CTU Files Suits

CTU Files Suits

Today's news:  Kids protest closings.  CTU files lawsuits (parents, technically).  A big chunk of kids attend oversized homerooms.  It's Thursday.


Students Stage 'Die In' at School-Closing Protest DNAI: Students wore mock-bloody clothes in an effort to show the effect they believe school closings will have: more violence and death for the young students forced to cross new gang territories.

School Closings are The New Iraq War CPS Chatter: It occurred to me today that school closings are like Chicago’s version of the Iraq war.   It’s not an indictment of the violence that is sure to come or the total ignorance of believing you are helping the Iraqi people or the students no matter how much they fight you.   The thing that strikes me as so similar is that now that we’re in the middle of things, we still don’t know why we’re doing it.

No comment Wednesday Chicago Public Fools: Manierre School is closing and the welcoming school will be Jenner School. Manierre parents report that several students have already received death threats from students at the welcoming school.


Chicago Board of Education Sued by Parents to Halt Closings Businessweek: Parents of three children, two who have disabilities and a third who is black, filed suit today at the U.S. District Court in Chicago alleging the closing plan violates the Americans With Disabilities Act and the Illinois Civil Rights Act.

Chicago parents file lawsuits over school closures WBEZ: Parents of Chicago public school children filed a pair of lawsuits Wednesday claiming the city's plan to close dozens of schools violates the civil rights of students with disabilities and children who are black.

CPS School Closings Fought in Federal Suits Backed by CTU DNAI: Attorney Thomas Geoghegan argues against CPS closings based on special-education and civil-rights issues.

Lawsuits filed over school closings Catalyst: In addition to alleging a violation of ADA, one of the lawsuits adds the allegation that closings are in violation of the Civil Rights Act because they single out “poor and marginalized African American children.” Some 88 percent of the students who stand to be affected by this year’s school closings are black, while they represent only 42 percent of students in CPS, according to the lawsuit.

CTU files civil-rights lawsuits over school closings Sun Times: Attorneys backed by the Chicago Teachers Union filed two federal class action lawsuits Wednesday charging that the closing of 53 public schools in September will violate the Americans with Disabilities  Act and the Illinois Civil Rights Act. The suits, filed on behalf of parents with children in schools designated to be shuttered, seeks an injunction to delay or stop the closings.

Federal Lawsuits Filed to Halt School Closings WTTW: Federal class action lawsuits were filed today on behalf of parents and the Chicago Teachers Union to stop the Chicago Board of Education from closing 53 elementary schools and one high school program. Elizabeth Brackett has the latest.

CTU files lawsuits to stop school closings Tribune: The Chicago Teachers Union's decision to go to court to try to stop the city from closing 53 elementary schools, while not unexpected, makes clear that the Board of Education's vote on the proposal next week will not put an end to the controversy.


50,421 Chicago kids in homerooms over the class size limit WBEZ:  The revelation comes as Chicago is proposing to shut down a historic 53 grammar schools. Activists have raised repeated concerns that the massive restructuring will result in more overcrowded classrooms.

Red Line rehab will affect 98,000 CPS students’ commute to school Sun Times:  Dwyane Walker, a junior at Urban Prep Academy, has three days to figure out a new way to get to and from his Englewood school, along with nearly 98,000 other CPS students. Beginning Sunday, his Red Line station, 63rd Street, will be shut down for five months, along with all other stations south of Roosevelt, as part of the CTA’s Red Line South Reconstruction Project. And his school year doesn’t end until June 14.

CPS gets $1 million for arts education Tribune: Mayor Rahm Emanuel is expected to announce this morning that the city will give $1 million to Chicago Public Schools for arts education next year, double the amount he had originally promised when a city Arts Education Plan was unveiled in October....

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  • “If you’re not teaching children…it needs closing” | Hechinger Report http://ow.ly/l62EN @s_garl @hechingerreport

  • CPS is inept to get students to school. At 10:00 a/m/ there were 3 children playing in a front yard, all school age-about 6 and to 10, a half a block away from the building that holds 3 network offices.
    This is the second time ive seen these children have been playing outside not in school. There are three face people in CPS building and no one there notices this?

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