What's New? What's Not?

What's New? What's Not?

I'm off for the rest of the week but will be back on Monday.

In between now and then, you might be able to find glimpses of me on Twitter orFacebook.

I'm dying to hear what's new and what's the same at your schools this week. I'll leave comments open and maybe some of you will write in how it's going.

The 1955 Buick Special convertible I'll be driving -- originally my grandmother's -- isn't painted yellow (or in nearly as nice shape as this example) but it's still a lot of fun to drive.

See you Monday!


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  • dafuq: first day of school, weather projected at 93 degrees.

  • In reply to tonyloeb:

    All receiving schools have iPads which are equipped with an A/C app.

  • Any news on summative ratings? Access to "reflect and learn system? (RLS)? Or is CPS just brushing PATs under the rug?

  • Ratings have been delayed twice now. Supposedly we'll get them in another 2-3 weeks. Who knows. I'm not holding my breath.

  • You'd think there'd be more coverage about this great new evaluation system and how PATs are getting screwed again. It's all hush about the lay offs and ratings or lack of. People need to speak up. CPS= unprofessional, disorganized. Wish we could rate them.

  • In reply to displacedteach:

    What happens if/when my summative evaluation comes back in two-four weeks as "proficient", and they have already hired my "replacement", who has been on the job for those same two-four weeks. What do I get? My job back? He/she out on the street? An apology from HR saying that "although the contract says PAT's coming back as "proficient" get their job back you are out of luck"? A job downtown (I'm sure I could do a much, much better job that most of those idiots)? CTU sure has been really quiet about this. As a new hire (but with many years of experience) I stood on the picket line with everybody else last Sept. What will CTU do? Lots of questions - so few answers......

  • In reply to anonymous:

    I did get a hold of someone and the answers were very vague. Supposedly you do get to "boot" that person out so to speak. I know I don't want to go back to where I was: volatile administration, having to go through all those worthless, subjective evaluations and pointless stress. Has anyone tried to apply anywhere and gone through the TQP? I didn't even want to try and go through that hell hole after this whole REACH thing.

  • In reply to anonymous:

    So I hear that the PATs who were likely to get a proficient rating were already sent back to their schools, which means . . .

  • 5 shot along a CPS’ Safe Passage Route


    UNSAFE PASSAGES AND RAHM'S CYNICAL PATRONAGE... Will you take a bullet for Rahm for ten bucks an hour?


  • Another 'Safe Passage' shooting draws TV news to a West Side Chicago school


    Teen suspect in shooting of boy, 7, was on electronic monitor


  • anonymous said 20 hours, 14 minutes ago

    " CTU sure has been really quiet about this. As a new hire (but with many years of experience) I stood on the picket line with everybody else last Sept. What will CTU do? Lots of questions - so few answers......"

    I hope you enjoyed it. Do you realize that you have been thrown under the bus so that more senior union members can get their raises and perks?

  • In reply to Gerber:

    Oh, I'm all too painfully aware that the bus wheels are going forward and back, forward and back over my poor PAT carcass. But I still put the lion's share of the blame on the powers that be at CPS, from Rahm to BBB to the idiots at Clark St. to the Areas to the dolt who was my administrator. The best thing about all of this is that I will not have to be a part of a system that will only get worse and worse.

  • Yes, we PAT carcasses are only the first. Wait until they come for the senior tenured teachers. That's when you'll really hear about it:

    Among the many challenges CTU members will face this year is the expansion of the implementation of the REACH Students teacher evaluation system. This year, tenured teachers and other educators, in addition to Probationary Assigned Teachers, will be observed toward ratings for stakes. CTU is committed to doing all that it can to support educators to be successful and to try to lessen the burdens they will face as a result of this plan.
    Procedure & Contract Enforcement

    With the support of active Professional Problem Committees led by school union delegates, the CTU Grievance Department and CTU Quest Center staff will work to ensure that evaluation procedures and protocols are followed. Though evaluators/principals have received REACH Students training, we know that we will need delegates and school leaders to be the eyes and ears in schools. CTU Grievance and Quest staff will work with our rank and file members to make certain that our members are observed and rated according to the procedures agreed upon in the collective bargaining agreement, Article 39.

    Teacher Practice

    In addition to enforcing proper evaluation procedures, CTU staff will assist teachers and educators in becoming more familiar and comfortable with the REACH Students Framework for Teaching to hone their practice. The CTU Quest Center currently offers pedagogy courses aligned to the components in the Framework and it will be offering additional regular workshops to support educators. CTU Quest Center Staff is available to come to school union meetings, work with individual teachers in schools and answer specific questions about the Framework for Teaching. Members are encouraged to become experts themselves on the Framework and REACH procedures and to take leadership in working with colleagues to improve their practice for the betterment of the students. The more that educators know the evaluation system and collaborate with one another, the less likely this very demanding system will be used against our members.

    Summative Ratings Update

    Despite the fact that school year 2012-2013 is history and school year 2013-2014 is well on its way, the Board has still not provided Probationary Assigned Teachers (PATs) with their summative evaluation rating from school year 2012-2013. Under the collective bargaining agreement, only PATs were subject to ratings for stakes in the first year of the implementation of the new teacher evaluation system. The Board was supposed to make every attempt to provide summative ratings to PATs by the end of school year 2012-2013. That has clearly not come to fruition. In the Joint Committee with the Board, CTU staff have opposed this delay and have urged the Board to consider the implications for PATs of this massive delay and make summative ratings available immediately. Although the Board communicated directly that summative ratings for PATs would be available in mid to late August, Board officials are now stating that summative ratings from school year 2012-2013 for PATs will not be available on the new Reflect and Learn System (RLS) until sometime in September.

    Appeal of Unsatisfactory Ratings for PATs

    CTU Staff is ready to assist PATs who receive Unsatisfactory ratings and are eligible to appeal their rating. An Appeals Workshop will be scheduled for immediately after summative ratings are available. (http://www.ctunet.com/blog/teacher-summative-ratings-update-ctu-appeals-workshop-tba)

    Questions & Resources

    If you have any questions or concerns about the REACH Students teacher evaluation process and/or CTU resources, please email questions to Jen Johnson, CTU Quest Center Facilitator, at JenniferJohnson@ctulocal1.com. You may also contact your CTU Field Representative with specific questions about your contractual rights related to teacher evaluation.

    More carcasses to come!

  • In reply to displacedteach:

    Do you think veteran teachers do not know they will be coming for us in a couple of years? Any vet with 1/2 a brain understands this. CPS does not want veteran teachers anymore. We are too expensive. CPS just went after the low hanging fruit first, that's all. This will not be a long career for many anymore. The handwriting is on the wall.

  • And what does this mean for all PATs?????????

    As indicated in our letter to you on May 10, 2013, probationary teachers may only be non-renewed if their final summative rating is less than proficient. The Talent Office has reviewed current ratings data for probationary teachers to ensure compliance with this provision in the agreement.

    Your final summative rating has not yet be calculated. As a result, we are taking no action on your non-renewal at this time and your record will continue to reflect the non-renewal. If you have been re-employed, this will have no bearing on your current position.

    You should have received a separate communication regarding accessing your final REACH rating. Please continue to monitor you CPS e-mail address for additional information regarding your final summative evaluation. E-Mail addresses will remain active through the end of September for separated employees.

    Thanks for your patience as we work to implement the provisions of the current collective bargaining agreement.

    Lauren Clair-McClellan
    Workforce Planning Manager

    Love it! "monitor YOU CPS e-mail" Hardee har har! CPS needs to hire someone to proof read these "professional" letters!

  • Snark!

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