More Complaints About CPS Budgeting

More Complaints About CPS Budgeting

A dozen LSCs have asked the Attorney General to audit CPS finances, according to the Sun Times. Per-pupil budgeting will exacerbate inequalities, says at least one ed school expert in Progress IL.  Charter schools aren't "real" public schools, says the Reader's Ben Joravsky (again).  Most teacher preparation programs are mediocre, according to a report covered in the Wall Street Journal.

Local School Council members call for AG Lisa Madigan to audit CPS finances Sun Times:  Local School Council members of about a dozen Chicago Public Schools lamented proposed budget cuts for their schools Monday morning and called on the Illinois attorney general to audit CPS finances.

Bill Daley attacks Quinn, Lisa Madigan on pension reform Tribune: Democratic governor candidate Bill Daley injected campaign politics into the simmering policy debate on public pension reform Monday, chastising Gov. Pat Quinn for a lack of leadership and potential candidate Attorney General Lisa Madigan for remaining mum on the issue.

CPS' Per-Student Budgets Will Exacerbate School Inequality, Education Experts Say  Progress IL: CPS says the new budgeting model gives principals greater control over how funds are spent in their schools. The previous budget model, which gave principals funds for staff positions, is an “outdated formula that dictated specific numbers and types of positions to fill within their schools,” CPS argues.

The lessons of UNOgate—don't let Mihalopoulos catch you! Reader: It's OK for the charters to pay teachers substandard wages and fire them on a whim—so long as they don't let Dan Mihalopoulos catch them doling out contracts to the chief operating officer's brothers.

Extra credit: StarterLeague expands beyond coding Crain's Chicago Business:  Next month it will begin training City Colleges of Chicago and Chicago Public Schools so they can teach web design and development to their students.

Teacher Training's Low Grade WSJ: Fewer than 10% of the programs earned three or more stars. Only four, all for future high-school teachers, received four stars. About 14% got zero stars, and graduate-level programs fared particularly poorly.



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  • Heard that the methodology of that teacher training study was weak. Looked at course descriptions as a main way of assessing the training program. Hmmm. Maybe a better analysis is needed.

  • Each CPS school will receive a Principal, Counselor, and Clerk that WILL NOT have to be paid out of the per-pupil funds. Each CPS school is obligated to have 1 Principal under state law, and each school is required to have 1 Counselor and 1 Clerk per CTU contract. CPS schools WILL have to pay for these positions out of their Student Based Budgeting dollars; Teachers, Assistant Principals, Additional Counselors and Clerks, Educational Support Personnel (ESP's), Substitute Teachers, College Ready Funds, Full School Day Positions, Summer Clerks & Programmers and Operations Supply Funds. CPS schools will still receive, State and Federal Funds, Other Funds, Board Funded Programs and Students with Diverse Learning Needs Funds. P.S.- To give principals time before the 20th day deadline to update their budgets, CPS will update enrollment numbers on the 10th day. Then the principal must balance the budget and/or identify potential position closings.

  • e

  • Review of $$ in CPS law needed:
    Costs in tort liabilities
    Costs in student recess injuries
    Costs on fighting CTU to abide by the contract
    Costs in settlements of $45k or less
    2 settlements could equal 1 teacher restored at a CPS school!

  • herd that Juarez HS principal has been removed for corruption

  • In reply to district299reader:

    If true--poor school-How many Juarez principals have been removed?

  • Do you know if assistant principals are at the principal's discretion? Are their positions protected by contracts?

  • In reply to CPSTeach:

    Quota Assistant Principals remain UNTIL the Principal contract ends, assuming the Assistant Principals performance is meeting expectations. P.S.- If your school has an Interim or Acting Principal (No contract), you have to buy an Assistant Principal!

  • APs are not contracted and are retained at the discretion of the principal.

  • If that was grounds for removal there'd be many more CPS principals removed.

    What are the specifics?

  • our principal cried when presenting the budget. CPS choice to fund schools like charters-----slow death this.

  • In reply to district299reader:

    Slow death 'tis. 28 school communities today, the remaining Monday will close doors for good. Veteran staff have little to no good prospects of finding jobs as student based budgeting will render principal choice to teacher positions that are cheap by lack of additional education and lack of experience. For those of us who actually teach rather than watch from sidelines know that veteran support of new teachers is sometimes the only support provided, but, we are costly. What other profession doesn't respect experience and knowledge gained? Sad day.

  • In reply to urbanteach:

    Sounds like you haven't read the CBA or are you referring to low performing veteran teachers?

  • In reply to CPS Parent:

    CPS Parent, I am referencing a conversation and review of our school budget. As you are aware, the board allocated teacher positions based upon enrollment figures. Astute principals placed more experienced, higher degreed teachers in these positions. To further reduce class size, discretionary funds where often used to purchase additional teaching staff usually your less experienced, less degreed teaching staff. The new system provides just funds, applying common sense, there is no incentive to retain or hire experienced staff, that cost more. Two for the price of one? I am not referencing low performance Nor, am I declaring that teacher experience dictates performance in all cases... but if you would allow the privilege of 20 years experience, I can attest that new teachers struggle and often times peer coaching and mentoring by vets keep them from running.

  • In reply to urbanteach:

    My kids' worst teachers were "veterans" with advanced degrees. I think after 3-5 experience years experience doesn't add much more value. I think the effect of the advanced degrees varies widely - I would imagine the intent for getting those degrees matters.

  • Couldn't Teach For America save the day?

  • fb_avatar
    In reply to district299reader:

    Sure. Let's get a bunch of rich kid resume padders to go into the worst schools we have.

    They have no idea how to relate to poor children of color in high-crime areas. So they are sending a lot of these TFA babies to better schools because they work cheap and displace a real teacher. To hell with TFA.

  • TFA is kinda saving the day. A disproportionate percentage of educators at schools like Noble and Kipp are former TFA. They're willing to work a school day, under realistic budgets, that's actually effective for high need communities.
    They also complain a lot less.

  • In reply to Donn:

    They also have no classroom management and some of them have no idea of how to teach. That's why they leave in record numbers. They thing they can save the world in one school year. I have seen many of them leave my school in tears and never come back.

  • I referred to former TFA members. The 20% who stay in education are generally superb. I'm not defending "two years and out" as being an effective approach to improving urban education.

  • In reply to Donn:

    Agreed that the TFA “20% who stay in education are generally superb” and the other 80% TFA members leave thousands of children academically crippled.
    Great program!

    And what exactly is so darling about the Noble Network of Charter Schools? It’s a non-profit, non-selective enrollment charter school network that accrues millions in upper-executive profits and is highly selective with student enrollment – Noble seems like the exact opposite of everything it claims.

    Would Michael Milkie enroll his own child in Noble? What about Bruce Rauner?

  • In reply to district299reader:

    I still contend TFA or the U of C you have it or you don't.
    Teaching is as much an art as it is a science. It should
    also be a vocation.But to so many teachers it has become just a job.
    Blessed to teach at a vocational school for a quarter of a century
    I observed a lot of shop teachers who started out without degrees.
    Like everybody else not all of them stayed.Those that did taught me a valuable lesson.No matter how smart we thing we are ,the kids don't care..

  • fb_avatar
    In reply to Donn:

    And you know this how? "20% are generally superb." Says who?

  • In reply to Ed Dziedzic:

  • So only 20% of TFA stay in education compared to the 50% who stay from regular education schools?

  • I had a former 8th grader who finished her third year at Univ of Iowa visit today. I asked why she didn't visit to Noble who obviously did okay I placing her where she is. None of my teachers work there anymore was her response.

    Also I'm planning to hire a former student class of 2011 this summer maybe he can paint my fence to pay for his Noble Summer School

    It's time to re-examine the fee structure of the regular CPS schools with regards to supplies for next year. As in, Tech fee, gym fee, Sci fee, library fee, etc.

  • ".....he can paint my fence to pay for his Noble Summer School"

    Sounds great! He must attending summer school because he screwed up during the regular school year, and he learns that extra school costs money.

    How do you think we should raise adolescents?

  • In reply to Donn:

    Wow, a prick and a troll. Go back to the suburbs yuppie.

  • This is what happens when mom doesn't make you paint fences for your screwups.

  • In reply to Donn:

    Really. "Screwups" in school are the only reason for summer school. And you claim to have a disabled kid. You'd think you'd know better then. Sheesh.

  • In reply to district299reader:

    My reply was specific to a student working to pay for summer school at Noble. First, that type of summer school is for disciplinary and/ or attendance issues (AFAIK). And second, mom is likely taking the advice of her son's principal and making the student pay for the extra class himself. Go mom.
    Lots of fence painting in Chicago would be a good thing.

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