Parents Rally for Charters

Parents Rally for Charters

There was a pro-charter rally.  There will be a CTU protest. The Duncan-Obama announcement school isn't technically being closed, it's being moved to another site.


Charter school supporters rally in downtown Chicago CBS2: Scores of members of Charter Parents United and supporters converged on downtown Wednesday near the Chicago Public Schools headquarters making their demands known to the school district.
Hundreds Rally for Charter Schools Defender: The rally was organized by Charter Parents United. Supporters demanded equal funding and an expansion of the number of charter schools in Chicago.

I Admit It, It’s Not Just a Public School vs. Charter School Problem in CPS Chicago Public Fools via CPS Chatter: These two strategies have not ever worked and will not work in the future. And to tie all, one hundred per cent, of our efforts to both of these dead ends–willy-nilly charter promotion and baseless status-quo “education reform,” will only result in continual failurefor decades to come.


Massive School-Closing Protest March Planned CBS2 Chicago:  Massive School-Closing Protest March Planned. May 9, 2013 5:49 PM. View Comments. Opponents of the Chicago Public Schools' plan to close 53 schools protest outside May Elementary Academy on the West Side, one of the schools targeted for closure.

Chicago Teachers Union plans 'long march' to protest school closings Crain's: The union, which is bitterly opposed to any closure anywhere, today announced plans for three days of mass marches from May 18-20, culminating with what it promises will be a large demonstration downtown.

Rahm Emanuel Approval Rating  Huffington Post: Newly appointed Chicago Public Schools CEO Barbara Byrd-Bennett speaks, accompanied by Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel at a news conference, Friday, Oct. 12, 2012, in Chicago. Emanuel replaced his embattled public schools chief Jean-Claude ...


Wicker Park School Hires Principal of Closing Lafayette DNAI: Lauren Albani will leave school on CPS closure list to be principal of LaSalle II Magnet School.

Voice of the People, May. 10 Tribune: Union business This is in response to "My challenge to Karen Lewis" (Perspective, April 26), by Tanya Saunders-Wolffe, a counselor at Jesse Owens Community Academy on the Far South Side. Why is the Chicago Tribune newspaper a venue for proselytizing...
Voice of the People, May. 10 Chicago Tribune: I am a math teacher in the Englewood neighborhood, and your readers should know that Lewis and the rest of the Chicago Teachers Union officers have the full support of the vast majority of the teachers and staff who work in the Chicago Public Schools.

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