New, Improved Summer School?

New, Improved Summer School?

Sorry to be late -- this Google Reader shutdown is killing me.  Todays news: The New York Times says that summer school is evolving into more than basic skills -- is that true in CPS?  Youth violence is so bad that NYC's Al Sharpton is coming here to help us out. There's a new guy coming in to work at Labor Relations.  Plus more.  Check it out -- tell me what I'm missing (and which reader is best).

Mayor to announce Summer of Learning initiative Over 140 organizations have joined the initiative, and there is still time for parents to find programs that will keep their kids safe, engaged and learning during the summer months.

At Retooled Summer Schools, Creativity, Not Just Catch-Up NYT: Districts across the country are re-envisioning summer school as something more than a compulsory exercise where students fight to stay awake.

CPS announces new hires for safe passage and welcoming programs Chicago Public Schools will announce its new hires Monday morning, who will help transition kids to their new schools. 245 new hires will take on summer positions in the Sending and Welcoming School communities.

Al Sharpton says he is moving to Chicago, help with youth violence The Rev Al Sharpton says he wants to personally put Chicago’s violence problem in the national spotlight by spending a few months working in the city.
Farmington Associate Superintendent Takes Chicago Schools Job Farmington Public Schools' Associate Superintendent of Administrative Support Services David Ruhland has accepted a new position withChicago Public Schools, the third largest school district in the United States.
UNO had money for grand opening but not for contractors on state-funded ... Chicago Sun-Times: It gets tens of millions of dollars a year in Chicago Public Schools funding to operate its 13 schools. UNO's charter network has grown quickly, fueled by a $98 million school-construction grant pushed through the Illinois Legislature in 2009 by House ...

Lupe Fiasco Eviscerates Chicago High Schools in Speech Sun Times: “Congratulations, you have graduated from one of the most terrible, substandard school systems in the entire world. You have just spent the last 12 years receiving one of the worst educations on earth. You are at least four, five steps behind people in other countries that are younger than you.”

Author interview: Alice Walker wants you to wake up! Chicago Sun-Times: Walker was also disappointed to hear of the closure of so many Chicago Public Schools. “We sit around and wait for this to change on its own,” she said. “Our children don't have a chance. The prison doors are wide open. People don't have to live like ...

TEENS INVESTIGATE IMMIGRATION STORIES Sun-Times: “I never looked at my father as an immigrant,” she said during a break from a workshop at DePaul for International Baccalaureate students in Chicago Public Schools as well as Trinity, Tan's high school in River Forest.

Chicago Public Schools closings point up the dangers of geography Chicago Reporter: Chicago Public Schools closings point up the dangers of geography. Students marched to Mayor Rahm Emanuel's City Hall office on March 25 to protest the proposed Chicago Public Schoolsclosings. Photo by Jonathan Gibby.

Retired engineer builds bridges to kids' math success Chicago Tribune:  He hadn't planned to start up in Chicago, but he happened to run into a Chicago Public Schoolsofficial who knew his work in Detroit. "Initially, he wanted me to work with middle school or high school students and I said no, but I would start with ...

Tell Me More: Education Special and Twitter Chat NPR:  Participant: Lucy Gray (@elemenous) Lucy began her career inChicago Public Schools as an elementary teacher. She is an Education Consultant with an emphasis on educational technology and mobile and online learning.

Chicago starts warning motorists about speed-camera program around schools ... Daily Journal: The Chicago Department of Transportation has started a campaign to educate residents about the cameras. Affected areas are within 1/8th of a mile from parks or schools.

Patrick Henry Teacher Focuses On Creating Safe Space For Students DNAI:Alex Hollett was honored for teaching students how to accept others and question the status quo.

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  • Did an UNO relation got the contract for this? Can no one stop this political and fiscal waste?

  • seriously? Diane Ravitch slams Chicago education press for failing to cover the closings well enough @WBEZeducation @laurenfitz

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