Emanuel's "Biggest Headache"

Emanuel's "Biggest Headache"

Politico’s new magazine has a big article about the Emanuel administration that in essence tells the story of how running Chicago hasn’t turned out to be as much fun as being Mayor is supposed to be these days. Education is described as Emanuel’s “biggest headache," for which some of you can pat yourselves on the back.

“Since his election in 2011, Emanuel has been writing his own course—but it’s not quite the one he imagined," notes reporter Jason Zengerle.  “Emanuel has been forced to spend most of his time in office grappling—often unsuccessfully—with the same decidedly unfashionable and seemingly intractable problems that have plagued America’s cities for generations [crime, education, and budgets].”

Back in the day, problems like these and low poll results among African Americans would have been a big problem, notes Zengerle.  But these days, not so much.



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  • "FUN" .....oh he thought that Riverview was still open Sears was here and Marshall Fields he's like Beaver Cleaver with a Hatchet he wants to make Chicago a world class city if it kills us.

  • One thing that kills headstrong leaders is the inability to lean to those with expertise to solidify situations in education and address hot button issues. This is Rahm's problem. If you don't know the work, allow experts to advise you and listen to them before you make decisions. This is why Paul Vallas and Arne were somewhat successful and all the others failed.

  • http://www.suntimes.com/23910438-761/sun-times-sues-uno-over-records.html

    interesting comments re New York mayor and charters

  • http://www.post-gazette.com/opinion/Op-Ed/2013/11/24/Novice-teachers-are-not-the-solution/stories/201311240133

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