UNO Resignations Mar School Opening

UNO Resignations Mar School Opening

Two of the new UNO Board members resigned on Friday, and the new UNO Soccer Academy building is being unveiled today. 

Brought in for reform, UNO chairman resigns after 3 months Sun Times:  Another of UNO’s six rookie board members also stepped down Friday. Joseph de Lopez, a former Winnetka police chief and Chicago police deputy superintendent, joined the UNO board at the same time as Cabrera.

United Neighborhood Organization board chairman resigns Tribune: UNO Soccer Academy High School, a construction project affected by the grant suspension before Quinn restored part of it in June, will open Monday at 5025 S. St. Louis Ave., according to the board.


Jordan Elementary Teacher: Scandal Was 'Swept Under The Carpet' CBS Local: Her job was later budget-cut. The teacher Edwards spoke to thinks her job was cut in retaliation: “She went above and beyond in the capacity of a teacher aide.”


Emanuel visits Dulles, makes no mention of nearby violence Sun Times: Emanuel was at the school Friday to cut the ribbon for a new playground and turf field. He chatted with staff and students, at one point bending down to tie the shoelaces of a little boy. But he made no mention of the Sun-Times story or possible security issues at the school. He left Friday without talking to reporters.

Chicago school tweaks dismissals for extra safety Dekalb Daily Chronicle: CHICAGO – Shootings near a Chicago elementary school and worries that a gang member's funeral might mean more violence prompted officials last week to take the unusual step of rushing students and staff off the property as soon as classes ended for ...

Editorial: TIFs won't rescue schools Tribune (editorial): As the Chicago Public Schools district has closed dozens of buildings and cut thousands of staffers, an idea has gained steam: Prop up the schools by shifting millions of dollars from Chicago's tax increment financing districts. Teachers, parents and some...

CeaseFire program shrinking due to funding woes WBEZ: WMAQ-TV reports the organization's West Side office closed its doors Aug. 31 after a $1 million dollar grant from the city ran out. The grant was part of Mayor Rahm Emanuel's efforts in 2012 to decrease violence on the South and West sides of the city.

Chicago organization publishes a textbook that aims to hit close to home Tribune: Conventional digital age wisdom says that the chestnut about the might of pens, i.e. swords, should be amended to specify keyboard strokes, as paper is now passé.
Emanuel plans new CPS school on Far Southeast Side Chicago Sun-Times: Officials didn't offer details about Gallistel's future, but Ald. John Pope (10th) said building a new school is the priority. The announcement came on the heels of the unprecedented closure of 47 Chicago Public Schools.
A bad lesson in democracy from Board of Education Chicago Sun-Times: After WBEZ reporter Linda Lutton reported about our trouble getting into the meeting and other education activists commented on Twitter, the board appears to have revised its policy.
Ald. Arena's Call for Elected School Board Derailed by City Council DNAI:A resolution calling for a city referendum on an elected Board of Education went to the Rules Committee.
Lake View HS Forced to Cut $13K in Supplies After Layoffs Finalized DNAI:The principal had to move money from supplies and professional development to balance the budget.
How to Manufacture a Budget Crisis and Impose Harsh Remedies Eric Zorn: Author Diane Ravitch posts a lengthy essay by Substance News editor George Schmidt arguing that the Chicago Public Schools' perennial budget crises are shams.


Errors plague school testing AJC: The investigation revealed that almost one in 10 tests nationwide contained significant blocks of questions that were likely flawed. Such questions made up 10 percent or more of those tests — threatening their overall quality and raising questions about fairness.

CA chools scale back suspensions San Jose Mercury News: From Los Angeles to Modesto to the Bay Area, districts are reducing suspensions, sometimes dramatically, and drawing raves and national attention -- but also bitter criticism.

Md. to give MSA, though results won't be used to gauge school progress Baltimore Sun: State believes it would be violating federal law if it stopped giving MSA, which doesn't align with new curriculum.

Sending Disruptive Students to the E.R. Worries Docs, Advocates WNYC: By the city’s own count, about one fourth of all 911 calls made from New York City public schools are for "emotionally disturbed persons," as first responders call it. In one year, 2011-12, schools made more than 3,800 calls that, in turn, led to an ambulance trip to a hospital emergency room, a mismatched solution in the eyes of many mental health experts and children's advocates.

D.C. police adjust how schools are patrolled Washington Post: D.C. police this year have quietly adjusted the way they patrol the District’s traditional public and charter schools, moving away from assigning dedicated officers to most public high schools and instead clustering groups of schools with shared officers.


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