White House Science Fair

White House Science Fair

Just for a little break, here's a video clip from the White House Science Fair 2013 -- were there any Chicago kids there this year?

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  • Has anyone heard anything about the literacy series CPS is going with next year? I heard they are going to make Level 3 schools use a basal but give Level 1 and 2 school materials for balanced literacy. I heard schools don't have any choice in this.

  • Creating Bad Schools
    “Citywide, only five of the neighborhood schools created in previous rounds of school closings are highly rated”

  • CPS needs to focus on the teaching of reading. Teachers who know how to teach reading do it behind closed doors. These teachers ignore or focus less on the CPS mandated miracle in a box, do not have children teaching children or spend an inordinate amount of time on useless group activities. The problem is that these are usually veteran teachers with tenure who were taught in college how to teach reading. New teachers who are usually weak in the mechanics of teaching reading, non-tenured and are filled with the cooperative learning-rotating non-teacher directed groups nonsense are drowning and a whole generation of students are not learning how to read in the primary grades.

    I have a primary certificate and when I was in college we were taught how to teach reading without a book-and at times, we in CPS, did have to teach reading without any materials other than a piece of chalk and a chalkboard.


  • I know of one student from Perspectives Leadership Academy who attended the White House Science Fair, Anthony Halmon. Here's a link to an article in TheRoot.com: http://wapo.st/11l0hwh

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