Feigned Outrage, Or Broken Promises?

Feigned Outrage, Or Broken Promises?

You make the call.  Either CPS is breaking its promise with the announcement that it might close schools next year (just not for under-enrollment) or CTU is feigning outrage (again) over a deal that it agreed to (again).

Meantime, Hillary is pushing UPK, none of the top contenders for head of the NYC public school system has much connection to CPS, and a Chicago-based program called Thirty Million Words is getting lots of national attention.


Teachers union blasts latest proposed guidelines for school closures Chicago Sun-Times: ... include shuttering buildings in poor condition, accusing Chicago PublicSchools of looking for loopholes in its commitment not to close schools for five years.

CPS Closings: New School Shutting Guidelines Have Critics Fuming DNAI: A district spokeswoman insists CPS is committed to its five-year pledge not to shut more schools.

CPS Opens Door For More School Closures Progress Illinois: Following the decision to embark on the nation's largest round of school closures at one time this academic year, the Chicago Public Schools have opened the door to the possibility of breaking the district's promised five-year moratorium on school closings.

Future uncertain for Chicago's neighborhood high schools WBEZ: Many of Chicago’s 50 neighborhood high schools are anchors of their communities. But some city high schools have alarmingly few students enrolled this fall, raising questions about whether neighborhood high schools with long Chicago histories will be able to stay alive in an ever more competitive marketplace.This year, with 273 total students, Hirsch is smaller than nearby grammar schools. And while some high schools are intentionally small, that’s not the idea here.

Brentano Officials Feel Vindicated By Bump in CPS Performance Rating DNAI: The Logan Square school that had been on the closure list last year is now rated as "excellent."


School on track to regain Owens name Chicago Tribune: CPS  confirmed that a local school council considering the matter voted in favor of naming its school for Owens, an African-American who

School on track to regain Owens name WBEZ: A bid to restore a South Side elementary school building's connection to track star Jesse Owens after a name change earlier this year that many considered culturally tone-deaf will face a final vote later this month, officials said Wednesday. Chicago...


Bus crashes into Niles animal shelter Chicago Sun-Times: Just before 1 p.m. Wednesday, a Chicago Public Schools bus crashed through the front of the building . Rubble from the brick structure rained down on top of the ...

Cross-country gaining steam Chicago Tribune:  Last week's race was an apt illustration of how a once-obscure activity inChicago Public Schools is speeding into the mainstream, fueled more by energy than ...

Who you calling fat? Chicago Sun-Times: (Several schools within Chicago Public Schools use FitnessGram, but CPS hasn't adopted it systemwide). Body composition assessment is part of the program, ...

Chicago's chess wars Voices: I've been busy trying to figure out why the Chicago Public Schools doesn't have a vibrant chess program. First, let's state the obvious: CPS should have one.

Education groups help in fight against child abuse WBEZ: The Illinois Association of School Boards, the Illinois Education Association, the Illinois Federation of Teachers and the Illinois PTA will participate in the state’s “You are not alone” campaign.

Hundreds hold vigil for school security guard who died after school fight CLTV: Hundreds filled a South Holland high school football field to remember one of their own tonight.  Not a student, but a security guard who died while trying to break up a fight there last week. It was a heartfelt goodbye for a guy they affectionately referred to as “Hulk.”



Five people who could be the next chancellor of NYC schools GothamSchools: Three of the last four schools chiefs — Harold Levy, Joel Klein, and Cathie Black — were plucked from outside the world of education and came as a surprise to education observers at the time. Still, as the leadership transition nears, names have started circulating about likely candidates to be de Blasio’s chancellor pick.

Hillary Clinton Pushes For Early Education In Campaign Huffington Post: As Head Start centers around the country close because of the federal government shutdown, Hillary Clinton is advancing herself as an advocate for the nation's littlest learners -- an important, popular and risk-free position.

Children’s language development: Talk and listen to them from birth Slate: The Thirty Million Words curriculum is delivered in 12 weekly home visits, each with a multimedia computer presentation for a home visitor and parent to review together on a laptop.

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    So, what is with all the arch implications Mr. Russo? "CTU is feigning outrage (again) over a deal that it agreed to (again)."

    Please indicate the multiple times this has happened in the past, and please explain how it is supposedly happening now.

    Boy, your hatred for the union just keeps showing through.

  • In reply to Ed Dziedzic:

    i'm skeptical, not hateful -- and of both sides, as CPS will tell you.

    the issue of CTU's credibility has come up in the past, here and elsewhere, just like it's come up in re CPS.

    the question for today is who's more credible on the closings announcement.

  • fb_avatar
    In reply to Alexander Russo:

    Please show specific examples of CTU "feigning outrage (again)" or how it agreed to the closing of schools "over a deal that it agreed to (again)." I would argue the outrage is very real, and they never agreed to much with the CPS, since the Board can't be trusted.

    Please stop the false equivalence of blaming both the CPS and CTU. That is like saying both parties are responsible for the government shutdown. They are not. The Republicans are. And, similarly the CTU never agreed to a program of shutting down schools. That is all on the CPS. And their attempts to weasel out of their commitment is all too typical. In fact, the CTU opposed school closings very vociferously and never agreed to let CPS off the hook for their "promise.".

  • like your post I did an ode to CPS at please give me a read

  • In reply to Craig Jackson:

    Et Tu CPS | Chicago's Real West Side

  • Stevenson School Scores Soar - Southwest City News-Herald

  • Russo attempts to boost blog hits (again) by making absurd statements about CTU (again)

  • In reply to district299reader:

    that was good!

  • Stevenson soars in spite of the crazy principal.

  • In reply to district299reader:

    read the article? principal credits teachers crazy talented principal in spite of crazy cps system

  • In reply to district299reader:

    In the article? Sure. At the school it's a different story.

  • In reply to district299reader:

    schools dont move forward without inclusive leadership quotes from principal supports teachers axe?

  • In reply to district299reader:

    Are you suggesting that there is inclusive leadership in Stevenson? There is bullying, harassment, intimidation.

  • In reply to district299reader:

    No need to suggest leadership inclusive come to LSC or teacher meeting see for yourself axe?

  • Catholic school enrollment up for first time since 1965 - Chicago Sun-Times

  • I have to agree about the abusive Stevenson leadership. I am a teacher there. If you are not a favorite you are miserable. I do not have an axe to grind. I am surviving.

  • I work there and see the exact opposite. There is a new CTU delegate there. You have an outlet if you so choose.

  • The A.P. at the Stevenson branch exhibits excellent leadership qualities....

  • I agree, the AP at the branch brings sanity and support. But that's not the issue. The first year under KK was torture. The LSC does not really know everything.

  • lsc savvier than you realize principal chose aps

  • OK, I have waited to chime in about Stevenson. The truth is that the principal is rude and inappropriate. She tends to lose it and you never know when she will strike. Some of the teachers are treated better than others. That's a fact, not an opinion.

  • hopefully you are not teaching stevenson students about fact opinion

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