Happy Humpday

Happy Humpday

Lots of news coverage, but no clear themes or categories so I'm just laying them out there for you.  What jumps out at you?  What am I (or others) missing?  Feels like Tuesday but really it's Wednesday.

One Week In, Safe Passage Workers Quit, Corners Not Covered CBS2 Chicago: The safe passage program was set up after the Chicago Public Schools closed nearly 50 schools, forcing hundreds of students to walk a new, and often ...
Austin schools get the ax Austin Weekly News: The Chicago Public Schools' new fiscal year budget, which was voted on by the Chicago Board of Education Wednesday, greatly impacts schools on the West ...
Push for teacher quality in Illinois takes toll on minority candidates WBEZ:  The overall pass rate for the TAP is less than half what it was before, and the changes have disproportionately hurt non-Asian minorities. Sixty percent of African-Americans used to pass the TAP; now it’s 17 percent. For Hispanics, the pass rate has dropped from 70 percent, to 22 percent.

Schools face changing times Hyde Park Herald: As the new school year begins, three Hyde Park elementary schools are experiencing the effects of school actions taken by Chicago Public Schools (CPS) in ...

Teens Charged With Stealing iPads, Macbooks from Drake Elementary School DNAI: Jabare McChristian, 19, and another teen were charged in the case, police said.

From high school to $15 an hour WBEZ: It’s called Year Up, and it’s a crash course in how to get in and fit in to the professional world—how to dress, how to write an email to your boss, how to suggest an idea. For six months, Year Up Chicago combines that sort of preparation with technical training in computer hardware and software—everything from how to switch out a motherboard to writing code to advanced Microsoft Office.

 Catholic schools get boost from Indiana vouchers, but critics remain WBEZ:  Just a few years ago, St. Stanislaus Catholic Elementary School in East Chicago, Indiana had fewer than a hundred students and was at risk of closing. But then in 2011 Indiana lawmakers passed a law creating the School Choice Program, which provides public money to low-income parents who want to send their child to a private or religious school.

In budget cuts, low-income students suffer more than wealthy ones MSNBC: While both school districts have to absorb the same 5% cut to federal education funding, that doesn’t mean they feel the reductions equally. Title I funding, the largest federal education program, is doled out according to the proportion of low-income students in any given district. Schools in those areas also tend to rely far more heavily on federal aid because they receive less revenue from local property taxes.

Boston public schools will offer free lunches to all students Boston Globe: The meal program, more than a year in the making, is part of an experimental federal initiative that aims to make it easier for students from low-income families to receive free meals by eliminating the need to fill out paperwork, including potentially invasive questions about income. Cities such as Atlanta, Detroit, and Chicago have been or will be participating.

Literacy By Third Grade A Renewed Priority For States HuffPost: Thirty-two states have passed legislation designed to improve third-grade literacy, according to the Education Commission of the States. Retention is part of the policies in 14 states, with some offering more leeway than others.


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  • In reply to Alexander Russo:

    C'mon Brooklyn Beardo, you have no room to talk when it comes to "bullshit coverage." You've been "Glenn Becking" it quite a bit over the past few years.

  • I see the signs on our Safe Passage route, but don't see any adult monitors.

  • This blog strikes me as the best source of info about CBE since George Schmidt's Substance paper of 1980's.

  • word on the street-bbb allowing all the network chiefs to stay not only past October, they have been told they have a job-what? Deputies too? Is that why they are advertising for more deputies?

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