Violence, Construction, & Budgets

Violence, Construction, & Budgets

CPS won't say if or where he went to school, but 14 year old Tommy McNeal was killed in Manor Park on Friday, presumably marking this school year's first death of a CPS student.  (No, it didn't happen at school or during Safe Passage.) Meantime, lots of discussion about Emanuel's school construction announcement blitz, and budgets.


14-year-old shot to death on South Side Tribune: A 14-year-old boy was shot in the Park Manor neighborhood, one of at least two people shot in the city Friday afternoon, police said. The slain boy was identified as Tommy McNeal, 14, of the 7200 block of South Rhodes Avenue.

Safe Passage Continues Second City Cop: No student has managed to get wounded or killed in a Safe Passage zone during school hours since it began, therefore the program is considered a success. Conversely, should someone catch a round the very week, day or minute that Safe Passage is uncovered, Rahm is going to have answer a lot of questions that he'd rather not have to.

13 wounded in late-night attack on Chicago park WBEZ: The shooting comes nearly three weeks after Chicago saw an outburst of violence over the Labor Day weekend that ended with eight dead and 20 others injured.
The Superhero Mayors of Two Stubbornly Violent Cities Chicago Magazine: The very day Rahm left town for Washington, an FBI report named Chicago the “murder capital of the country,” with more murders than New York City—Chicago, 500 in 2012; NYC, 419—even though Chicago has one-third New York’s population. And in more bad news, Chicago’s murder number was up by 81 from 2011.


Editorial: Why $17 million went to Payton Prep Tribune: Mayor Rahm Emanuel's announcement last week of a $17 million addition at Walter Payton College Prep High School stirred some resentment from parents and teachers, coming so soon after Chicago closed dozens of schools and reduced spending at scores more of...

Mayor Rahm Emanuel unleashes rapid-fire construction plans for CPS Sun Times: During a four-day stretch, Mayor Rahm Emanuel doled out more than $90 million in big capital spending for CPS. The announcements had much of the city wondering where in the world the money came from, and how, in a district with such need, were these projects chosen?

Chicago Tonight: The Week in Review WTTW: Reaction to Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s announcement about building or expanding schools soon after so many were closed.


Dillard bashes Chicago Democrats' control of state government Tribune: Leading city Democrats, including Mayor Rahm Emanuel and House Speaker Michael Madigan, have called for shifting the costs of teacher retirement benefits onto local school property taxpayers as part of an effort to deal with the state’s massive unfunded pension liability.

Chicago Public Schools Can't Afford Toilet Paper Fox News: Chicago Public Schools Can't Afford Toilet Paper. Facebook; Twitter; Share · Email. (Huffington Post). In some cash-strapped Chicago schools, no resource can be taken for granted -- not even toilet paper.

Pilsen Principal Won't Answer Parent Questions, Blocks Media from Meeting DNAI: The concerns came as parents complained about staff cuts, a lack of working security cameras and problems with lunchroom supervision, and as council members seemed unsure about who the LSC president was.


Out as would-be UNO reformer, exec with ties to Ald. Ed Burke still an insider Sun Times: Martin Cabrera Jr. is out, but he’s still in. The investment banker didn’t stay long after being brought in to oversee reforms at Chicago’s scandal-scarred United Neighborhood Organization. Cabrera Capital Markets, the Chicago financial services firm he founded, has enjoyed multimillion-dollar growth, getting a cut of government deals involving billions of dollars.


Limits on Special-Ed Class Sizes Retained by State Board of Ed -- For Now DNAI: Records acknowledged that the board "received an unprecedented number (5,527) of comments on this," with the "overwhelming majority" opposed to ending the limits.

Paul Vallas, former Chicago school chief, fighting to keep his latest job Sun Times: Former Chicago schools chief Paul Vallas was hailed by supporters as a proven reformer who would turn around the public school system in Bridgeport, Conn., when he took over the superintendent’s job in January 2012. But less than two years later, the 60-year-old Chicago native is fighting to keep his job.

Two schools and the vast imbalance of privilege Washington Post: A comparison of two Chicago schools shows the very different circumstances in which rich and poor students are educated.


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  • 144 IL students (including CPS) wrongly received zeroes on a 2011 test, reports Atlanta Journal Constiution

  • No further budget cuts for CPS schools whose enrollments dropped -

  • In the wake of Fenger - four years ago this week


  • This CPS mercy does not apply for SGSA-225 or Title1-332 funds.There are schools that have been losing money and will continue to lose money all year. CPS was wrong to fund general public schools this way and fund charters better. (Get the $$ back from waste of networks and $$$leadership academy.) Keep fighting CTU and parents until Rahm is gone.

  • Going long for Payton  a good call - Chicago Sun-Times (editorial)

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