Unified Applications, Now!?

Unified Applications, Now!?

For years, CPS and its charter schools have been dragging their heels about unifying all the different school application procedures, timelines, and requirements that parents must go through.  More and more cities have been doing this -- so far, so good.  Your turn, CPS (and INCS).

Even without considering charters, the process is Byzantine -- the result of different programs and categories of schools operating semi-autonomously.

As just one example, I remember under Arne Duncan realizing that the kids attending low-performing schools who were supposed to be able to transfer to better ones under NCLB were being told about the option late -- well after all the application procedures had been completed at the possible receiving schools.

Along the way, other big cities -- Denver, New Orleans, even NYC (for high school at least) -- have developed programs to streamline the application procedures, forms, etc.

And now, Newark's Cami Anderson wants to do the same there.  According to this WSJ report (Newark Proposes New Charter Admissions Policy), the aim is to make sure that charter schools aren't setting up barriers to student enrollment and to make it easier for parents to find out about and choose schools.

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I've emailed CPS and INCS to see if there's been any progress on this front and will let you know of any updates.

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