Vallas Returns (To IL Politics)

Vallas Returns (To IL Politics)

He ran for governor and lost to Blagojevich, then scuttled off to New Orleans and other places (Bridgeport, Philadelphia), but Paul Vallas is back to Illinois politics with today's announcement that he's going to run as Democratic nominee for Lt. Governor with Pat Quinn.

Vallas is filling the  vacancy on the ticket left by incumbent Lt. Gov. Sheila Simon's decision to run for state comptroller next year, notes the Tribune. But there may be questions about his residency/eligibility, says the paper. Is he a resident of Connecticut or Illinois?  Nobody seems to know for sure.  Read more news here.

“I am honored to join forces with the strongest reform governor in the country,” Paul Vallas said in a statement. “Since taking the oath of office, Governor Pat Quinn has rescued the state of Illinois from the verge of fiscal and ethical disaster following decades of bipartisan corruption. This governor has been getting big things done since he got here. Unlike his predecessors, Governor Quinn tackled the hard issues and has made the right decisions to get Illinois back on track.”

“Together we will fight every day for working families and deliver the reform and change that Illinois deserves,” said Vallas.



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  • Hey Russo. Why don't you comment about this?

    Seems to me there was a big sit on at King last December no?

  • Statement by Chicago Teachers Union President Karen GJ Lewis, NBCT on the selection of Paul Vallas as Governor Quinn’s running mate

    The Chicago Teachers Union has supported Governor Quinn in the past because of his commitment
    to grassroots organizing, publicly funded public education, and collective bargaining. For these
    reasons we are concerned about his choice of Paul Vallas as a running mate. His choice takes us in
    the wrong direction for public education in Chicago and Illinois.
    While he was CEO of the Chicago Public Schools, Vallas pioneered the corporate driven education
    model in our city. His policies continue to devastate our schools system, which recently suffered 50
    school closures, deep and painful school budget cuts, and the loss of thousands of experienced school
    staff are key tenets of the Vallas model.
    Vallas ushered in an era of massive expansion of standardized testing; the privatization of public
    schools through outsourcing and charter school expansion; and the devastating policy of school
    turnarounds, which resulted in the firing of scores of black and veteran teachers.
    In a 2010 interview with John Merrow on PBS, Paul Vallas appallingly stated that he did not see any
    downside to charter school proliferation, believed that there was not enough faculty turnover in
    education, and did not see a need for collective bargaining.
    Just this week in Bridgeport, CT, the school board election results were viewed as a referendum on
    Vallas’ tenure as an unaccredited district administrator.
    In consideration of this list of concerns, we hope that Vallas will move to support proposals for an
    elected representative school board in Chicago, and also denounce privatization schemes that have
    done nothing to increase academic achievement or address the needs of students who need the most
    in Chicago, Philadelphia, and New Orleans.

  • The idea that Governor Quinn was a fighter for trade unions was probably a form of exuberant opotomism on the part of the CTU. Governor Quinn does not see the world in the way the leadership of the CTU does or as I do.

    There is not going to be a Democrat who will cosistently

  • Support the progressive vision that the CTU is putting forward. Governor Quinn is a populist and he has done a few things I have liked and more than a few I have disliked.

    Paul Vallas is not the devil, he did very many things I did not like, but he also put more capital into schools than I have seen in my life time as a Chicagoan. To achieve the vision CORE and the leadership of the CTU seems to want for education will require leaving the Democrat party behind in a thoughtful manner and building something like a labor party. That will not be easy and would take years of work starting at the ward level. But thinking you can get cozy with Democrats and get them to adopt a progressive agenda with any consistency is unrealistic.

    Assuming the Governor wins the election I suspect at some point the CTU, the AFT, and IEA will be sitting at the table with Mr Vallas as I might be.

    Rod Estvan

  • the trib editorial page is intrigued -- probably not surprising

    Quinn-Vallas: This just got interesting -

  • fran spielman says it could be tough for quinn

    Analysis: political marriage with Gov. Pat Quinn will only work if Paul Vallas learns how - Chicago Sun-Times

  • revised/ expanded tribune news story

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  • Marin: Vallas is a gutsy choice by Quinn - Chicago Sun-Times @carolmarin

  • Gays in Chicago's business world looking to tie the knot - Kapos - Crain's Chicago Business [Huberman!]

  • In retrospect, Paul Vallas' tenure as head of Chicago Public Schools doesn't look so bad. He compares favorably both with his predecessors (Kimbrough and Johnson) and successors: Duncan, Huberman, Mazany (who had no authority to do anything), and Brizzard. I suppose it's best to withhold judgment on BBB until her term is over.

    Granted, my view is myopic--after all, my entire 22-year CPS career has been in one school--but that school was undoubtedly better after Paul Vallas than it was before him, and I attribute that to his leadership. Any progress we've made under his successors has been despite their efforts to sabotage neighborhood schools.

  • In reply to Danaidh: shows ninth grade explore scores rising from 14.2 to 15 over the last six years. While that improvement doesn't have much to do with Rahm's CPS, it's certainly a post Vallas accomplishment.

  • In reply to Danaidh:

    Anyone know what Vallas's record with sped has been here and in subsequent districts?

  • In reply to district299reader:

    When Mr Vallas first took control over CPS he ordered special education to adopt a fixed budget without the ability to expand. At one point in an interview he said special education identification was driven by excess funding.

    Ms Green who was special education director when Vallas took over left CPS over his funding decisions. Once in power Vallas became convinced by his new special education director that funding was not sufficient and he increased the budget again. Mr Vallas also funded a capital plan for ADA rehab of many schools. Mr Vallas agreed to sign a settlement agreement in the Corey H case instead of going to trial and losing like the ISBE did. That's a simple explanation that I hope answers your question.

    Rod Estvan

  • More about Vallas pick and time in Bridgeport from Salon

  • Thanks, Rod. It sounds like Vallas became more aware regarding sped and SWD. I wonder what lessons about educating SWD he might have learned while in New Orleans? What new might he be bringing to Illinois?

  • Thanks for the explanation-I always knew he was bright and knowing he learned from mistakes is important.
    I would think he would find the fact that we have not been dismissed from the Corey H. to be very interesting.


  • In reply to district299reader:

    CPS has been dismissed from the Corey H case. The case is totally over even though the Monitor concluded not all benchmarks were met. CPS achieved what is called substantial compliance.

    I do not know the details of Mr Vallas' positions on special education funding in other cities. I also do not know his relationship with charter schools on special education issues and given how he promoted that sector it is an issue of some importance.

    I do not want to give the impression I am a big Vallas supporter, but he was not an incompetent manager and those that claim that are wrong. Paul's rocky road in other cities was based on the fact he was brought in to be the harbinger of austerity and downsizing. I would have never taken those jobs the task was demoralizing.

    Being Lt Governor might be the nicest job this guy has ever had and he can be very personable.

    Rod Estvan

  • Why do we still have the Corey H. monitors?

  • In reply to district299reader:

    No all of those positions are gone from the ISBE, and court controlled staff.

    Rod Estvan

  • Rod,

    Last time I saw the Corey H. monitors it was in the spring of 2012. I asked someone who should know, if the monitors were still working in CPS and was told "Yes" because the judge didn't release CPS from Corey H.
    It is a sad state of affairs when CPS teachers have to rely on a blog and yourself for factual information. There seems to be a widening disconnect between CPS/OSES/whatever the title is this year and the sped teachers and clinicians.

    We appreciate your time and cogent postings.


  • Bridgeport Schools's Paul Vallas Discusses Tenure (Audio) @bloombergradio

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