Feeling Good About "ObamaCore"?

Feeling Good About "ObamaCore"?

The folks at Slate asked me to explain what the Common Core is (and isn't), summarize the increasingly intense objections coming from left and right, and predict what's going to happen next.  Lots of Facebook comments, comments, and Twitter action followed.

But who cares what I say or think -- what's your experience been so far, in schools or as a parent or observer?  Illinois isn't one of the states that's usually mentioned when it comes to states pulling out of the Core process, and included Core items on its 2013 ISAT as part of getting us all ready for the tough new assessments that are coming this Spring and next (depending on the state).

ISBE Common Core site is here, and CPS was recently featured in a PBS NewsHour segment about the Core.


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  • For high school parents night this year, the admin showed us parents a short animated video about Common Core, which threatened that U.S. students were moving to the bottom of the global academic barrel and, basically, saying: expect more non-fiction reading. That was it. Awful.

  • I couldn't be more please that the common core standards are being implemented. I have read all of the requirements for learning grade by grade and it restores one's faith in the potential of American education - especially because the teacher's are supporting them. Changing the tests to reflect the standards is great and should lessen the emphasis on teaching to the test since rote answers won't work. Since it costs more than other tests to administer maybe Bill and Melinda Gates foundation and others can help finance it. Cheaper testing is no reason to keep the current system.

  • Funny-at the $20 million leadership academy today principals were told to tell their teachers that they are to teach to the test.

  • In reply to district299reader:

    Newsflash - we've been told by principals, area officers, etc. to teach to the test for the last 10 - 15 years! We are consistently turning out students who are like jacks of all trades, but master of none. For all the emphasis placed on critical thinking and problem solving, someone needs to figure out that it is impossible to think critically or be a great problem solver without t a set of basic core skills and background experiences/knowledge, which unfortunately, many students lack these days. The constant push to improve test scores has resulted in a generation of pretty much culturally illiterate students.

  • I agree-hard to be a critical thinker when all of your energies are spent trying to decode the words in the question.....

    Children need to be good readers by the end of third grade-if not then they will be behind no matter what the name of the new marvelous program designed to raise scores....and you can teach reading with little or no materials as long as you know HOW to teach it.....


  • Sex-felon worked for City Hall and CPS


  • Common Core is actually saying, 'hey, our kids aren't learning what they need to - maybe we should fix that'. The crazy stuff I hear coming out of people's mouths from the left and the right about a set of expectations (read expectations, NOT curriculum), is amazing. It's like a bad movie that I wish I could walk out of.

    All CC is is 'by the end of first grade your kids should know X' 'by the end of 2nd grade your kid should know Y'.

    This is not the end of the world, in fact, it's a really, really good step in the right direction.

  • The Hechinger Report wonders whether computer labs and younger kids will be able to handle the typing and computer requirements of CC http://ht.ly/pmjDZ

  • Why we must accept Common Core writing standards | The White Rhino: A Chicago Latino English Teacher http://ht.ly/pnzbl

  • So I guessing Interested Citizen and Ed Volunteer, have never tried to teach a class room of 30 plus kids in Chicago for any significant amount of time.

    Probably think the government tells us the truth too.

  • Gates Foundation survey says 70+ percent of teachers OK with Obamacore http://ht.ly/pvlnG

  • Why we must accept Common Core writing standards | The White Rhino: A Chicago Latino English Teacher http://ht.ly/pUiYW

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