No Chance For Tax Cap Relief?

No Chance For Tax Cap Relief?

On Friday's Week In Review there's some discussion of the Mayor's vulnerability on crime, the spread of complaints about CPS from the South and West Sides to the North Side, and the unlikely chances that Springfield will give Chicago room on the tax cap (according to the panelists. Click below for the video.



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  • Public hearings planned this week on CPS budget - Chicago Sun-Times

  • A great way to solve this is to REDUCE the school day--even by 30 minutes. If Rahm cannot pay or what he wants, then he should compromise on the school day to save money.

  • How does this save money?

    The contract with CTU already establishes pay through 2015. Teachers are paid annual salaries, not hourly wages. Reducing the number of hours they work in a day does not reduce the annual salary.

  • It would reduce prep time cost and teachers would get out earlier in the day. Reduce the school year too; do not pay ALL at CPS for the days that the school year is reduced. They did this to principals and administrators under huberman, it was called furlough. It saved $$$.

  • In reply to district299reader:

    Yes!! Time with children needs to be minimized. Three months of vacation isn't enough, the five hour school day needs to be reinstated! When will the city get a mayor who understands the needs of the real teachers?

  • In reply to Donn:

    Why dont you read? it was only 30 minutes and no one would be paid for the closed time.

  • Okay retired principal or anyone else in the know.....I thought the networks were going to be changed --split up or combined this summer??so far not a peep. Any news on this??

  • In reply to district299reader:

    That was just a rumor based on wishful thinking. I'd love to see the networks go, but with so many incompetent principals and so much dead wood that CPS feels a need to stash somewhere, the areas will stay. Besides, their job is to facilitate the firing of teachers and the implement of bad ideas. Remember, it isn't about education with Emanuel. Using the totally inappropriate business model that CPS has employed, they are needed. CEOs need middle managers.

  • In reply to district299reader:

    On page 9 of the FY 14 budget CPS still claims it will be reducing the number of networks. On page 36 of the budget where the details relating to the networks is supposed to appear CPS declines to put forward a number of the proposed reductions. The budget claims that through reductions and layoffs at the network level $1.6 million will be saved.

    Rod Estvan

  • In reply to district299reader:

    According to CPS there will be a reduction in ARRA and board-funded discretionary resources at the network offices at $32 million and a elimination of centrally funded, school-based performance management programs at $15 million. There will also be a reduction of the number of networks and staff to support them at $1.6 million according to CPS.

  • Rod & RP, believe it when you see it, as you both well know.
    Is it true that bbb & TC do not get along?

  • $1.6million is nothing! bbb told principals that networks would go from 19t11 and be k-12. $1.6 mil is only about 17 positions from all19 networks? Something strange is going on here. (Networks have lots of employees besides the highly paid chiefs.) A few years ago, CPS had many more schools & students and only had 6 regions-cut this waste.

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