$20M Relief For Under-Enrolled Schools

$20M Relief For Under-Enrolled Schools

The big news of the day (or yesterday, if you follow me @district299 on Twitter) is that CPS announced that it was going to give a $20 million break to schools where enrollment wasn't likely to meet expectations, and was also pushing the official headcount day back to the 20th day from the 10th.  Schools that exceeded projections get to keep their additional dollars, however.

No further budget cuts for schools that didn’t attract enough students WBEZ: Chicago is backing away from a plan that would have meant nearly $20 million in additional budget cuts to schools. Dozens of schools were poised to lose additional funding because they did not enroll as many students as the district had projected they would. Schools that surpassed their enrollment projections will get their per-pupil increase. The schools chief said the district would back away from a plan to take an official enrollment count on the 10th day of school.

Schools won’t lose money if enrollment drops Catalyst: The move marks the first time that CPS has chosen not to penalize schools where fewer students show up than expected, a significant shift in a district that for years has been challenged by attendance problems in the first weeks of school. Without this change, Byrd-Bennett said, principals would have had to make even more changes to their school budgets.
Sullivan H.S., Gale Elementary Saved From Additional Budget Cuts DNAI: "We were going to have some really tough decisions," said Terry Moran, a parent and Sullivan LSC member.
No further budget cuts for CPS schools whose enrollments dropped Tribune: Chicago Public Schools today announced some welcome news to parents and school officials, saying schools that had smaller than projected enrollments this fall would not face further budget cuts. The district this year has moved toward a school based...

CPS Won't Cut Budgets Of Under-Enrolled Schools Progress Illinois  "While this is the most fair and equitable way in which to deliver these precious dollars to our schools, I believe schools should have a year to transition to this new system. We will work closely with those principals during this time of transition to ensure they are prepared to fully implement Student-Based Budgeting in School Year 2014-2015."

Chicago Public Schools moves to student-based budgeting | abc30 ... Chicago Public School budgets are based on 20th day enrollment and this year, the district has moved to student-based budgeting.

Voice of the People, Sep. 24 Tribune: Young victims The Tribune reports on children wounded by gunfire in Chicago ("Tribune Watchdog: The youngest victims; 8 shooting victims under 8 struggle with their fears," Page 1, Sept. 15).


Florida Curbs Role in Consortium Developing Common Core Exams WSJ: Florida is dialing back its participation in a national group developing exams for tougher math and reading standards known as the Common Core.

Florida Governor Alters The Plan For Common Core NPR: Florida Gov. Rick Scott announced Monday that the state is dropping out as fiscal agent for an organization developing tests for Common Core, the new educational standards. Scott, a Republican facing re-election next year, says he agrees with many of his Tea Party supporters who want the state to drop it entirely.

Schools lose academic ratings after claims of cheating LA Times: The reports showed that suspected  cheating was isolated, usually one teacher acting alone. And the number of affected campuses was small in a state with more than 10,000 schools.

School Technology: Pros Outweigh Cons? NPR: As kids across the country start another school year, they might find tablet computers in their bags along with those books and binders. Host Michel Martin speaks with former New York Schools chancellor Joel Klein.

Diane Ravitch on School Reform WNYC: New York University professor Diane Ravitch discusses school reform in New York City and the challenges expected for the next mayor around charters, "Common Core" testing, and more.


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