Bell ES Approves New Budget

Bell ES Approves New Budget

Chicago Public Schools closings fight moves to federal court with injunction ... ABC7Chicago: The fight over the closure of dozens of Chicago Public Schools moves to federal court Tuesday with hearings on lawsuits seeking to halt the closures. The fight to keep many CPS schools open is heating up.

Federal lawsuits against CPS school closings begin Tuesday Chicago Tribune: One of the lawsuits — both of which were filed on behalf of parents and backed by the Chicago Teachers Union — asks for a delay of at least a year before Chicago Public Schools is allowed to carry out its closings plan.

Chicago Parents Ask US Court to Delay Plan to Close 49 Schools Businessweek: Its public school system serves 404,000 students attending 681 schools, according to the Chicago Public Schools website. Supported by Mayor Rahm Emanuel, the stated goal of the initiative announced in March is to eliminate schools the city has ...

After rejecting budget with deep cuts Bell Elementary approves 'budget of choice' Chicago Sun-Times: After rejecting the budget and deep cuts initially proposed by Chicago Public Schools, Bell Elementary School voted Monday night at a special Local School Council meeting to approve a “budget of choice” that would untie their principal's hands but still send ...

Michelle Obama to visit Chicago on Thursday Tribune: First Lady Michelle Obama will be in Chicago on Thursday to meet with Mayor Rahm Emanuel and his wife Amy Rule to visit a career and employment program for high school seniors, officials said. They are expected to visit Urban Alliance Chicago, a year-...



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  • Kudos to the teachers and students who worked so hard all year (in a contentious year) to improve the ISAT scores. I noticed that every sub-group was mentioned except for SPED. Initially, I thought that maybe they were not mentioned due to testing accomodations but since ELL also receive accomodations that would not make sense.

    Does anyone know why the childern with disabilities are not counted as a sub-group? Also, does anyone know how many schools made AYP this year as compared to last year?


  • In reply to district299reader:

    Yes the CPS press release did not include sub-group data for students with disabilities. I am guessing there was either no gains or declines, but we will have to wait to see the actual data.

    It should also be noted that there were overall declines for charter schools. This did not surprise me because at a certain point test prep based improvements for low income children will always top out. The lowest functioning students require much more attention and costs. The basic strategy used at both traditional and charter schools is to agressively

  • (Continued)Attack kids scoring at level 2 to push them into the meet exceeds levels (3 and 4). Those functioning at level 1 are far more difficult to remediate and this includes many kids with IEPs.

    Rod Estvan

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