North Side Favored In CPS Give-Back

North Side Favored In CPS Give-Back

North Side schools fared best in receiving 'additional' budget funds ...Chicago Sun-Times: Most of the schools receiving a share of the $8.8 million as well as most of the money went to North Side schools, though the ZIP code that is home to the schools that took in the most is in North Lawndale on the West Side, according to a Sun-Times analysis of the list.

Safe Passage Signs Going Up Along School Routes DNAI: The ordinance creates "public transportation safety zones" and is written in a way that also applies to CPS buses, as it refers to any publicly funded form of transportation. The first offense for having assault weapons or high-capacity magazines in those zones would mean a jail term of 120 days to six months and a fine of $1,000 to $5,000.  A third offense dictates a mandatory six-month jail sentence and fines up to $20,000.

CPS Beefs Up Safe Passage as School Year Approaches NBC Chicago: In an effort to make sure children are safe when school resumes in less than a month, Chicago Public Schools officials this week have begun ramping up their ...

Dream Deferred: Are We Leaving Black Students Behind? Huffington Post: When Dwight Davis, a black educator from Washington, D.C., thinks about his good teachers, he spouts their names in rapid succession. But when he reflects on the bad ones, their identities fade into a nightmarish blur. It's their actions that haunt him.

In Nation's First Black Public High School, A Blueprint For Reform NPR: Journalist Alison Stewart chronicles the history of Dunbar High School in her new book, First Class. She says the Washington, D.C., school — which has graduated Army generals, Cabinet members and musicians — can serve as a model for urban schools today.

CPS Board Member Andrea Zopp- Hypocrisy and her school choice? Jeff Berkowitz (blog): It is interesting that CPS Board Member Zopp chooses to opt out of the CPS and send one of her own kids to a private school. That is certainly what we expect all parents to do-- try to exercise choice and send their kids to the school that is best for their child.

"Every Day is Election Day" Chicago Tonight | WTTW: When Barbara Byrd-Bennett was approved by the Chicago school board as the new CEO of Chicago Public Schools, one of the most political institutions you can imagine, in October 2012, she said, “I am a teacher who happens to be the CEO.”
Walker says his public union philosophy like FDR Wisconsin State Journal: Scott Walker says Detroit would not be bankrupt and Chicago public schools would be flourishing if those cities were in Wisconsin and operating under the state's public union laws.


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  • Activist groups demand that the UN intervene to stop Chicago from closing schools.

  • Nothing like being white or middle class--some are more equal than others. These residents vote too. Aldermen want their jobs.

  • An independent audit has to be done to get the real money-budget that went to these schools. Some of them had NO losses at all in their original budget and now get more money. Yet another reason to not trust CPS. While schools with high poverty continue to scrape. Just take a look at the free lunch at these schools.

  • Please audit how sped funds are dispersed at individual schools.
    I am tired of teachers of students with disabilities being told that there is no money left in the school budget for materials, assistive tech or supplemental books when it is only October and the sped teachers haven't received anything that they thought they ordered last year!

  • In reply to district299reader:

    Are you discussing cluster programs for students with sigificant disabilities? Or all disabled students in school?

    Rod Estvan

  • .....all disabled students in a school...when CPS switched over to lumping all funds together it seems as if the clear delineation between gen ed funds and sped funds blurred and at some schools it was obliterated......sped teacher teachers are not told how much money they have when they ask for...example: monies for ten novels so the children can highlight key concepts, vocabulary whatever because the six grade set of novels are not consummable they are told that there is no money....some of the ten children do come from the self-contained program....maybe others on this blog can give more examples....

  • In reply to district299reader:

    I am not clear what your reference is to "CPS switched over to lumping all funds together." Are you discussing the State of Illinois block grant for special education funding given to only CPS as opposed to the prior system where CPS had to file as other districts do for special education reimbursement?

    Currently CPS on an accounting basis is required to keep tract of IDEA flow through funds. You can look at these funds by reviewing the CPS FY 14 budget interactive pull downs. Go to Funds, then go to other grants, then go to fund grant FG220 open that file, the go to LEA flow through instruction open that file.

    Once you get to that final file and expand the school list you can look for your school and see how much if any federal dollars came to your school for special education. If you believe that your school has misused these funds or allocated them to non-special education use and have evidence of that please contact me directly off of this list at .

    It is possible to ask for an investigation if something blatant is going on. I have not found a case yet where I have been able to prove CPS has allocated Federal funds targeting students with disabilities for general education purposes, that does not mean you won't be able to demonstrate that.

    Rod Estvan

  • This article is pretty useless and misleading at best. Of course schools on the North Side received money BECAUSE they do NOT get the additional funds for low income students from the state. The difference is HUGE and $100,000 does not come close to closing the gap compared to schools with high percentage of kids on free and reduced lunch. Parents end up having to fundraise to come closer to closing the funding gap.

    While it makes sense to track where the money goes, it is typical of the Sun Times to just try to create drama with misleading coverage.

  • In reply to district299reader:

    Yeah, those lucky poor kids, getting additional funds for school. If only our middle and upper class children could be so lucky....

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