Here Come Teaching Cuts

Here Come Teaching Cuts

Estimates of the number of teachers who might lose their jobs next year range from 135 to 4,000, due to closings, pension problems, and -- I'm guessing -- further dwindling enrollment given how chaotic and unstable CPS has seemed (thanks, City Hall and CTU!).  Also: Lots of opinionating about the closings.  Pensions!?  Edtech. 


Chicago Teachers Union fears hundreds of jobs lost with school closings Tribune: CTU Vice President Jesse Sharkey said the union is predicting that anywhere from 136 to more than 350 teachers could lose their jobs as a result of the school closings alone. CTU officials worry that there may be even more cuts ahead once principals start tackling their individual budgets.

The Rebirth of the Chicago Teachers Union and Possibilities for a Counter ... Monthly Review: On September 10, 2012, 26,000 members of the Chicago Teachers Union (CTU) went on strike. It was the first teachers' strike in Chicago in twenty-five years. While public and private sector unions have taken concessions and capitulated to cuts in wages, ...


Chicago Bully Chicago Tribune: He and Barbara Byrd-Bennett have closed 50 schools recently because of waste, but he believes DePaul merits a new stadium. Emanuel bullies the city inspector general by taking away powers which Joe Ferguson should have.
The vote to close schools is in, but the battle still rages Austin Weekly News: I am a product of Chicago public schools. From kindergarten through high school, I had a very different educational experience than that of today' students. The daily threat of eminent danger and gang violence was not as rampant back then.

Suspending disbelief on behalf of CPS Ray Salazar: Barbara Byrd Bennett takes the same tone. She addressed the City Club of Chicago this week in a remarkable speech. You can watch it on the City Club website by clicking the link. She is optimistic, exhilarated even, listing the reasons why we can now ...

Mayor Rahm Emanuel courageous to close 50 schools Tribune: As you might imagine, the usual suspects have come out of the woodwork to decry such actions. Karen Lewis, president of the Chicago Teachers Union, called it "a day of mourning" for the children of Chicago. And just when you think those self-serving teachers unions in the Windy City who look on the school system as a jobs program couldn't possibly surprise you again ...


Madigan misses Quinn's pension reform meeting Chicago Tribune: Quinn said he hoped Madigan and Cullerton could come together like they did during last week's failed attempt to pass legislation that would allow Mayor Rahm Emanuel to partially skip pension payments for the Chicago Public Schools for two years.

Pension Reform: The Cost of Inaction WTTW: Springfield’s inability to reform the state’s pension system has all sorts of consequences: for unions, for the markets, and for taxpayers across the state. We discuss the future with some of the key players.

State lawmakers approve anti-truancy task force Tribune: State lawmakers voted Tuesday to create a top-level task force that would address truancy in Chicago elementary schools, a long-ignored problem that especially affects disadvantaged African-American youth and children with disabilities. The Senate's...

A New Era of Possibility for Chicago Students Huffington Post: Last week, Chicago Public Schools' (CPS) Board of Education voted to close 50 schools, turnaround five schools, and co-locate 11 others -- marking the largest school restructuring in the city's history and the most schools ever closed at a single time in the ...


Chicago Teachers Get Hands-On Day With Edtech EdSurge: It has been spearheaded by dynamo Eileen Murphy, who has been a teacher, curriculum developer, and district-level administrator for Chicago Public Schools and is now founder and CEO of literacy-development startup, ThinkCERCA.

City Council should pass Keep Chicago Renting Ordinance Tribune: The Chicago City Council has a remarkable opportunity to rebuild our communities by enacting the Keep Chicago Renting Ordinance. This ordinance will reduce crime, stabilize our neighborhoods and support working families by keeping them in their own residences instead of being evicted when properties are foreclosed.


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  • Correct AR! We are cutting 2.5 teachers since ALL of the funds Rahm gave the schools last year for LSD-full-school-day, is now ALL taken away.
    Rahm is still making us have the LSD--so how is this to happen with teacher who provided preparations for teachers are being cut? BS--principals do NOT have 'control'--it is the way to cut teachers.
    Rahm was to cut cluster program teachers too-but those special schools get a pass. The neighborhood schools get s---. Why is not Rahm blamed for NOT getting $$ from Springfield or city council support to support HIS longer school day? Terrible mayor.

  • Rahm--your cuts to the (already too little funded) neighborhood school budgets -is this your revenge for the teacher strike? IF it is-do you realize you are hurting the children by these cuts? Why are you cutting your own full school day program? Why?

  • In reply to district299reader:

    do you really think he cares?

  • No-but did not think Rahm would destroy his longer school day. Has anyone looked at the student injuries reported with longer school day?

  • Hi Alexander, a buddy of mine brought it to my attention that my name appears in the posts. But this is incorrectly associated with me. I didn't make this comment about BBB. The link is to another blog, not mine.

    Can you please remove my name? Thanks.

  • Alexander, are you really thanking CTU for the chaos of CPS? Really?

  • from hechinger report -- focus on Hawaii labor negotiations -- Under siege—and in bid to stay relevant—teacher unions evolve | Hechinger Report

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