"Whatever," Says Emanuel

"Whatever," Says Emanuel

Today's news includes Mayor Emanuel's reaction to the CTU campaign against him (maybe they'll propose a recall effort next, or maybe Karen Lewis is the next Carol Moseley Braun?), plus lots and lots of closing hearing recordings via WBEZ, plus a handful of schools still trying to get off the closing list (including Jesse Owens' school -- come on, Sun Times).


Rahm Dismisses Political Threats From Teachers Union President DNAI: The mayor said Tuesday he is unfazed by teachers' union threats to make him pay at the ballot box for closing public schools. Mayor Rahm Emanuel said that while others play politics, he's busy governing, focusing "like a laser" on education.

CTU president launches effort to oust Rahm Sun Times: Emanuel, who maintains an active campaign fund, has said he’s “100 percent hand-in-glove” with the 54 proposed school closings. “The status quo is unacceptable. The status quo is failing too many kids. And it can’t not only be met with silence. It has to be met with action,” the mayor has said.

Chicago Teachers Union vows to make school closings political WBEZ: A spokeswoman for the mayor said this is "simply not the time for politics."  "Barbara Byrd-Bennett has proposed a plan for Chicago Public Schools, with Mayor Emanuel's support, that finally puts our children first," the spokeswoman said.

From Harold To Carol To ??? NBCChicago: In 1982, U.S. Rep. Harold Washington was asked to run for mayor by a coalition of black leaders who felt disrespected by the administration of Mayor Jane Byrne, who had created a white majority on the Chicago Housing Authority Board.


Full audio: Chicagoans react to school closings proposals at 124 public meetings WBEZ: Chicago Public Schools has contracted with a vendor to record the public meetings on these proposed school changes. Through an open records request, WBEZ obtained the audio files and is posting audio from every meeting and hearing to this site, as it becomes available. We encourage our listeners to comment directly on the audio to help highlight the most interesting moments. (It’s cool and helpful for other listeners!)

Re-using closed schools takes planning, community input Catalyst: In February, Chief Transformation Officer Todd Babbitz told the Chicago Educational Facilities Task Force that one of the district’s key priorities will be building reuse. He said CPS plans to partner with other city agencies and community organizations to serve an urban planning function. He also said CPS plans to collaborate with community action councils, local school councils and other community representatives to determine the best use for facilities.

New Ray Principal Tries to Allay Parents' Concerns After Old Leaders Ousted DNAI: Toni Hill spoke with parents Tuesday about increasing their involvement in the school.

CPS School Closings: Manierre Supporters Try Again to Save Their School DNAI: Parents directed their ire at Chicago Board of Education member Harry Bienen, who was in the audience.

Jesse Owens’ family voices objection to proposed school closure Sun Times: To Jesse Owens, all children were champions, the famed Olympian’s daughter said Tuesday evening, trying to save the West Pullman school named for her father from the Chicago Public Schools’ closing list.


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