Duncan Apologizes, White House Defends

Duncan Apologizes, White House Defends

Today's news includes more about the "white suburban moms" gaffe Arne Duncan made over the weekend. He's apologized (sort of) and the White House is defending him (for now). I think there's an opportunity for leadership here (re testing). Other news includes more about the Emanuel budget (the missing "Children's Fund") and a Chicago Magazine bit about CTU's tough choice between Quinn and Rauner.


Arne Duncan blames 'White Suburban Moms' for Common Core uproar WLS: Former Chicago Public Schools CEO Arne Duncan had some strong words about opponents of Common Core standards. Speaking in Virgina on Friday, the current U.S. Secretary of Education blamed the rising opposition against the new standards on 'white ...

White House Defends, Duncan Regrets/Reiterates TWIE: Thanks to Philip Elliott's AP writeup we now know that Obama spokesperson Jay Carney (blue tie above left) defended Arne Duncan (albeit vaguely) at Monday's press briefing, in response to questions form Politico's Jon Allen (gold tie above right). See transcript below or watch video here.) Duncan issued an apology later Monday afternoon but reiterated his point that nobody looks good on Common Core assessments ("every demographic group has room for improvement").

6 Things You Need To Know About Duncan's "Suburban Moms" Remarks TWIE: What to think or care about Duncan's remarks to the CCSSO a few days ago? It was an obvious gaffe, and those inclined to make hay out of it (the Strauss-Politico-Ravitch triumvirate) will do so. The mainstream press will (I hope) write the stories they need to write without making CCSS protests look larger or broader than they really are. But I think there's also an opportunity here for Duncan to relieve the pressure and even take the lead.


Mayor's 'Children's Fund' from speed camera fines doesn't exist in his budget Tribune: Mayor Rahm Emanuel is pitching the $70 million he expects to collect from speed camera tickets next year as a way to help children — spending the windfall on a mix of after-school programs, early childhood education, summer jobs, violence reduction,...

Emanuel budget sailing smoothly Tribune: Mayor Rahm Emanuel's 2014 budget proposal cleared two key hurdles Monday and is on track to pass the City Council with nary a substantive change for the first time since he took office. Although many aldermen had grumbled about a 75-cents-per-pack...

Chicago's mind-blowing $33 billion debt and pension obligationsWashington Post (blog) And it doesn't even count the unfunded pension liabilities Chicago PublicSchools and other city-affiliated agencies owe. Decades of city government spending ...


Calling city 'unlivable,' Mancow sells Lincoln Park condo Chicago Tribune: "And then, I was spending $45,000 a year for the (private) British School of Chicago. It was killing me." Mancow also said there were always homeless people outside his door and street parking he often used was raised from a quarter an hour to $13 an hour.


Teacher Evaluation at Chicago Public Schools | VIVA Teachers Kim Bolton By Allan Fluharty. Chicago Public Schools (CPS) is now into the second year of implementing a new teacher evaluation system called REACH (Reorganizing ...

Bruce Rauner Is Karen Lewis's Worst Nightmare Chicagomag: I talked to Chicago Teachers Union president Karen Lewis late last month to ask her when the union would issue its endorsement in the race for governor. Would Pat Quinn, by default, be the CTU's choice?


Lake View High School Off Probationary Status After Winning Appeal DNAI: It is now a Level 2 school in "good standing."

Jones College Prep Assistant Principal Tapped to Lead Taft High School DNAI: Carolyn Rownd will replace Taft High School Principal Mary Kay Cappitelli, who resigned Friday.

Thousands of Chicago Students Still Stuck in Failing Schools Budget & Tax News: In Chicago's bottom tenth of schools, 75 percent of elementary students do not meet state benchmarks for reading and math, and 95 percent of high school students can hardly do basic algebra or summarize reading assignments, a study finds.


Obama to Unveil Competition to Overhaul High School Wall Street Journal: President Barack Obama will unveil a $100 million Youth CareerConnect competition Tuesday aimed at finding new ways to better prepare high-school students.

Michelle Obama Visits '106 & Park' To Talk Higher Education Vibe: Today, First Lady Michelle Obama brought her words of wisdom and encouragement to BET's "106 & Park." She sat down with show hosts Bow Wow and Keshia Chanté to speak about her personal and her family's stance on education.

How Court's Bus Ruling Sealed Differences In Detroit Schools NPR: It's been 40 years since the Supreme Court accepted what became a landmark case about school desegregation. The case was controversial because it involved busing students between a largely African-American city and its white suburban areas. The city was Detroit and the ruling helped cement differences between urban schools and suburban ones.

Homeless Students A Growing Problem For Schools NPR: It's parent-teacher conference time. But for many students across the country, finding a bed at night is top of mind. Host Michel Martin talks about the growing number of homeless students in the U.S., with NPR Education Correspondent Claudio Sanchez, and Larissa Dickinson, a social worker for Mobile County Public Schools in Alabama.

Report: US children under 3 more diverse, battling poverty KPCC: A new report drawing on data from major nationwide demographic surveys found non-hispanic white children under 3-years-old fell made up 49.5 percent of that population in 2012, dropping below majority status. It is the most diverse this age group has been since the 1970s.


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  • Former Trib reporter Joel Hood is now working for Becky Carroll at CPS. Wonder how long he lasts until he leaves communications.

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