago Board of Education.


CPS a finalist for Race to the Top funds Tribune: With a teachers strike and massive school closings behind it, Chicago Public Schools is hoping for a better shot this year at getting federal money through the competitive Race to the Top grant program.

IL Leaders Reach Deal on Pension Reform WTTW: Top Illinois legislative leaders reach a deal on pension reform. Senate President John Cullerton is calling the Senate back to session next Tuesday. Check back here later to read more details from Paris Schutz.

New Details on Illinois Pension Plan WSJ: New details emerged Friday about a proposal to overhaul Illinois's public-employee retirement system, hardening opposition from public-sector unions and drawing criticism from some conservatives for not going far enough.

Illinois pensions in peril PBS: We’ll explore what it means for retirees and taxpayers, examine how it might threaten the fiscal stability of cities and states, and report on proposed solutions. This week, we focus on new efforts at pension reform in Illinois, the state with the worst funded public employee pension system in the nation.

Portland teachers are ready to draw the line Socialist Worker Online: On the other side, teachers, parents, and students are fighting for "The Schools Portland Students Deserve"--the preamble to the PAT's bargaining proposals and the name of its social justice campaign, inspired by the Chicago Teachers Union's historic.


15 States Seek Waivers to Reduce Double-Testing PoliticsK12: The double-testing allows states to suspend some of their current tests and give only the field tests from the common-testing consortia—to avoid double testing students. See also Politico

Pulling a More Diverse Group of Achievers Into the Advanced Placement Pool NYT: As A.P. classes across the country have opened to a more diverse group of students, some teachers and parents worry that instructors will be forced to water down the curriculum, while some educational experts say there is little conclusive evidence that students who take such courses perform better in college.

Common Core State Standards Focus On Critical Thinking Amid Political Debate AP: Remembering the plot of a short story is no longer good enough in teacher Amy Lawson's fifth-grade classroom.

Md. says it will include more special ed students in national test Baltimore Sun: Acknowledging that scores on a national reading test may have been inflated, Maryland education officials changed course this week.

Austin Journal: Closing a Fear Gap So Children Can Achieve NYT: Montserrat Garibay, a teacher, is hoping to shrink the stark achievement gap in schools disproportionately populated by the children of immigrants by addressing fears of deportation.


Mixed reaction to iPad rollout from L.A. teachers and administrators LA Times: Just 36% of teachers strongly favored continuing the tablet effort; 90% of administrators felt the same.

Details Emerge on de Blasio's Education Agenda WNYC: We play excerpts from an education forum at which Mayor-elect de Blasio spoke and discuss the latest transition news with Wall Street Journal political reporter Michael Howard Saul.

N.C. elementary schools promise arts education but access is far from equal PBS:Most public schools in the United States offer some sort of music instruction, but according to a federal government report, about four million elementary school students do not get instruction in the visual arts.

Teacher learns a lesson after teaching students about Internet safety TODAY: When a Tennessee teacher put a photo online to teach her elementary school students what can happen when a personal photo goes public, even she was surprised at a lesson we can all learn from.

For New York City’s Charter Schools, a Lesson on Paying Rent NYT: The Bronx Community Charter School could be a model if Mayor-elect Bill de Blasio follows through on his proposal to charge charter schools for space. Plus Citizens of the World struggles with enrollment WSJ

Much Of Standardized Testing System Is Out Of City Control NY1: De Blasio won't be able to get rid of standardized tests or stop them from counting towards teachers' evaluations, something new to the city this year and written into state law.

I Can Haz Spanish Lessons: Cat Pictures Now Have A Purpose NPR: It's no secret cats rule the Internet. Now, just flipping through cat pictures can be an educational experience. A new iOS app called Cat Spanish teaches 1,000 basic phrases by showing you flash cards of cute cats.



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  • from PURE

    ★★★Southwest Community Meeting★★★
    Chicago Public Library Clearing Branch
    6423 W. 64th PL
    Chicago, Illinois 60638
    Tuesday, December 3, 2013, 10:00am- 12:00pm

    ★Wendy Katten of Raise Your Hand for Fair Funding IL
    ★Cassandra Cresswell from More Than A Score
    ★Rousemary Vega founder of BAM, a city wide parent advocacy group for public education.

    A meeting to inform our parents and open discussion about the state of funding of our neighborhood schools. We will also discuss testing uses and abuses and how testing impacts our children, our teachers and schools. We will inform parents of the options they have regarding high stakes testing. Our network has grown to include schools in the 19th ward as well.

    Please join us for coffee and good conversation regarding our neighborhood schools! Working together we can address our neighborhood schools issues. We look forward to seeing you there! Our children's future depends on it!

    Any questions, feel free to email


    Watch your legislator vote today….

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    thanks for that, and also read here about teachers heading out to advocate for a good solution

    Illinois pension reform vote draws teachers to Springfield |

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