Schools Want Vistor IDs & Fingerprints

Schools Want Vistor IDs & Fingerprints

Happy Thursday! The education news of the day so far as I can tell is that CPS is requiring IDs and/or fingerprints for school visits/volunteers, which is both a giant pain in the ass and also could lower parent and community involvement. I'll try and find out how common or unusual this is, and in the meantime, there's also a Tribune editorial about how poorly CPS and other kids did on the new, tougher ISATs, and a bunch of national news about the Gates Foundation, Tuesday's election results, and things of that nature.


CPS: All Parents Must Be Fingerprinted Before Volunteering in Schools DNAI: Education activists say the procedure will drive down parent and community involvement at schools.

Privacy group worried about driver's license scan for people visiting schools Chicago Tribune: Glenview parent Karolin Hanna has her driver's license scanned at the front desk of Westbrook Elementary School. The district 34 school is one of many local districts using visitor management systems to enhance school security.


Teacher 'Voice' Amplified by Series of Gates Grants Education Week News: When Kylene Young, a fresh-faced middle school teacher in Chicago, joined a policy-fellows program through Teach Plus last fall, she was excited to meet with prominent individuals, like Chicago Teachers Union President Karen Lewis.


Boy seriously wounded in shooting in Gage Park neighborhood Sun Times: A boy was shot and seriously wounded Wednesday evening in the Gage Park neighborhood. The boy, who is thought to be 5 or 6 years old, was shot in the shoulder about 5:40 p.m. near 56th and Mozart, Chicago Police said. He was taken to Mount Sinai Hospital in serious condition, police said.


Editorial: Who's ready for college? Tribune (editorial): Fewer students than you might think. Illinois rolled out its new, information-chocked school report card recently and provided an easy-to-understand figure of how many Illinois high school graduates are ready to go to college.


School Employee Found Not Guilty of Pushing Dunbar Student NBC Chicago: Photos and Videos. Another Student Records Dunbar Scuffle. A Chicago Public Schools security official was removed from duty after video appeared to show him throwing a Dunbar Vocational Career Academy student down the stairs and later punching her.

Advocates believe dogs will make schools safer Chicago Sun-Times: While some say school safety hinges on guns, cameras or alarms in classrooms, Mark Gomer and Kristi Schiller think specially trained dogs should take point in preventing violence inschools.


How Bloomberg Affected Elections Nationwide HuffPost: On Tuesday evening, his signature reforms such as expanding charter schools and stats-heavy management of schools and teachers -- derided by critics simply as "corporate reform" -- were endorsed in places like Denver and Douglas County, Colo., but rejected in cities like Bridgeport, Conn., and New York.

Loss on School Tax Stings Colorado Democrats NYT: The promise of higher teacher salaries and full-day kindergarten failed to resonate, even in areas where the money would have had the greatest benefit.

Teachers union president to Chris Christie: Apologize for bullying teacher Politico: In a sharply worded letter, Weingarten reminded Christie of his election-night declaration that leadership requires listening. “I couldn’t agree more,” she wrote. “But a picture tells a thousand words. And many wonder why you chose to publicly demean and vilify Melissa Tomlinson, a public school teacher and director of an after-school program, instead of answering her question with the same seriousness of purpose with which it was asked.”

Michigan Works To Match Dropouts With Degrees Already Earned NPR: A national project found that hundreds of former Michigan students had enough credits for an associate degree — but they'd never claimed them. Thousands more were close. Those credentials could make ex-students more employable or eligible for better-paying jobs.

School segregation is a thing again, according to research PBS NewsHour: Research published in the American Sociological Review contends that these trends --including fewer white students in majority-minority schools and more separate but unequal schools than there were in the pre-Brown v. Board of Education era -- are among the factors leading to more segregated schools.

The School That Won't Let Students Play Tag or Hold Hands AtlanticEDU: An elementary school in British Columbia, Canada has outlawed tag. In a letter to kindergarten parents sent home late last week, Coghlan Fundamental Elementary School administrators wrote that students were no longer allowed to engage in "hands-on play" during recess. Specifically banned activities include "tag, holding hands, and any and all imaginary fighting games."

Photo Of Concealed Weapons Permit Gets Army Vet Banned From Daughter's School HuffPost: Army veteran and parent volunteer Tanya Mount, of Hephzibah, Ga., said she never thought that her ability to carry a concealed weapon might jeopardize her ability to spend time with her daughter at school.

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  • I have had to present my drivers license for scanning when attending IEP meetings at several high schools. Lane and Mather being two that I recall off hand. Honestly it didn't bother me at all and it seemed like a rational procedure.

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