Charter, Twitter Disagreements

Charter, Twitter Disagreements

Today's education news:  There was a passionate pubic hearing over proposed charters last night.  EdSec Duncan dodged a charter question during his visit to Juarez high school.  Republican businessman / political candidate Bruce Rauner and CTU president Karen Lewis got into a Twitter war. CPS says that closing and clearing out the schools from last spring will now cost another $10 million or so over the initial projections. Plus national news.


CTU's Lewis, Republican Rauner Tangle on Twitter NBC Chicago: On Sunday, long-running animosity between Chicago Teacher's Union president Karen Lewis and Republican gubernatorial candidate Bruce Rauner raised its head once again, this time on Twitter.

Lake View High School's Gym Requirement May Mean Losing Other Teachers DNAinfo: Chicago Teachers Union, which advocated to discontinue the waiver sooner, estimated that the new need for phys ed teachers could cost the district $20 million

CPS chief staying in Chicago Voices: “Barbara Byrd-Bennett has not had a single conversation with anyone in New York about the chancellor's job,” Hood said in a statement.


Andersonville Residents Blast Charter Expansion Plan DNAI: Critics say Passages Charter School's plan, to be presented Monday night, will hurt local high schools.

A passionate debate over CPS’ 21 proposed charter schools  Sun Times: But parents supporting the charters were just as adamant that they are needed. “Chicago public schools have been down and dilapidated for a long time. If they were up to par, we wouldn’t be having this conversation right now. We need a change, and I urge you to approve Concept Schools’ Horizon Science Academy in Chatham,” said parent Anita Westbrook.

Ed. Secretary Duncan dodges hot topic of charter schools during Chicago visit Sun Times: Asked what he thought of CPS’s proposal to open 21 new charters after closing more the 52 regular schools, U.S. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan, in Chicago Monday, said he’s for anything that will improve results for students, but that the proportion of charters to regular schools was a local issue he has no control over.


Dance quits consulting job with company doing business with school system Baltimore Sun: In an email Saturday to school board members, Dance said he had called the Illinois-based SUPES Academy and told them that he would no longer coach Chicago public school principals.

Baltimore Superintendent Releases Email About Chicago Consulting Job Fox Baltimore: Baltimore County schools superintendent Dr. Dallas Dance on Monday released the email sent to the BCPS Board of Education regarding his consulting with Chicago Public schools to train 10 of their principals. The email was sent by Dance to inform the Board of his decision to discontinue the arrangement.


How Should We Solve the Pension-Fund Crisis? New Yorker: Between 2009 and 2012, forty-five states passed some kind of pension reform. Pensions are supposed to be dull and reliable. But they’re now the locus of bruising political battles.

More overruns: Cost to empty out closed Chicago schools now set to triple WBEZ: Chicago’s board of education will consider yet another significant increase in what it is paying to empty out Chicago’s closed school buildings. Now, the agenda for Wednesday’s school board meeting shows the board will vote on another increase, this time to  $30.9 million, more than tripling the amount of the original contract with GWS. A CPS document says the hike is necessary to board up, fence, and install security posts around 30 buildings.


How to stop the revolving door of teachers, principals at charter schools Hechinger Report:  Nationally, many charter school networks have higher rates of teacher and administrator turnover than their traditional school counterparts. In New Orleans, where nearly 90 percent of the public school children attend charters, the problem is particularly acute as young schools struggle to keep their teachers and leaders for the long-haul.

Are NCLB Waiver States Intervening in the Right Schools? Politics K12:  After Nevada got an NCLB waiver, by the 2012-13 school year, 75 of those 86 schools got relief from the toughest interventions. These are schools that hadn't made adequate yearly progress for six years in a row.

When Taxpayer Money and Private Firms Intersect in Schools Texas Tribune: On a recently approved Texas charter school application, blacked-out paragraphs appear on almost 100 of its 393 pages. A spokeswoman for the Texas Education Agency said redactions appeared on the application because the information was copyrighted.

Offensive student tweets target Montgomery schools chief Starr Washington Post: A number of messages to Superintendent Joshua P. Starr did more to offend than persuade. Some used racial epithets. Some used curse words. One threatened to slash Starr’s tires. A few messages mentioned Starr’s family in inappropriate ways, he said.

Parents Sue City Over Students Sent to Emergency Rooms WNYC: The woman, Ms. H, does not want to be identified except by her initials in court papers. She is one of six New York City parents of children with disabilities who are suing the city for unspecified damages. The suit claims the children were wrongly sent to emergency rooms and that the schools could have resorted to other methods for solving behavioral problems - methods that should have been included in their special education plans.

To Make Science Real, Kids Want More Fun And Fewer Facts NPR: In a new poll, many parents said they're worried that schools aren't adequately preparing students for a changing workforce. And too much emphasis on memorizing facts in the classroom, both parents and kids say, is keeping young people from getting excited about science and technology careers.

School Named For Klu Klux Klan Leader Nathan Bedford Forrest To Be Rebranded Reuters: A Florida high school whose name commemorates a leader of a white supremacist group known for lynchings and other violent acts against blacks is to be renamed, officials said on Monday.

‘What Is Good Teaching?’ NYT (Joe Nocera) As the country continues to struggle with education reform, it seems obvious that education schools need to change, so that prospective teachers walk into their first classroom knowing how to teach. Maybe “The New Public” can help bring about that change.


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