Facebook/Twitter Friday

Facebook/Twitter Friday

Today's a travel day for me, so I'll be on Twitter, Facebook, and anywhere else that will have me - but alas not here.

I'm @district299 on Twitter, and at District 299 or Alexander Russo on Facebook.

Have a great day, and see you back here Monday!



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  • Lindblom Math & Science Academy junion: My unfair sense of academic superiority - Chicago Sun-Times http://ht.ly/rwWNI

  • So the plot just got a little thicker. Lincoln Elementary jumps 50 places and MRE disregards the CPS master facilities plan to get a $20 million dollar annex. It has been long suspected that influence has been at play, connected and influential residents of Lincoln Park and Old Town want enough room for their kids to have a band program, a kiln and classes of 25 students.......never mind schools on the NW and SE sides are jammed with 35-60 students in a single classroom and no options other than to build. Never mind all of that, the new City Comptroller is a Lincoln Elementary parent and President of the tuition based EFAC french program, essentially Lincoln's private school within a public school building.
    http://www.nbcchicago.com/blogs/ward-room/Emanuel-Names-Pick-For-Chicago-Comptroller-234770231.html . Mr. Widawsky has been a very vocal and passionate supporter of CPS spending $50 million for a middle school on the site of the old Children's Memorial Hospital, well, he did not get that but the still got the $20 million annex ahead of more overcrowded schools. Must be nice to have the Mayor's ear, never mind what happens to the rest of the City's children. With Mr. Widawsky overseeing the City's purse strings there are surely more good things to come Lincoln's way in the future.

  • Wow - CLASSIC conflict of interest, and why they are so dangerous. Leader of private school within a public (kind of) school lobbies his friend the Mayor for massive $$million capital project that will destroy a playground nowhere near his own house but preserve the subsidized French program that benefits his own child. Already making great financial decisions for our city Dan! Congratulations on this choice, Mayor Emanuel, days after the City's bond downgrade!

  • To quote Mr. Dan Widawsky, the City of Chicago's new Comptroller and a Lincoln Elementary parent, 'In the same statement, Mr. Widawsky said he's looking forward to his new gig.

    "My efforts will be focused on managing the city's resources efficiently and effectively on behalf of Chicago residents and taxpayers," he said."

    Well, you are certainly on your way to managing the city's resources efficiently and effectively by spending $20 million on an addition at Lincoln when other cost effective solutions to overcrowding existed, and still exist! Take a look again and maybe your first order of business can be to manage the funds from the state for education capital improvements and rethink the $20 million going to Lincoln, a solution that makes no sense for the long term. Put a smaller addition at LaSalle to accommodate children in Old Town, take away no magnet seats and cut down traffic and safety hazards in Lincoln Park. Now that would be efficient and effective management of resources.

  • My guess is your plane won't be landing anywhere near Chicago, but no worries, like Sarah Palin's view from Alaska, you can see the Chi from Brooklyn.

  • Just like the $20 mil debacle for the Supes Academy (Catalyst Chicago.org) another case for the Inspector General? There is an ethics policy, does anyone pay attention to it?

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