Everywhere But Here

Everywhere But Here

Today's a big day for education-related elections and referenda votes in all sorts of corners of the country.

Some tidbits off the top of my head:

The next mayor for NCY is considered to be liberal and is concerned about charter co-location -- but he supports mayoral control.

The next mayor of Boston mayor may not approve of the current effort to end forced placement in the district (which the union has not come out strongly against).

Outside funding has been a big issue in Denver and Douglas County school board elections, featuring contributions from Democrats, Republicans, and everyone else in between.

Coloradans are considering a big referendum called Amendment 66 that's supposed to send funding where it's needed -- and increase base funding levels at the same time.

If you want, check out Politico's roundup of all the state (VA, NJ) & local elections (NYC, Boston, ATL, DPS) including both mayoral contests and elected school board races, plus education-related ballot measures (CO, ME).


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