Greedy CPS?

Greedy CPS?

Lots of news today, including a proposal to give CPS less money, a domestic dispute drive-by against a Safe Passage worker, and a bit of a mystery about where kids from closed schools are going. The Trib editorial page is angry about the ISBE survey results not being released to the public. What else?


Lawmaker: Chicago schools get too much state money The State Journal-Register: An Illinois lawmaker wants to change the way Chicago Public Schools gets state grant money for transportation, special education, and nutrition.

New Bill Looks To Change State Education Grant Funding System For CPS Progress Illinois: CPS CEO Barbara Byrd-Bennett, however, said Pihos' bill "deflects responsibility from the core issue Springfield must tackle to provide fair funding to every school in Illinois - comprehensive pension reform."

Suburban state rep. accuses CPS of taking more than its fair share of state school grants Sun Times: Western suburban State Rep. Sandy Pihos (R-Glen Ellyn) wants to prevent Chicago Public Schools from taking more than what she calls its fair share in state block grants, so she filed several bills she hopes will keep that from happening again.

Lawmaker: Chicago schools get too much state money WBEZ:  A 1996 law made CPS the only Illinois district that automatically can claim a certain percentage of state education dollars to spend at its own discretion.


Shots fired at Safe Passage worker on South Side Tribune:  The woman told police that she earlier was moved from another Safe Passage route because of an ongoing dispute with her estranged husband, a reputed Gangster Disciple, the source said.

Fewer students go to welcoming schools, task force wants more info Catalyst: CPS officials don't know exactly where 7 percent of the 11,729 students displaced by closings are attending school this Fall and only 64 percent are attending the school designated for them--significantly less than the 80 percent projected over the summer... Fourteen of the 49 shuttered schools sent less than half of their students to the designated welcoming school.

Out-of-work teachers seen as untapped resource for solving city problems WBEZ: Goodcity believes Chicago would be a better place if lots of the city’s laid-off educators founded their own nonprofits. The idea is to keep teachers in the city neighborhoods where they’ve been working, and get them to address some of the problems they’ve seen up close as teachers..


Emanuel: Fees will go up for some in-person permits Tribune: Mayor Rahm Emanuel indicated Wednesday he's not going to seek to raise property taxes, sales taxes or gas taxes in his new city budget, but left open the possibility of a host of other tax and fee increases to balance the books.

Editorial: You can't be trusted Tribune: State schools Superintendent Christopher Koch and other officials won't release the full analysis to parents, students and teachers. Koch & Co. buckled to pressure from local administrators who feared that the survey results would make them look bad.

DePaul Gets City Stadium Deal But Stingy on CPS Classroom Lease: Parents DNAI: Lincoln Elementary is pushing to extend a lease, but DePaul claims it was clearly a one-year solution.

Kenwood Academy Escapes Budget Cuts, Now Dealing with Overcrowding DNAI: The school's enrollment is more than 150 students over what it was built to accommodate.

Waukegan High School Crowns Gay Homecoming King And Queen Chicagoist: Waukegan High School crowned their homecoming queen and king last week, but instead of the stereotypical popularity contest the student body chose two friendly progressive picks.

A Look Inside the Newest Chicago Lab School Building DNAI: The building in Hyde Park focuses on open space to enhance learning, school officials said.

Documentary about SEHS needs 8th graders, and idea for CPSO book club CPSO: Are you or your child considering Whitney Young Magnet High School as your First Choice School and do you plan on attendingthe Open House on October 20th? Let me know if anyone is interested in having this book for a book club.  It covers one of our favorite topics – Finland’s education system!

Lane Tech Football Player Remains in Coma as Well Wishes Pour In DNAI: Senior Drew Williams suffered "severe head trauma" and collapsed during Friday night's game.


New York Charter Schools Rally To Protect Free Rents EdWeek: In Memphis, for instance, charter schools must pay rent if they are authorized by the school district but not if they are authorized by the state. Some charters in Philadelphia received shuttered school buildings without having to pay rent.

Teen sleep: Montgomery to study proposal to shift high school starting time Washington Post: The plan, offered last week by Superintendent Joshua P. Starr, would delay the start of the high school day by nearly an hour, in keeping with growing research about the later sleep cycles of teenagers and the health and safety hazards of getting too little rest.

Big promises with iPads, but where's the research? KPCC: A recent study by Rachel Cole, James J. Kemple and Micha D. Segeritz out of New York University looked at a digital math program used by sixth graders in New York City. It found students who used the program didn’t learn any more than those who didn’t use it.

Boston School-Bus Drivers Return to Work Amid Uncertainty NYT: A day after they left thousands of Boston schoolchildren stranded, drivers were back, but schools warned parents to be ready with contingency plans in case of another walkout.


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  • How can parents find out the turnover rate of teachers at a school? Does the turnover rate of teachers have an impact on a school's rating? Is there anything parents can do to help schools keep teachers at the same school in the same classroom for the whole school year?

  • In reply to Chcagomom:

    Teachers leaving mid-year is rare I think. Never experienced it with my kids. Mid year firing of a teacher would be for grievous causes and you, as a parent, could not and probably would not want to stop such a firing.

  • In reply to CPS Parent:

    I didn't think it was typical of most schools. That is why I was wondering if there was anywhere to look up and compare the turnover rate of teachers. Also, with that my school my voice thing, they ask a lot of ambiguous questions. I wish they could ask more concrete things like how many times has your child had a change in homeroom teachers during the current school year. (or how many days does it take for your child's teacher to return a phone call). But, you are correct that this may be a time of change with the hopeful result of better teachers who will hopefully stay for many years.

  • In reply to Chcagomom:

    *Better matched teachers.

  • In reply to Chcagomom:

    Please explain...

  • In reply to district299reader:

    I'm thinking that teachers leave because either the teacher or the school administration don't feel like the school and the teacher are a good fit for each other. Or in the case of experienced teachers, maybe it's the teacher and the administrator that are not a good fit...and since I have heard recently of several teachers leaving CPS for other school districts, it could be the district and the teacher that are not a match.

  • In reply to Chcagomom:

    Ok I understand what you are saying and have seen individual examples.

    I think what concerns me more is that there seems to be schools where 30-40 staff members leave due to new administration. In these schools the best teachers leave first and then the non-tenured leave for either other CPS schools or the suburbs. The weak one are left and a basically new staff is hired to replace the old staff. Scores do not go up, discipline cases rise and CPS does nothing to address mass exoduses in schools with inept/sociopathic principals.

  • Three teachers at my school have flat-out quit so far this year.

  • In reply to district299reader:

    Yep, we've lost one..6th grade which makes it more unfortunate. Our bldg is full of mostly 1st year teachers, so I expect more of this to happen.

  • In reply to district299reader:

    This is the first year that REACH counts. Several teachers aren't even going to try to get through this year because they feel like they will get an unsatisfactory that will follow them even if they attempt to go to another school district.

  • In reply to district299reader:

    I'm assuming you are saying they quit CPS before the year started because they new they would get an "unsatisfactory". This would be a good thing wouldn't it?

  • In reply to CPS Parent:

    in DC the evaluation system apparently encouraged low performing teachers to exit before they got their unsat ratints

    Study: D.C.’s teacher evaluation system affects workforce - The Washington Post

  • First week of school 2013 .....a displaced administrator who decides to return to teaching starts teaching 7th and 8th grade at a far south side school-she politely asks a seventh grade male student to sit down and stop talking because she is ready to start the class-he whips around and shouts "shut the F--- up you honky bitch" the school administrator tells the teacher, " of well you kinda have to expect that 'cuz you're white"- teacher quits......colleagues say that she was a good teacher but that the students are out of control...

    A lot of teachers must have quit, left for the burbs or retired because sub center cannot fill all of the vacancies-so much for hiring and retention of teachers.....some schools have a high rate of teacher absenteeism-PTSD?

  • In reply to district299reader:

    I don't know if it always reaches the level of PTSD, but I'm certain Emanuel, BBB, Becky Carrol, Alicia Winkler, etc would crack under the pressure CPS teachers endure on a daily basis.

  • In reply to district299reader:

    She quit over that?

  • In my 10 plus years of working for CPS I have never heard a student refer to a white teacher as a, "honky." Moreover, how did her colleagues determine she was a good teacher if she quit the first week?

  • Honky? What is this, an episode of "Good Times"? No principal of any race that I know of would ever respond the way described here. Just the risk of the teacher reporting it to one of many investigative offices would dissuade them from that course. In any event, the use of the word "bitch" even without the race-related adjective would be enough to send them into discipline mode.

  • In reply to district299reader:

    "Discipline mode"? What is this an episode of "Welcome Back Kotter"? Much bigger issues than this are swept under the rug by principals trying to show year-to-year improvement.

    By the way the epithet "Honky" is still occasionally used. "White motherfugker" too.

  • In reply to district299reader:

    I think there's a missed opportunity here to blame these language choices on Rahm.

  • So we have one poster saying, " she quit over that" as if it is commonplace and another saying he/she has never heard that....and which agencies should she have reported it to? student misconduct-agencies -not that I'm aware of....

    colleagues.....she was a veteran teacher -worked else where and yes you can tell a lot about a colleague in the week before school starts and the first week.....

  • this blog is truly a level 3 blog
    it should be on probation

  • In reply to district299reader:

    Someone needs to create a tumblr with "Level 3" memes of stuff in CPS and Chicago. It could be really funny!

  • Was the safe passage worker who was shot at just another “Crap Safe Passage” story?

  • Teachers and staff at the schools(Not downtown) have been concerned about the safety of children and the failure of CPS to do fingerprint checks on everyone who is in contact with children-we have too many people in the last few years who are contracted by CPS from neighborhood churches, centers and universities. CPS needs to be very diligent and perform their own background check just as they do for their employees. Will it prevent all abuse? No, but at least it will weed out those who already have a criminal history of violence or pedophilia.

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