More Budget Pressure on CPS

More Budget Pressure on CPS

Not much news today -- here's all I could find, will add more as I come across it.  Meantime, lots of comments on the previous couple of posts about Ogden and school lighting.  Happy Friday.

CPS Should Get All Extra City Development Cash, Clerk David Orr Says DNAI: Cook County Clerk joins teachers union and others calling for TIF funds to be diverted to public schools.
Chicagoans Criticize CPS Budget Cuts, Plan Meeting With School Officials Next ... Progress Illinois: CTU President Karen Lewis promised to vote for the third grader if he ran for mayor in 2025. Raise Your Hand hasn't yet determined how much of Garvey's budget will be cut for the 2013-2014 school year.
New $1.26M lunch contract for North Chicago schoolsLake County News-Sun: There's a new food service in town, or rather in North Chicago public schools, and the foodies who run it say healthier eating could help boost student focus, pride and achievement.
Suburban high school coach busted for child porn CLTV: A business teacher and wrestling coach at Plainfield North High School has been arrested, facing child pornography charges after police allegedly found on a laptop recovered from his bedroom numerous videos and photos of children under 13 engaged in illicit acts.
SE High School Enrollment by Elementary School *exclusive data! cpsobsesssed: This will show which Elementary Schools feed into the SE High Schools (and flipped flopped – where kids from some “prime” elem schools end up for High School.

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