Friday CPS News Roundup

Friday CPS News Roundup

Recent crime incidents near Dulles School of Excellence Sun Times: Use this map to see some of the crime incidents within a half mile radius of Dulles that took place from August 23 to September 5th, including a murder which has school officials concerned about possible retaliation.

Gun violence prompts South Side school to rush students out after class CLTV: A new safety policy at a Chicago Public School has teachers and students leaving the building as soon as possible. Dulles school, located at 63rd and Calumet, took in students after 47 CPS were closed. A memo given to staff told everyone to leave the building and the parking lot as soon as school lets out. Administrators hope the decision will cut down on violence.

South Side school hustles kids, staff out door after recent nearby gun ...Chicago Sun-Times: One of the welcoming schools that took in students after Chicago Public Schools closed a record number of schools has been hustling students and staff out the ...

2 Rogers Park educators removed from classroom during investigation Sun Times:  Two educators at Jordan Elementary Community School in Rogers Park have been removed from the classroom pending the outcome of an investigation into alleged misconduct, Chicago Public Schools confirmed Thursday.

Parents Upset Over Delay In Removing Teachers For Inappropriate Relationships CBS2 Chicago: Other parents said if the allegations are true, they want some direct answers from the CPS Chief Executive Officer Barbara Byrd-Bennett. “What could you do to make us think that it won't happen again?” Monia Johnson said.

Singing the praise of CPS teachers (despite everything) ChicagoNow: If you want a better Chicago Public Schools system please like my Facebook page and join me there for more discussion.

USDA suggests changes to SNAP program WBEZ:   And, former Chicago Public Schools CEO Paul Vallas is using his experience here to try to reform troubled schools in other large cities. What solutions would he .

Esther Cepeda: Let's give students' parents a gradeYakima Herald-Republic: ... parents with gift cards to get them to school for report-card pickup day because so many Chicago Public Schools parents don't bother to show up.

Why charter schools are part of the solution Crain's Chicago Business: Using data from the Illinois State Board of Education and Chicago Public Schools, INCS launched a publicly available data finder that includes all public schools


In search of an education Tribune: This is not the story of a student who is a victim of Chicago Public Schools' recent mass school closings. Nor is it the story of a stellar student who attends an elite private high school because she's on her way to Harvard. Jailyn is an average student.

Are healthy school lunches making it past the lunch line? WBEZ: We take a look a the dark corners of underground adoption. What is making people pursue this option? And Congress has mandated that school lunches should get healthier, but there have been some complaints. What's really happening on the lunch line?

Percentage of in-state freshmen at U. of I. drops to new low Tribune: Official says change comes from fewer than expected Illinois residents accepting offers and more than expected international students enrolling. The percentage of in-state freshmen at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign this fall has dropped to a new low, with about 73 percent coming from Illinois compared with 90 percent less than a decade ago.

Squatters Set Up Camp in Parking Lot of Shuttered CPS School DNAI: The parking lot of a shuttered special education school, one of 49 schools closed this school year, has become a temporary shelter for a small but growing group of homeless people, neighbors say.


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  • CPS is showing good common sense in exiting students and teachers at Dulles school rapidly while a more significant level of security exists around the building. It is incredibly tragic that the gang conflict in the area of the school has gotten to the level that after school activities are being curtailed.

    In so many ways communities are being held hostage to gang conflicts and the associated drive by shootings. But I have to say this is not a totally new development, in the late 1980s and early 1990s we experienced the same thing in the area around Calumet High School (79th and May). Even Leo High School which was not far away was impacted by the violence.

    Over the years not just public school students have been shot but so have Catholic schooled Leo students with Miles Turner shot last year and the year before Leo freshman Antonio Davis, 14, was killed by gunfire. Its not just supposedly undisciplined CPS kids getting shot up, at this point in time almost any young black male on the south side can be targeted.

    Rod Estvan

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