What Does The Fox Say?

What Does The Fox Say?

Happy Friday -- here's today's news.  Feel free to tell us what else is going on at your school or neighborhood.  Or just tell us how you'd use the viral Norwegian video"What Does The Fox Say?" in class.  (Think "Gangam Style" with furry costumes.)

18 students hospitalized after taking prescription drugs CLTV: Emergency crews responded to calls for help at Air Force Academy High School and McClellan Elementary in Chicago, Tuesday afternoon. The schools are just blocks apart.

Chicago speed cameras catch 205K leadfoots in opening weeks WBEZ: New data show Chicago’s nascent speed camera system is already lightening the city’s lead feet, but the numbers are also prompting critics to wonder whether City Hall is in for a massive revenue windfall at taxpayers’ expense.

Chicago High School Students Deliver Virtual Presentation to Fellow Students From Around the World Tribune: DeVry University Advantage Academy high school students Nicole Cannon and Carlos Cortes, Jr. delivered a virtual, interactive presentation to fellow students and educators from more than 30 countries as part of a global event on college access.

Spectators describe terrifying scene of Lane Tech football player's ...Chicago Tribune: Chicago Public Schools is not releasing information about Williams' injury. But according to a Web page set up to relay information about his condition...

Parents Want To Block CPS From Sharing Student Data Records CBS Local: The head of a Chicago parents group was warning parents the Chicago Public Schools system plans to upload personal student information into a national database run by billionaire media mogul Rupert Murdoch.


California Gov. Vetoes Teacher-Dismissal Bill Teacher Beat: The bill, AB 375, would have allowed dismissal notices to be filed in the summer and to consider evidence more than four years old. On the other hand, it would have restricted the number of witnesses that could be deposed in hearings, and made it more difficult for districts to amend charges against the teachers.

Tom Corbett Pressured By Civil Rights Groups On Philadelphia School Funding HuffPost: The national and local leaders -- including the NAACP's Ben Jealous and the Leadership Conference's Wade Henderson -- are asking Corbett to "take immediate action to address the budget crisis in the School District of Philadelphia," according to a letter the group sent to Corbett this week and provided to The Huffington Post.

Report illustrates disparities in "over-the-counter" enrollment GothamSchools: Neil Dorosin, who designed New York City’s high school choice process and oversaw high school enrollment between 2004 and 2007, said that deciding how to assign students who enter the system after the traditional process is a universal problem for districts with choice-based systems.

Parents Navigate Polarized Charter Waters WNYC: I was opposed to charter schools before my son enrolled at Peninsula Prep, for ideological reasons. The school won me over. My eyes were opened wider still by the response to our situation, when our improving school was threatened with closure. None of the more vociferous charter advocates defended us. In fact, some wanted us closed.

Thirty Million Words Initiative NBC News: By the age of three, children from low-income families have heard 30 million fewer words than their more affluent peers. This word gap is one of the key factors driving the achievement gap. Dr. Dana Suskind’s groundbreaking research explores how new technology can track children’s language development and provide meaningful feedback for parents.

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