Lane Tech AC Makes Top 5 - But No Charter ES

Lane Tech AC Makes Top 5 - But No Charter ES

Happy Friday (and welcome to November). Today's news includes an ongoing dustup at Lincoln Park, a reversal of sorts over Marine Academy and Ames, and some further discussion about the meaning (or lack thereof) of the annual school rankings that just came out. Oh, and a Highland Park student got in trouble for dressing up for Halloween... as Jesus. Plus national news.  


Lincoln Park neighborhood split over proposal for new school Tribune: In the affluent Lincoln Park neighborhood, an overcrowded elementary school has divided residents over whether the problem merits construction of a new building. Lincoln Elementary School is almost 200 students above capacity, and a group of parents...


State Report Card for Schools Shows Widening Gap Between Wealthy and Poor NBC: Hundreds of schools in some of the state's poorest communities seeing performances plunge, test results show. But some schools in affluent suburbs — from Winnetka and Lake Forest to Hinsdale — saw far less severe declines.

Suntimes Rankings! CPS Obsessed: I just read that any differences between these and CPS scores are that these do not include Science (Reading and Math only.) Coonley and Greeley moved up the list a lot for Elementaries.  Lincoln is the top rated neighborhood school. Lane Tech AC makes its debut at #5 in the state among middle schools. Jones is now in the the top 5 of high schools.

Morning Shift: Illinois report card grades schools across the state WBEZ: Illinois released its school report cards Thursday, so we dig into which schools are improving and how student populations are changing. We also take a look at childhood obesity rates in Illinois and hear house music from Chicago's own DJ Lady D.

Elementary Charter Schools Absent On Top 50 List CBS2: Stacey McAuliffe is the CEO of the Illinois Network of Charter Schools. She argues that other national tests give charter schools higher scores than traditional public schools.


CPS and city: Marine Military Academy stays put on West Side, Ames will become military school Tribune: Just days after Mayor Rahm Emanuel announced a controversial plan to move a West Side military school into a neighborhood school in the Logan Square neighborhood, city and school officials made a partial retreat.

CPS: Marine Academy Not Moving to Ames, but Ames Will Have Military Focus DNAI:  Clarifying information released Tuesday, CPS spokeswoman said both schools will remain where they are.


Oscar Mayer Magnet School's Chicken Coop Connects Lincoln Park DNAI:  The school's chicken coop and six chickens were purchased with a $10,000 donation by The Hideout.

Highland Park H.S. student pulled from class over Jesus costume Sun Times: According to Sanders’ mother, Angenetta Frison, some teachers found his costume offensive. He was readmitted to school after changing out of the costume, Frison said. Sanders’ costume included a long, white robe, red sash, head scarf and a cross necklace. Shortly before school let out for the day, the high school released a statement, saying that upon further review, Sanders was told he could put the costume back on.


Research suggests poor quality of teacher training programs in U.S. compared to other countries Hechinger Report: “Our very worst programs produce over half of middle school teachers,” William Schmidt said at Education Nation, NBC’s annual summit on the state of education in the United States. “Where they’re going is where the good teachers are mostly needed. “

Significant Drop in Number of NYC Suspended Students, DOE Says WNYC: The decline in suspensions appears significant under a mayoral administration where suspensions more than doubled over the decade 2001 to 2011. The number of suspensions peaked at 73,943 in the 2008-2009 school year.

Halloween toy gun prompts Wash. (Wenatchee) school lockdown AP: Police in Washington state say a realistic-looking Halloween costume sent Wenatchee city officers and Chelan County sheriff's deputies rushing to an elementary school after a passer-by reported seeing someone walking nearby with what appeared to be an assault rifle....

For The Tablet Generation, A Lesson In Digital Citizenship NPR: As more school districts roll out tablet computers to students, they're debating how much to restrict access to certain websites and games. Some districts shut down wide parts of the Internet, but others are trying to take a more nuanced approach.

What It Takes (And Means) To Learn English As An Adult NPR: The wait to gain entry to adult English language classes can be long. Once you're in, balancing class with family and job obligations can be a challenge. But many immigrants are determined. Ana Perez says she tries to never miss a class: "A day of studying is sacred for me."

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  • Districts create mobile apps to reach on-the-go parents - The Washington Post

  • RT @SethLavin: @nancyschiavone. CPS mom. Daughter a CPS teacher. Helped us save Brentano. Now running for state rep in Logan Square. Ff:

  • Within the City of Chicago the relative academic proficiency of non-low income students to low income students is notable with the new cut scores on the ISAT as the NBC story Alexander linked to noted in relation to the state as a whole. But this is most evident in the important category of those students who exceed standards. For example in reading on the ISAT in 2013 only 8% of CPS low income students were exceeding state standards, but 35% of CPS non-low income students were exceeding state standards in reading.

    ISBE does not provide data showing both race and social economic status, so we don't for example know how much better non-low income Hispanic students might be doing than low income Hispanic students. But we do know that in 2013 only 7% of black CPS students were exceeding state standards in reading, 9% of Hispanic students were exceeding state standards in reading, and 35% of white students were exceeding state standards in reading. Given the fact that in 2013 CPS according to ISBE was composed of 40.5% (in 2002 it was 50.8%) Black students and only 9.1% white students (in 2002 it was 9.6%) we can see this stunning fact: In 2013 there were only 4,842 Black 3-8 students were exceeding state standards in reading, but 5,157 white students who were exceeding state reading standards.

    Among the other interesting facts that come from ISBE data about CPS is back in 2002 CPS had about 40,922 white students, but by 2012 CPS was down to about 36,777 white students a drop of about 10% in ten years. The number of Black CPS students over the same period of time dropped 24.4%. Overall ISBE data shows that in 2002 CPS had about 363,611 low income students and by 2012 it had 343,124 a decline of 5.6%. Non low income students CPS students declined by 2.6% over the same period of time.

    Rod Estvan

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