Many Local Ed Schools Are Weak

Many Local Ed Schools Are Weak

The Gates-funded nonprofit NCTQ has finally released its report rating the nation's ed schools, predictably slamming most of them for being mediocre if not worse.  Illinois programs don't fare particularly well (see chart).  Ed school advocates have been fighting back against the NCTQ ratings for months if not years now.   Read lots of national news coverage below -- I'll update with local stories and responses as soon as I come across them.

University programs that train US teachers get mediocre marks in first-ever ... Washington Post: Released Tuesday by the National Council on Teacher Quality, a Washington-based advocacy group, the rankings are part of a $5 million project funded by major U.S. foundations.

Teacher Preparation Program Rankings Make U.S. News Debut Huffington Post: States are getting in on the action, too: Earlier this month, Delaware Gov. Jack Markell (D) signed legislation that would make it harder to become a teacher... The rankings garnered early, if tepid, support from U.S. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan.

Teacher Training's Low Grade WSJ: Fewer than 10% of the programs earned three or more stars. Only four, all for future high-school teachers, received four stars. About 14% got zero stars, and graduate-level programs fared particularly poorly.

Rookie teachers woefully unprepared, report says Reuters: The US teacher training system is badly broken, turning out rookie educators who have little hands-on experience running ...

Report: Too many teachers, too little quality AP: The nation's teacher-training programs do not adequately prepare would-be educators for the classroom, even as they produce almost triple the

Study: Teacher Prep Programs Get Failing Marks NPR:  The first-ever study of more than 1,100 schools of education released Tuesday by the National Council on Teacher Quality shows that teacher preparation is in disarray. The study warns that 163 programs provide only "minimal, substandard training."

New teacher training study decries California universities LA Times: A controversial policy group singles out teacher training programs at UCLA and Loyola Marymount as hardly worth attending. But the schools say the report is flawed


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  • Principals will have to hire teachers with a bachelor's degrees and less than five years experience just to balance their Student Base Budgeting positions and let go their experience teachers with master's degrees plus 30 hours.

  • So RP-how does one let go experienced teachers as they have tenure and the correct certification?

  • In reply to district299reader:

    Existing labor and contract rules still apply, however a principal can redefine your position (adding an endorsement you don't have). CPS may change the educational focus of your school or a program in your school ( i.e. IB program). A principal has the flexibility to change the design of your school if you are a Music, Art, PE teacher or Librarian, as long as the school still can meet CPS graduation requirements. If your students are going to a receiving school because your school is closing and you don't have an excellent or superior rating or the school doesn't have a position for you because of enrollment or you don't have the right certification. These are just some of the ways. P.S.- Make sure you contact the CTU if you think it was done incorrectly.

  • Retired Principal

    What happens if a gen ed teacher is lowest in seniority, no endorsements but has another certificate in sped and has more seniority than a teacher in sped-can she bump? Both are tenured, same rating etc-I tried to get this answered a couple of weeks ago but need clarification. I was always told you could not bump but a poster disagreed and I do not want to disseminate misinformation.


  • In reply to district299reader:

    Annie, there use to be a guy name Tyrone ? in the CPS department the handled all positions. He would check all the certificates that each teacher had. If a teacher's position was loss in one area, he would check and see if the teacher had seniority in another certificate and if they did, he would put them in that position.

  • OK I am wrong and the previous poster was correct-you can bump someone at your school even if they are tenured IF you have more seniority than them on another certificate. I received incorrect information from more than one source that stated you could not bump a tenured teacher on another certificate in your school even if they had less years than you.

    Thanks so much!

  • On June 15, 1863, a "Colored School" opened in Chicago. Six months earlier, a Illinois state representative from Chicago named Melville Fuller had proposed that Chicago be required to provide a separate school for Negro and mulatto children, and prohibited from allowing "colored" children to attend schools with whites. The bill soon passed and was signed into law, the Chicago City Council and the Chicago Board of Education quickly complied, and the Colored School opened in a building rented from a church. The Chicago Times exulted that the city's white children would henceforth be spared "the degrading necessity of associating with the negro." 41% of Chicago Public Schools, 277 of 681, are at least 90% African-American. 68% of African-American students are enrolled in these Chicago Public Schools. 90% of 681 Chicago Public Schools are between 70% to 100% minority. 87% of these students are from low-income families, many are living below the poverty line. Non-Hispanic whites account for 32% of Chicago's population, but only 9% of Chicago Public School's enrollment. The combined enrollment of Chicago's 96 charter schools is 96% African-American and Hispanic, and less than 2% white. P.S.- Melville Fuller went on to become chief justice of the United States Supreme Court in 1888, and 3 years later, a south-side elementary school was named in his honor. Today, Fuller Elementary School is 98% African-American.

  • local reactions to teacher prep report via catalyst:

  • When will those losing positions because of the school based budget be informed? I think someone here said letters will go out 6/30. Is that right?

    I feel bad for principals that have to make these calls.

  • Most of the teachers cut at my school were told yesterday. One of two more may still be on the chopping block depending on the numbers. Those teachers know they might not have a job in the fall.

  • From comment at Catalyst-Chicago:

    Chicago dad wrote 17 hours 48 min ago
    NCTQ report: not good enough to be a bird cage liner

    The report is based on no valid data whatsoever. It's methodology is the same as thinking that a restaurant can be reviewed by looking at it's menu online and never setting foot in the place to taste the food or experience the service. It's nothing more than a sales pitch for the CCSS, and a pretty lousy one at that. + +

  • Tribune editorial praises IL for raising standards for teacher prep but laments other areas of weakness

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