EdTech Program Loses Mellios

EdTech Program Loses Mellios

While some districts (LAUSD, Guilford County N(NC) are having big problems with their tablet rollouts, Chicago seems to be having a much easier (if also slower-moving) experience.

For a time, CPS claimed to be "the largest centralized deployment of iPads in the United States."  However, it started with a pilot program -- just 750 devices a 23 schools in the first year (2010-2011), then 3,500 the second year as 13 original schools plus 35 new schools were added. The model is designed to be 1:1 but it's not a take-home system like LAUSD.

Now there are 55,000 at schools throughout the district. Here is some background from CPS. They lost edtech guru John Connelly along the way, and are about to lose John Mellios, too (he's off to Austin, apparently).  But it's an interesting contrast to the LAUSD experience, among others.

There's been a lot of interest in getting the tablets from schools.  But then again, the iPads promised at welcoming schools weren't enough to get parents to go where they were expected, so it's obviously not a top concern for parents.

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