Parents Pick Own "Welcoming" Schools

Parents Pick Own "Welcoming" Schools


Only 60 percent of students from Chicago's closed schools turn up at 'welcoming schools' WBEZ: But enrollment figures obtained by WBEZ through an open records request show CPS overstated enrollment at the receiving schools by more than 2,000 students.

Many shun CPS' plan for 'welcoming' schools Chicago Tribune: Almost half the youngsters most affected by Mayor Rahm Emanuel's school shutdowns did not enroll this fall in the new schools where officials planned for them to go, records from Chicago Public Schools show.

Rise in Catholic School Enrollment Chicago Tonight | WTTW: Some of that increase has come from students and parents concerned about the turmoil last year in Chicago Public Schools.


Critics not impressed with mayor's new TIF pledgeChicago Sun-Times: ... will declare a TIF surplus in the $40 million to $50 million range, generating a $20 million to $25 million windfall for the cash-strapped Chicago Public Schools.

Karen Lewis Believes Rahm's "In Trouble" NBC Chicago: The second half of our exclusive interview with Chicago Teacher's Union President Karen Lewis on the one year anniversary of the teachers strike. In this segment, she discusses her fractured relationship with Rahm Emanuel and how she sees it developing..

Emanuel needs 'every damn dime' of $5 million campaign fund, CTU says Sun Times: The Chicago Teachers’ Union had a firm reaction to news that Mayor Rahm Emanuel has more than $5 million in the bank 16 months before his reelection: “He needs every damn dime,” said Stacy Davis Gates, political legislative director for the Chicago Teachers Union.


Major playground makeover for North Side school Chicago Sun-Times: Mayor Rahm Emanuel told a surprised gathering Saturday at Ravenswood Elementary School that theChicago Public Schools system will contribute $350,000 ..

Ravenswood Elementary Names New Principal DNAI: Nate Manaen was tapped to lead the performing and fine arts magnet school.


State Sen. Lightford: Flurry Of Charter School Bills Expected In Upcoming Legislative Sessions Progress IL: At an education forum in Oak Park Wednesday, State Sen. Kimberly Lightford (D-Maywood) said she plans to introduce legislation to help stop the Illinois State Charter Commission's "hidden agenda" of expanding charter schools across the state.

Principals trained to turn around schools Newswise: The program, now in its 11th year of partnership with Chicago Public Schools, selectively admits outstanding teachers and prepares them to lead high-need

State law requires catastrophic injury insurance for high school ...Chicago Tribune: While some school districts have purchased the special insurance, Chicago Public Schools have not, officials said. That means, for the time being, hospital care ...

Ideas from a retired Chicago teacherChicago Tribune: I grew up in the Austin neighborhood on Chicago's west side. By 1967, the year I started high school, Austin High School was already rampant with gang ...

Furloughed workers pinching pennies, volunteering WTOP: Rather than sitting around, Threat decided to volunteer for a veteran patrol for the Chicago Public Schools 'safe passage' program. (AP Photo/M. Spencer Green, ...

Start a voucher program  Chicago Tribune: My idea for rewriting the Plan of Chicago is to give each Chicago Public Schools student an annual voucher for the value of their state-provided aid that could be

Can a blend of computer lessons, classroom instruction and few teachers lead to student success? Indy Star: Carpe Diem, which serves grades 6 to 12 with a 13-member staff, brought blended learning to Indianapolis for the first time last year. Three more blended learning charter schools opened in the city this month but the concept is only starting to ramp up.

Americans – decidedly below average on school-ish skills? CPS Obsessed: So now that we’ve discussed the idea of CPS teachers being average or even below-average, it reminds me of this article that I’ve been mulling over for a few days.  Another one saying how Americans as a whole aren’t really cutting on basic skills compared to other countries.  It leave me with questions:

Erie Elementary Turns to Kickstarter to Fund School Play DNAI: Erie Elementary Charter School teachers want to put on a big production of "James and the Giant Peach."

Fixing schools to fix Chicago Tribune: In the Class of 2013, what Chicagoans didn't see onstage were 9,310 empty chairs — one for every CPS student who had entered ninth grade but dropped out along the way. This army deserts classrooms and scatters into Chicago's neighborhoods and streets.


4 LA schools defer iPads, citing security, liability issues Los Angeles Times: The rejection apparently is temporary — the schools still want the tablet computers — but their stance underscores ongoing problems faced by the L.A. Unified School District as it attempts to provide every student with a tablet over the next year.

Group Presses for Safeguards on the Personal Data of Schoolchildren NYT: Providers of educational technology can mine the data of young children, but privacy groups are trying to set up barriers.

Denver Public Schools election offers voters two paths Denver Post: Michael Yackel uses a cymbal to alert students to get into their classrooms at West High School in Denver. West Leadership Academy is one of two innovation schools replacing West High School, which is being phased out after years of poor performance.

Online Application Woes Make Students Anxious and Put Colleges Behind Schedule NYT: As deadlines for early decision applications near, students worry they have missed something or messed up, while colleges face delays in reviewing applications.

Elementary students learn keyboard typing ahead of new Common Core tests Washington Post: The 7-year-olds in Natalie May’s second-grade class have to stretch their fingers across the keyboards to reach “ASDF” and “JKL;” as they listen to the animated characters on their computer screens talk about “home keys.”



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  • Official ISBE 2013 results coming by the end of the month -- does anyone @chipubschools care?

  • What's it like for 8 states that still don't have #NCLBwaivers? [Not that bad actually]

  • $1 million USDE grant helps great teachers become urban principals | UIC News Center

  • Really the WBEZ report makes CPS look pretty bad in terms of planning, one way to look at this is in relation to what were the actual enrollment projections for the so called welcoming schools. According to the WBEZ report CPS claimed 80 percent of students from closing schools were enrolled at their designated welcoming schools during the summer. Presumably it was that 80% assumption that drove upfront the investment of $155 million in welcoming schools (see

    So if only 60% of the students from closing schools were enrolled at their designated welcoming schools is an error factor of only 20%. Given the fact that CPS has consistently had significant total enrollment projection failures for budgeting purposes this is as the Army would say SOP (standard operating procedure).

    The problem here isn't that CPS guessed or projected wrong about welcoming school enrollment calculations, but rather that CPS is making fundamental errors all over the place. The Civic Federation noted several of these as did I in Access Living's annual review of the CPS FY 14 budget.

    One reason why both Moody's and Fitch are steadily downgrading the credit worthiness of CPS are the ongoing inconsistencies in where CPS' money is going, why it is going there, and where it is coming from (also when). To steal a phrase from Ron Howard's film Apollo 13, "Houston, we have a problem."

    Rod Estvan

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    Please help make a difference by spreading the truth about Rahm's terrible injustices to the citizens of Chicago.

    I worked with Jesse Jackson's organization to push for the Volcker Rule implementation. Jesse and Ben Jealous, the president of the NAACP, leaned on Sanford Weil and Barack Obama, and we won:

    Then I hosted some NATO campers, and was releasing a documentary about Jesse Jackson's 1984 presidential bid, and had him scheduled to attend a panel discussion with campers and protesters - for free in my backyard - during the NATO summit.

    Instead of having a great event paying homage to my friend and hero, Rahm Emanuel forced a condemnation of my home. I went home to boards on my windows, chains on my doors, and a parking ticket in my wiper.

    Zero notice.

    Full video evidence:

    Instead of honoring a friend and legendary civil rights leader (since the late 1950s), the event was cancelled, and on the day we were going to honor Jesse a smear campaign ensued. The following memo was released:

  • In reply to Matthew Libman:

    Do us all a solid and convince your pal Jesse to bankroll a viable alternative to Emanuel. Four more years for the Winnetka ballerina is his only opp is Doc Walls

  • Emanuel will spin this most recent crisis as "school choice".

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    why not hire a school bus or taxi..
    its save time and money both..

  • From Mike Klonsky’s SmallTalk
    Carroll said it is okay that many families chose not to enroll in the designated “welcoming” school. District leaders want to empower parents to choose which school their children attend, she said. “Thousands of parents every year choose to enroll their child at a different school in our district - or even outside the district and we support them in those choices,” she said.

    Yes, it's all about "choice" and "empowerment". Like when your home is foreclosed on by the banks, it empowers you to find other places to live, ie. in a rented storage bin, in your cousin Frank's basement, under the expressway bridge...

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