Big CPS Attendance Day

Big CPS Attendance Day

Hi, everyone, and welcome back.  Hope the week goes well. So CPS is counting today's attendance (but ISBE and the feds aren't).  And not many folks here agreed with me about CPS Safe Passage stories.  CPSObsessed asks about full-day pre-K (how's it going?).  More to come in comments and on twitter (@district299).


A pivotal CPS moment: Schools take official pupil headcount, with money - and ... Chicago Sun-Times: The Chicago Teachers Union said it's been asking CPS for years to move the count day up. Waiting until the 20th day — a whole month into school — left schools in planning limbo.

CPS to count enrollment this year on 10th day, not 20th Tribune: Attendance at Chicago Public Schools on Monday will be crucial to school funding this year, with money hinging directly on the number of students at their desks on what will be the 10th day of classes. The district this year is using the 10th day of...
CPS to take official attendance today CLTV: Today is the day Chicago Public Schools will take their official attendance. CPS says the change will help principals finalize their budgets. State and federal funding will still be based on 20th day enrollment figures.
Golden Apple to recruit, train teachers for South Side Catalyst: CPS is also facing heat for a two-year, nearly $1.6 million contract with Teach For America that was approved in June. The Chicago Teachers Union charges that the district’s relationship with Teach For America leads to under-trained teachers taking spots that should go to veterans.
Hyde Park Gets Safe Passage, Despite No Schools Closing DNAI: The new signs — but no Safe Passage monitors — in Hyde Park have baffled residents.
New school year brings anxiety for Chicago parents Al Jazeera America: Pat Quinn announced $89 million for capital improvements in Chicago Public Schools. But the funds will not reverse classroom-level cuts like teacher layoffs. Some parents, school administrators and City Council members challenge the school district's ...
PreK Update – How’s it Going? CPSObsessed: A parent wrote today to ask if I’d make a post about feedback on the re-vamped Pre-K program.If you enrolled your child in CPS half-day PreK, how is it going so far?  The curriculum itself didn’t change but the enrollment and tuition process changed significantly this year.


New School Year Brings Sequestration Pain For Many Districts NPR: As the nation's public schools reopen this fall, many are facing budget deficits and scarce money due to sequestration. Experts say districts with large numbers of poor students are hit the hardest.

Schools Put Security Lessons to Test WJS: Many districts have added bullet-resistant windows and doors and also sought to create single, centralized entrances where visitors must be buzzed in and only gain access after passing through two secure doors.

Cash-Strapped Philadelphia Schools Ask Parents To Fill Gaps NPR: The Philadelphia school system was forced to cut millions of dollars from its budget, lay off hundreds of employees and shutter nearly two dozen schools to help close a billion dollar shortfall. Some principals are asking parents to "contribute" as much as $600 per student to help pay for basic supplies and the school superintendent threatened to delay the start of classes this month until the city kicked in $50 million to cover the minimum level of staffing.

‘Who is going to help me?’ In Philly schools, life without counselors MSNBC: Over the summer the School District of Philadelphia shuttered 23 schools and laid off nearly 4,000 teachers and other support staff, including every school counselor in the district, 270 in all.The 11th hour influx allowed the district to rehire about 1,000 laid-off employees, including about 126 school counselors.

Former Atlanta Educator Found Not Guilty in Cheating Case  WSJ:  The verdict came after prosecutors presented evidence and brought in testimony from numerous witnesses, including former Gov. Sonny Perdue, who had ordered a probe of the school system after allegations of widespread cheating on state standardized tests.

More parents opting kids out of standardized tests AP: Most parents are choosing to take their younger children out of testing, not older students for whom it is a graduation requirement. It's unclear if things will change when the Common Core Curriculum and the standardized tests that will accompany it are implemented in the 2014-15 school year.


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  • From Catalyst
    “Increases aside, charter schools are getting, on average, $600 for elementary schools to $900 for high schools more per student in their total allocation than district-run schools get, the Catalyst analysis shows.”

  • That is because the money to district run schools is siphoned off to the Networks and other departments charter's don't rely on. Cut the networks and hold us accountable rather than micromanage us. Charters also have to pay for management so the money directed to them from CPS is then taken out of their budget and sent to their version of the network offices. With district run schools they can take their cut off the top. With Charters they give all the money to the schools and then the charter management takes it from the schools. Some departments in CPS do the same to district run budgets for such things as Tech XL support which runs about $2,500 a year. If we had to see the amount we are losing to pay for Network support more people would be upset!

  • In reply to district299reader:

    Good point

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  • how much does CPS pay for busing for magnets and other programs? And do charters pay for busing, or does CPS?

  • Good question about the busing. Charters seem to do whatever they want, including kicking out seven year old kids for wearing dreads

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