Budgets, Contracts, King Resignation

Budgets, Contracts, King Resignation

Today's education news: Emanuel's budget, CPS Board meeting day (featuring UNO contract), charter schools perform well, melee at Julian HS, resignation at King College Prep.


Emanuel uses 'boatload of ways' to balance budget Tribune: Mayor Rahm Emanuel plans to balance next year's budget by asking smokers and cable TV customers to pay more, cutting spending and hoping that a rosier economy will fill city coffers with more tax dollars.

Latest Fall Veto Session News WTTW: Carol Marin joins us from Springfield to discuss fall veto session activity, and whether the Illinois General Assembly will tackle the nearly $100 billion shortfall in pension systems currently facing the state. Gun control and same-sex marriage are also up for debate.

Making TIFs work for neighborhoods Tribune: The problems with Chicago's Tax Increment Financing program are well-known. A program that was originally intended to invest in blighted areas moved far from its original purpose and became more commonly associated with Fortune 500 companies.

Emanuel to call for higher parking fines, towing fees Tribune: Mayor Rahm Emanuel plans to increase certain parking fines and vehicle impoundment storage fees to raise nearly $10 million as part of his effort to close a projected $339 million budget gap for next year, City Hall officials announced today.

Emanuel talks politics while activists rally to 'take back Chicago' Chicago Tribune: Brandon Johnson, an organizer with the Chicago Teachers Union, fired up the rally crowd at the University of Illinois at Chicago Forum, saying the 35 union and neighborhood groups were there to send a message to "the mayor of this city and his ...


Chicago's Charter Public Schools Top the List of Highest Performing Non-Selective High Schools PRNewswire-USNewswire:  For the first time in Chicago history, this year the top 11 highest performing non-selective Chicago Public Schools high schools are charter schools.

NACSA Releases Recommendations on Accountability Measures for Alternative Charter Schools: The National Association of Charter School Authorizers today released Anecdotes Aren’t Enough: An Evidence-Based Approach to Accountability for Alternative Charter Schools.

Controversial company tied to UNO slated to get CPS deal Sun Times: One of the construction companies at the center of the controversy surrounding the United Neighborhood Organization’s state school construction grant is in line to get part of a Chicago Public Schools deal that the Board of Education is expected to approve on Wednesday.


Chicago-area Catholic schools offer online classes Sun Times: The Archdiocese of Chicago Catholic Schools is going digital. As of Tuesday, the nation’s largest private school system is offering online classes to middle and high school students through its new Virtual Academy as a complement to existing classes taught at its schools, the institution announced.

A season of football at Harper High WBEZ: Linda Lutton  takes us to meet Harper's football team and offer a glimpse of how Friday Night Lights feel when you're living in the shadow of gun violence.

High school sports, 1963 boycott and online learning WBEZ: As the NFL grapples with the controversy over long-term brain damage in its players, area coaches, trainers, players and parents are beginning to approach high school football in different ways. Daphne Koller advocates for technology's potential to improve learning outcomes while lowering costs.

Paulo Freire Family Center a 'Safe Haven' in Back of the Yards DNAI: The federally funded programs provide care and education for low-income children.

Embattled King College Prep Principal Resigns DNAI: Shontae Higginbottom was the target of a sit-in by students angered by her rules.


Twenty-nine arrested after brawl at Washington Heights high school Sun Times: Twenty-nine teens were charged with mob action following a fight at a Far South Side high school Tuesday morning. Police were first called to Percy L. Julian High School, at 10330 S. Elizabeth St., about 10 a.m. to respond to a large fight, according to police.

29 Students Arrested During 'Large Disturbance' at Julian High School DNAI: Cops said the incident occurred about 10 a.m. Tuesday at the Far South Side school.


1963 Chicago Public School Boycott WTTW: Fifty years ago today, 200,000 Chicagoans boycotted segregationist policies by Chicago Public Schools. Watch a video clip from a new documentary that chronicles the protest.

From the Chicago public school closings, some students emerge radicalized. In These Times: Currently, the CSU has representation at about 10 of the city's more than 100 high schools, according to members.


U.S. House Approves Bipartisan Background Check Bill Politics K12: Mary Kusler, the NEA's director of government relations, wrote in a letter to lawmakers that the measure is "well intentioned" but could "run counter to existing state laws requiring background checks."

Senator Raises Questions About Protecting Student Data NYT: Senator Edward J. Markey, a Massachusetts Democrat, is investigating whether federal rules governing the sharing of student data provide adequate security and privacy protections.

Local Education Hiring is Up, Even With Sequestration Cuts PoliticsK12: Local government education employment posted a monthly increase of 9,500 jobs, according to the September jobs report from the Bureau of Labor Statistics. That brought the overall gain to 56,400 jobs since June.

Common Core Reading Survey Shows Slow Start To Teaching Shift HuffPost: "In summary, these results reveal that many teachers have not yet confronted the new text complexity demands of the Common Core," the report concludes.  [ALSO: Teachers Are Supposed to Assign Harder Books, but They Aren't Doing It Yet AtlanticEDU]

Malala inspires school curriculum AP: The 16-year-old Pakistani teen targeted for a Taliban assassination because she championed ...

Major Owens, 77, Education Advocate in Congress, Dies NYT: Mr. Owens, a state senator and a former chief administrator of New York City’s antipoverty program, went to Congress from Brooklyn and remained there for 24 years.


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    I do not think charter schools should be considered "non-selective enrollment." They de-facto select students with highly motivated and involved parents. Admittedly, comparing them to Northside or Whitney Young is not right, but it is also not right to compare them with regular neighborhood schools, especially since the percentage of special ed and ELL students is invariably smaller in the Noble St. charters than in regular public schools.

  • In reply to Ed Dziedzic:

    "highly motivated and involved parents"

    Why isn't that indicated in students entering EPAS scores? Prosser students start at about an EPAS of 15. The top performing Nobles are a bit under that.
    When do the Noble parents become highly motivated? Does that happen in the summer between eighth grade and freshman year?

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    In reply to Donn:

    Please read Ben Joravsky's excellent piece on this topic.

    Where are you getting those numbers Donn?

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    In reply to Ed Dziedzic:

    And one way to raise those test scores by senior year, Donn, is to throw out all the kids who don't score well, don't let in an equal number of special ed. or ELL students, and send all of the underperforming kids to CPS. It is the Charter Way!

  • In reply to Ed Dziedzic:

    Freshman growth at Noble (or at least the ones I know) is 2 -2.5 points growth. That just a bit short of many neighborhood school growth to ACT. Even students who leave Noble have high average growth while at the school.
    Alex links above for charter performance has the most recent EPAS scores for the top charter high schools.
    I don't have the most recent Prosser scores, but the year before is a 2012 ACT of 17.9 and a 2009 freshman EPAS of 15.5. Really not good for a school getting better than average freshmen. Perhaps that was an unusually bad year.
    Ben Jovarsky? What evidence does he offer to support his opinions? He repeats vague generalities that have been repeated many times by CTU supporters. He's not doing anything that would be consider professional reporting.

  • Art at Ray http://ht.ly/q6VzM

  • Looking at this further, specific school scores are at CPS.edu on the schooldata pages. The spreadsheet "EXPLORE, PLAN and ACT in-Year Growth Report for 2013" has the actual test scores by school.

    There's also a spreadsheet "EPAS gains" which gives the data by percentage growth.

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