Rating New Teacher Evaluations

Rating New Teacher Evaluations

Today's big news includes coverage of the new teacher evaluation plan, which gets mixed reviews and has so far produced no great changes in teacher ratings. (What do you think?) Plus, more about the TIF building upgrades. 

New teacher evaluations get positive reviews Catalyst: Most administrators and teachers say that the district’s new evaluation system is providing helpful feedback, finds a report released today by the University of Chicago Consortium on School Research. But there are several challenges ahead, including an increasing workload for principals and anxiety among teachers about using test scores.

No dramatic changes in CPS teacher evaluations Tribune: Evaluation based in part on student performance For the first time, Chicago Public Schools released teacher evaluations based in part on student test scores, but the new assessments for more than 4,200 non-tenured teachers did not show striking changes from the previous year.

New CPS teacher evaluations: Mixed reviews from CEO, principals, teachers Chicago Sun-Times: “This is what we've been saying all along — the evaluation system is deeply flawed,” CTU president Karen Lewis said in a statement. “Teachers don't like the REACH testing being part of their evaluations not because we think that student outcomes are ...


$24M worth of upgrades coming to 7 CPS schools CLTV: About $24 million dollars will be funneled to several Chicago Public Schools to pay for critical, modernization projects. The seven schools are located in East ...

Emanuel defends new schools while closing others Chicago Tribune: Even as Chicago Public Schools has closed about four dozen schools and blamed a financial crisis for slashed school budgets across the city...

Emanuel defends school additions, improvements after CPS closures Sun Times: Mayor Rahm Emanuel on Tuesday defended his decision to build new schools and school additions, even after closing nearly 50 schools and laying off 3,000 school employees to close a $1 billion deficit triggered by skyrocketing pension obligations.
$24 million in upgrades planned for three schools Tribune: Mayor Rahm Emanuel disclosed plans Tuesday to spend $24 million in tax-increment-financing funds to advance science, technology, engineering and math education at three Chicago Public Schools.
$24 Million In TIF Funds Allocated To STEM Education For Three CPS Schools Progress IL: Despite these announcements on various ways the mayor plans to use TIF funds for city schools, there has still been no movement towards allocating some of the money to help ease school budget cuts or rehire some of the more than 3,000 school workers who lost their jobs over the summer as a result of the cuts and school closings.

Emanuel unveils CPS construction work amid school closings, staff cuts Tribune: Even as Chicago Public Schools has closed about four dozen schools and blamed a financial crisis for slashed school budgets across the city, Mayor Rahm Emanuel this past week has been busy announcing district construction projects.


High School “Hidden Gems” School Fair Sunday 9/22 CPS Obsessed: Admission is $20/family at the door or $10 if you register in advance. As of today, there will be 27 high schools at the fair.  What a great chance to find out about a lot of schools in one place!

Kid President urges ‘Get your learn on!’ MSNBC: With the start of a new school year, the 10-year-old Kid President is out there again promoting a new message, education. “Its time to get our learn on,” Novak says in his latest video where he gives an uplifting pep talk to teachers and students about why learning is so important.

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  • If the CEO wants to help principals do a better teacher eval job, and teachers do a better job teaching, then get the area officers off their backs. Our 'officer' and his minions hassle us and do not support us. He makes us to his kooky mandates, just to impress his higher ups. When do teachers and principals have time to prepare for this when we have to cow-tow to his highness? Are the networks ever going to close? Pray that they do!

  • Why do people still assume CPS cares about providing a quality education for our children? The CEO doesn't care about principals or teachers. She is all about slashing the budget and charterization. The area officers are just middle managers doing their "job"...

  • *Lots* more "excellent" teachers under new CPS eval system - @bylaurenfitz http://ht.ly/p1bC0

  • Chicago teacher evaluation results indicates slight change in ratings | WBEZ 91.5 Chicago http://ht.ly/p1ckj

    NB Vevea notes that old and new CPS numbers don't match up -- anyone sorted that out yet?

  • A little help? Mismatch between REACH charts used by @WBEZeducation's Becky Vevea & Sun Times' @bylaurenfitz http://ht.ly/p1cA9

  • In reply to Alexander Russo:

    They've apparently clarified the graphic http://ht.ly/p3lhU

  • Breaking News from Klonsky's blog-pleasde read the Bev Johns letter


    Thank-you Gery Chico-someone with common sense....

  • New CPS teacher rating system off to 'promising' start - Blogs On Politics - Crain's Chicago Business http://ht.ly/p3isi @GregHinz

    Hinz says CTU is changing its tune on the system.

  • sun-times editorial praises progress on teacher evaluation and notes support from teachers and admins, but raises concerns about small changes in ratings that have resulted:

    "We wonder, in fact, why there wasn’t a bigger change in the rankings of teachers from last year. It’s something to keep an eye on."


  • Idiots at the suntimes, they do not know they the new teacher evaluation system is mush harder this year for principals. Principals have to do many more of them and have not even been trained on the system to put the evaluations in. The ones who are to guide the principals (paid very well) put out wrong information late this summer or gave horrible workshops. Do a little investigation will you?

  • PERA's preamble said that one of the causes for its passage was that teacher evaluation systems in Illinois school districts were a bad joke, producing ratings distributions with 93% in the tope categories.

    Press reports show it is now at about 53% who are proficient or excellent (as opposed to excellent or superior, the former two top categories) and 47% are needs improvement (developing) or unsatisfactory. This looks like much less of joke. The rub is that it looks like CPS was trending this way under the old system for PATs. The trend continued under REACH.

    The positive news is that teachers appear to like the observation system and the vast majority believe that it's fair.

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