Monday Morning News

Monday Morning News

See also the weekend open discussion for news and comments from the past couple of days.

CPS Charter Expansion Talk Draws Flak From Aldermen, Teachers Union DNAI: Chicago Public Schools in August put out a request for proposals for schools in targeted areas on the Northwest and Southwest sides where overcrowding is an issue, with a deadline for the first "tier" of proposals to be received Sept. 30.

Elementary school fire in Gresham neighorhood CLTV: A fire broke out at an elementary school in the Gresham neighborhood. Firefighters say the fire is on the second and third floors of Oglesby Elementary School building. It’s under control, but firefighters had to cut into the cement floors with saws and say there is a lot of damage.

New CPS Program Offers Training, Tech Jobs to Undocumented Graduates DNAI: Program helps students like Francisco Peralta, a graduate of Phoenix Academy, find a technology career.

Coonley's Plans Unveiled for $16.5 Million Addition DNAI: The addition, slated to open in January 2015, is being funded entirely with TIF dollars.

In Austin, the wrong kind of help Tribune: Liquor store with ties to felon just the latest problem for a blighted neighborhood that has suffered for decades.

My school lessons, as student and teacher Chicago Sun-Times: I have two stories — about being a student and about being a teacher — that dovetail with my concern about a public education landscape that consigns students, teachers and schools to silos.

Voice of the People, Oct. 06 Tribune: Spoiled politicians It made me so mad that our congressmen, who are so inept at their job, to which we the people elected them, got paid for doing nothing but disrupting the lives of so many people. They are not in touch with the people and have no idea...

Jennifer Cheatham's Chicago contingent well received in Madison Five members of the new Madison Schools Superintendent's inner circle come from Chicago.

Chicago Labor Leaders Plan Massive March For Immigration Reform Progress IL: Labor leaders in Chicago held a press conference Thursday morning announcing plans to hold a massive march and rally to call for "an immediate end to deportations and immigration reform legislation which will protect workers’ rights and provide for legalization for all workers."


Michigan school prepares students for high-tech auto jobs Hechinger Report: By the time Brad Foley graduated from high school in 2012, he’d made a bicycle that served as alternative energy source, providing enough power to light its own turn signals, and helped craft a model of an eco-friendly dashboard for cars. For his senior project, he’d designed a “Mission Impossible”-inspired game featuring a security system with laser trip wires.

Sandy Hook Elementary Will Be Torn Down NPR: In a referendum marked by a large turnout and an emphatic result, the people of Newtown, Conn., have voted to demolish Sandy Hook Elementary and build a new school. Sandy Hook was the scene of a mass shooting last December, when 20 children and six staff members were killed.

LA school board to review $1-billion iPad project Los Angeles Times:  The meeting was proposed by board member Monica Ratliff, who chairs a district committee that is overseeing technology in L.A. Unified.

Deciding Who Sees Students’ Data NYT: Schools across the country are looking at new online ways to integrate and analyze information about their students. But privacy advocates remain wary.

Vouchers don’t do much for students Politico: Taxpayers across the U.S. will soon be spending $1 billion a year to help families pay private school tuition — and there’s little evidence that the investment yields academic gains.


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