Weekend Layoffs Open Thread

Weekend Layoffs Open Thread

Laid off? Know someone who was? My condolences.  CPS announced layoffs on Friday and more are to come -- not a surprise but certainly something no one wants to hear, especially if you're tenured or thought you were safe or were excited to follow your kids to another school and make that place work. Or perhaps you've got other things on your mind or links you'd like to share.  Here's the place -- every- and any-thing related to CPS or education in Chicago in general.

Chicago Public Schools to lay off nearly 850 workers CBS News: Chicago Public Schools says its plan to close 50 schools and programs means that it will have to lay off nearly 850 workers. The number released Fridayincludes about 550 teachers along with teacher assistants, bus aides, clerks, custodians and..

CPS announces teacher layoffs; union braces for more Chicago Tribune: The announcement by Chicago Public Schools on Friday that 420 teachers, more than a third of them with tenure, will be losing their jobs because of school closings was just the opening shot in what figures to be a very tough summer for the union and ..

850 teachers, staffers get pink slips at closing, 'turnaround' schools Chicago Sun-Times: About 850 teachers and staffers at schools doomed to either close this month or to reboot their staffs were handed pink slips Fridayafternoon, according to Chicago Public Schools.

City To Hire 600 Workers For Safe Passage Routes After School Closings CBS2: Chicago
Chicago police officers, along with volunteers from the community, provide security at Cook Elementary School and other Chicago Public Schools under the Safe Passage Program, to make sure kids can get to and from school safely..

Chicago gets 11000 requests for safe passage to schools, will hire 600 adults ... Fox News: Jadine Chou, Chicago Public Schools officer of safety and security, said parents at more than 40 schools receiving students from closed schools have had a chance to see the proposed safe routes and have given their input.

Teachers Trained by Match Education Have 100 Percent Job Placement for Fifth ... DigitalJournal.com: Match has partnered with the Houston Independent School District, the Lawrence Public School District and Chicago Public Schools to implement the Match Tutoring model, and with schools across New Orleans to implement its teacher training and coaching

FROM BBB: "Consolidating underutilized schools will give thousands of children this fall an opportunity to access a safe, higher-quality, 21st-century education with all of the investments that parents, principals, teachers and we agree children need for a bright future such as a library, safe passage, AC, access to updated technologies, science, computer and media labs, all of which will be made possible by redirecting resources from these underutilized schools as part of the process we created in partnership with the CTU in our joint contract agreement."


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  • How will the networks be funded for 2013-14? Will teachers cuts at schools due to per pupil budget be used to save network employees?

  • no doubt. They are so much more important than teachers, counselors, librarians and assistant principals.

  • Will the work of these people to be laid off no longer be needed? Will the remaining have to do more? Or, are none of these people to be laid off needed because they're made redundant (as in a school custodian not needed because his or her school is being closed)?

  • In reply to district299reader:

    When will we bite the bullet and realize that taxes have to go up, and that means on the very wealthy as well? And when will TIF monies be allocated to schools, where that funding belongs? If education doesn't constitute community improvement, I don't know what does? And if CPS is so cash strapped, why did it redo all the electrical ... new lights in classrooms and hallways ... done after it was announced that school would close?

  • from Salon: Rahm Emanuel is losing control of his city - Salon.com http://ow.ly/m4VQ2

  • In reply to Alexander Russo:

    Chicago is Emanuel's city? Never felt like that. Still doesn't.

  • So let me get this straight. We're firing 850 folks because of the school closings--effective professionals--and hiring 600 because of the school closings--to walk kids to school through their new routes which are totally unsafe? Who made this plan? Who thinks any of this is a good idea?

  • In reply to South Side CPS Mom:

    Adam Anderson

  • Rahm is hiring the folks form/ sent by inner city churches which is how he was elected....monies are flowing to the ministers to dole out for counseling programs, pre-schools, and peace circle B.S.......

  • Trying to make separate equal | Feature | Chicago Reader http://ow.ly/m5hNB

  • The elephant in the room is CPS has cut the budgets at most of the 600 CPS schools so teachers, ESP's, lunchroom workers, security personnel, teaching assistants and bus aides just to name a few will be cut all over the system. CPS is going to make the principals the "bad guys" in all of these job losses. If any of the principals complain, they will then be faced with losing their jobs!

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    From the Salon article Alexander linked to:

    But this is Chicago. And no sitting mayor is going to let a group of appointee hacks stifle his chances at reelection. Which means that although the school district is in a separate building, operates under different rules, and is chartered to serve the children first, the reality is that, under Emanuel, the board is a politicized body that serves at his bidding.

    Still against an elected school board? If so, why?

  • In reply to Ed Dziedzic:

    Yes, an elected Board would have kept on doing nothing for fear of not being reelected.

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