Scorching September

Scorching September

Chicago weather prompts school closings as heat blankets area ABC7: Chicago Public Schools students do have classes Tuesday. The school district says it has a heat plan in place to keep kids in non-air-conditioned classes cool.

Money, jobs on the line as CPS takes official student head count Sun Times: This year, enrollment numbers are cemented on the 10th day of school — rather than the 20th. CPS and the teacher’s union agree that moving up the date adds a new level of stability for the system. The sooner the count is in place, the sooner a school’s principal can finalize staff.

Students Streaming into New McKinley Park Charter School DNAI: The new Horizon Science Academy has drawn hundreds of local students.

Rahm Emanuel and Chicago Teachers Leader Share Faith — But Little Else Jewish Daily Forward: She dyed her hair gray, pinned it into a bun and stuck a homemade Chicago Teachers Union button on her lapel before marching down the street to trick-or-treat at the home of her neighbor, Mayor Rahm Emanuel. “I was curious to see how he would react,”

Comings & Goings Catalyst: Mark Neidlinger, principal of Drummond Montessori in Bucktown, the first public Montessori school in Chicago, is leaving the school in October.  He is taking a principal position in a public Montessori school in western Michigan. Here’s a roundup of principal contracts announced this summer.
New school year brings anxiety for Chicago parents Al Jazeera America: Pat Quinn announced $89 million for capital improvements in Chicago Public Schools. But the funds will not reverse classroom-level cuts like teacher layoffs.
Fall 2013 – Applying to Kindergarten / Elementary School CPS Obsessed: When entering Kindergarten (and older grades as well) parents will often have their child tested for the gifted and classical programs, as well as casting a wide net for magnet schools and neighborhood schools that are likely to accept kids from outside the neighborhood.  Some neighborhood schools don’t take any kids outside their zone, while others have a good number of spaces to enroll for.


Philadelphia Students Head Back To School Amid Cuts, Fewer Teachers And Missing Staff Huffington Post: All eyes were on the City of Brotherly Love Monday as students and teachers returned to its massively diminished public schools for the first day back from summer vacation.

School Districts Struggle To Get Principals To Stay Put NPR: As the school year begins, many principals are leading their schools for the first time. Keeping principals is a problem in many schools, and high-poverty, urban districts often have particularly high rates of turnover. Some experts say that revolving door can hurt student achievement.

‘Pink slime’ returns to school lunches in 4 more states Politico: As of Sept. 3, seven states put in orders to the USDA for about 2 million pounds of beef that may contain the controversial product for the meals they serve in the 2013-14 school year. At this time last year there were only three states — Iowa, Nebraska and South Dakota — that had put in orders for beef that may contain lean finely textured beef.

Forced to leave school for dreadlocks, 7-year-old says she likes her hair MSNBC: After being forced to switch schools for sporting dreadlocks, 7-year-old Tiana Parker said she likes where she’s enrolled now and, better yet, likes her hair the way it is.

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  • Thanks to Alexander for posting the DNAI article about the opening of the Horizon Science Academy McKinley Park, a charter school run by Concept Charter Schools. I took note of this passage:

    "The highest-paid classroom teacher makes $45,000 per year, while the highest paid administrator makes $70,000." That means the highest paid classroom teacher is getting paid less at Horizon than is the lowest paid CPS unionized starting teacher. That is honestly stunning.

    Possibly even more stunning is the fact that the article states "The company’s newest schools (including Horizon) are what are known as “commission-authorized” charter schools, meaning the state will hand over about $1,600 more per student than CPS gives its “district-authorized” charters, according to Catalyst Chicago. CPS did not return calls regarding the funding of its schools and commission-authorized ones."

    So according to that article Horizon is getting more money than CPS authorized charters, but it is paying less than Noble Street for example which in theory gets lower funding per student. (PS I know Noble teachers who are making more than $45,000 a year) Really that was an amazing article.

    Rod Estvan

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  • I'd love to know what the heat plan is/was. Did they show on the news CPS delivering fans to one or two schools with water bottles (and neglect to show that they only do that for the media, giving NOTHING to the other 400 schools!)? I am fortunate to be in a building with AC, but never once have I ever known a teacher in a school without AC, not once, getting fan or water that she didn't purchase herself. CPS higher ups are liars and cheaters.

  • In reply to teacherparent:

    Our ac has been broken for 3 days.

  • CPS handing out small personal fans to cope with the heat - Chicago Sun-Times via @chicagoist

  • In reply to Alexander Russo:

    Oh, yeah, the small personal fans they handed out to one first grade room where the kids proceeded to get their hair stuck inside and had to cut it out with scissors? Those fans? Yeah, just one more stupid idea from central office. Why didn't they purchase 3-5 large fans for each classroom?

  • The people in charge of CPS have absolutely no clue about children-really sad. They keep exhibiting their incompetence at every turn-principals' academy, Fake Passages (fingerprint check of workers?) and now fans-oophs I almost forgot the daily foible-a charter school with no actual teaching but we all knew that anyways because the charter school students transfer into CPS schools unable to read in the sixth grade.....Tiny Dancer's dream is charters for all except his own children-no charters in Wilmette, Downers or Naperville....why is that?

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